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Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)

Supervised by: Dr. Akram Mustafa

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Mohammed Ahmed Gabr Mohammed Sami Mohammed Mahmoud Mohammed Abo El-Nour ElMohammed Ibrahim Hawass Mohammed El-Essawy ElAhmed Zaqzoq

What is CMMS? What does CMMS do? Capabilities included in modern CMMS
Operating Locations Equipment Resources Inventory Control Work Order Tracking Quick Reporting Preventive Maintenance (PM)

Benefits and Applications of CMMS

What is CMMS?
CMMS is a system to capture the maintenance history of an organization. organization. It provides a scheduling facility for maintenance for planned preventive works against maintainable assets. And also they generally collect costing details for the labor and materials related to the work performed.

What does CMMS do?

Control the company's list of maintainable assets through an asset register. Control accounting of assets, purchase price, depreciation rates, etc. Schedule planned preventive maintenance routines. Control preventive maintenance procedures and documentation. Organize the maintenance personnel database including shift work schedules. Schedule calibration for gauges and instruments. Provide maintenance budgeting and costing statistics. Control maintenance inventory (store's management, requisition and purchasing).

Capabilities included in CMMS

Operating Locations
The CMMS may include an application that allows an operator to enter and track locations of equipment (locations in which equipment operates) and organize these locations into logical hierarchies or network systems. systems. It allows for the tracking of the equipment's lifecycles (history) (history) and provides the capability to track equipment s performance at specific sites.

Capabilities included in CMMS

The CMMS may include a module that allows an operator to keep accurate and detailed records of each piece of equipment. This module would include equipment related data, such as bill of material, Preventive maintenance (PM) schedule, service contracts, safety procedures, measurement points. schedule, It is used for managing day-to-day operations and historical data that can be day-toused to help make cost effective replace or repair decisions.

Capabilities included in CMMS

The CMMS may include a separate module to track labor resources. This module typically includes records for all maintenance personnel, including their craft or trade categories. Additionally, Additionally, this module may include labor rates in order to capture and track true labor costs against any asset or piece of equipment. equipment. Grouping labor categories into common associations can help a manager assign work to particular shop rather than an individual.

Capabilities included in CMMS

Inventory Control
An inventory control module may be included to allow an operator to track inventory movement such as items being moved in or out of inventory, or from one location to another. Stocked, non-stocked, and special order items noncould be tracked. The module should also allow the tracking of item vendors, location of items, item cost information, and the substitute or alternate items that can be used if necessary.

Capabilities included in CMMS

Work Management
A work manager module may be a part of the CMMS. CMMS. The module could provide the capability that would let a planner specify which labor to apply to specific work orders and when. The module would permit planning and dispatching.

Capabilities included in CMMS

Quick Reporting
The CMMS could provide a rapid and easy means for opening, reporting on, and closing work orders, and reporting work on small jobs after-the-fact. after-theLabor, materials, failure codes, completion date, and downtime could all be reported.

Capabilities included in CMMS

Preventive Maintenance (PM)
Support multiple criteria for generating PM work orders. orders. Generate time-based PM work orders based upon last generation or last timecompletion date. Print sequence job plans when wanted. Create a PM against an item so new parts have PM automatically generated on purchase. purchase. Specify the number of days ahead to generate work orders from PM. Route PM with multiple equipment or locations.

Capabilities included in CMMS

A mature CMMS may also include a Purchasing module to initiate the requisition of material against a work order and track the delivery and cost data of the item when the material arrives. This capability will allow the maintenance manager improved visibility of matters that can impact work planning and efficiency.

CMMS Benefits
One of the greatest benefits of the CMMS is the elimination of paperwork and manual tracking activities, thus enabling the building staff to become more productive. productive. Detection of impending problems before a failure occurs resulting in fewer failures and customer complaints. Achieving a higher level of planned maintenance activities that enables a more efficient use of staff resources. Affecting inventory control enabling better spare parts forecasting to eliminate shortages and minimize existing inventory. Maintaining optimal equipment performance that reduces downtime and results in longer equipment life. life.

CMMS Application in Gas Plants

MAXIMO Software
The MAXIMO software suite provides a comprehensive set of solutions to meet the strategic asset management needs of any organization. MAXIMO software solutions can be deployed on a single machine for small to mid-sized companies, yet its scalability and performance meet midthe demands of global, distributed enterprises that operate multiple sites and organizations, organizations, utilizing multiple languages and currencies.

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