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sravan kumar

ANDROID ARCHITECTURE > Application >Application Frame work > Libraries >Android runtime >Linux Kernel 4. DEVELOPMENT TOOLS .MAIN TOPICS 1. INTRO TO ANDROID 3 . MOBILE APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT (MAD) 2.

Social networking ‡ Millions of mobile users ‡ Open standards .Internet access anywhere .1. ‡ Smart Phones . Reasons to go MAD .

INTRODUCTION y What is Android ?  Android is an operating system for mobile devices  Based on the Linux Kernel  Developed by Google and later the Open Handset Alliance (OHA)  Allows writing managed code in the java -language  Unveiling of the Android platform was announced on 5 November 2007 with the founding of (OHA)  Android is under version 2 of the Apache software License (ASL) .2.

INTRODUCTION y What is Open Handset Alliance ?  Itµs a consortium of several companies .


Applications y Built in and user Apps y Can replace built in user Apps .

manages application life cycle .Application Framework y API Interface y Activity manager .

Libraries y C/C++ libraries y Interface through JAVA y Surface manager Handling UI Windows y 2D and 3D graphics y Media codecs .Browser engine . SQLite .

I/O etc .Java 5 Std edition .Collections.Limited memory and battery power y Core Libraries .Compact and efficient than class files .Dex files .Android Runtime y Dalvik VM (Virtual Machine) .

Linux Kernel y Works as HAL y Device drivers y Memory management y Process management y Networking .

DEVELOPMENT TOOLS y Eclipse y Android SDK (1.0-2.END .0) THE .4.



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