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James Douglas Morrison

Jim Morrison, original name James Morrison, Douglas Morrison (born December 8, 1943, (born 1943, Melbourne, Florida, U.S. died July 3, 1971, 1971, Paris, France). He attended high school, was a good but school, rebelious student, forward he began his college education at Florida State University but soon after that he transferred to the University of California to study film.

Jim Morrison in high school

Morrison was early interested in literature, loved to read, excelled at school and he had an I.Q. of 149 As an author of poetry books he wrote
Without a Trace, Abused, Indian Summer, Ars Poetica, At Half Way, Wilderness, etc. A few lines from Jim Morrisons poem Wilderness, 1988. Wilderness,

Between childhood, boyhood,

adolescence & manhood (maturity) there should be sharp lines drawn w/ Tests, deaths, feasts, rites stories, songs & judgements.

Jim Morrison sketchbook

He met Ray Manzarek at University of California, they formed a rock band group, later guitarist Roby Krieger and drummer John Densmore joined the band They called themselves The Doors

In the late 1950s

when was a try to unite jazz and poetry, poetry, Morrison found a way to project his poetry through music

The song lyrics he wrote for

The Doors much reflected the tensions of the time drugdrug-culture, the antiwar movement, avantgard-art. avantgard-

The Doors signed a

contract for the first time in 1967 with the Elektra Records company.

Jim Morrison and The Doors released 5 albums, but albums, after the fourth, in 1969, Morrison started to show up for recording sesions inebriated, he was also frequently late for live shows. As a result the group nedeed to force Manzarek to take the singing duties By 1969, the formerly athletic singer gained weight, grew a beard and began dressing more casually. He abandoned the leather pants for jeans and T-shirts. T-

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Morrisons drinking, exhibitionistic performances and drug-taking, badly drugaffected his singing and input at recordings. After that Morrison escaped to Paris where he hoped to follow literary career He never came back from Paris. On July 3, Paris. 1971, Morrison was found death in his bathtub as a result of a hearth failure.

To this day, he is widely regarded as the prototypycal rock star: surly, sexy, star: scandalous, and mysterious. The leather pants he was found of wearing both on stage and off have since become stereotyped as rock star apparel.

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