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. Ltd.Contents  What is Web Dynpro (Overview)  Concept of View  Components of View Layout ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Properties Tab Context Tab Methods Tab Attributes Tab            Concept of Component Controller Application Displaying Messages Supply Function Cardinality Property Singleton Lead Selection Hook Methods Types of Controllers Hook Methods Chart Exercise 2 Enteg InfoTech Pvt.

Ltd.What is Web Dynpro:  It is the SAP standard UI technology used for developing web business applications without knowing HTML or Javascript  Strict separation between the layout and business data  Reuse and better maintainability through reusability  Automatic input checks  Automatic data transport using data binding  WYSIWYG view editor Enteg InfoTech Pvt. 3 .

Ltd. Context.Concept of View:  We can add different UI elements that can be nested on in the other one to create the screen  Each view has a view controller that is automatically created for this view and each view has several tabs (Properties. Actions and Methods) Components of View Layout: 1) UI Element Library 2) View Designer 3) Context Menu 4) UI elements properties and 5) UI element Hierarchy Enteg InfoTech Pvt. Inbound Plug. 6-Feb-12 4 . Layout. Attributes. Outbound Plug.

wddoexit etc)  User-defined instance methods Enteg InfoTech Pvt. 2) Context Tab: The data are stored in the context and the UI elements are only objects the user interacts with.1) Properties Tab: Here we can set the lifetime of the view 1) Framework controlled ± Controller by Framework 2) When Visible ± Lifetime limited to its visibility. Ltd. 3) Methods Tab:  Event Handler Methods  Hook Methods and (wddoinit. 6-Feb-12 5 .

6-Feb-12 6 . iii) wd_comp_controller:  It is a reference variable of IG_COMPONENT CONTROLLER type that we can use to access all the publically accessible methods of the component global generated interface of the corresponding component controller. ii) wd_this:  This is a self reference to local controller interface. Enteg InfoTech Pvt. Ltd. IF_WD_CONTEXT_NODE interface provides several methods that enable us to obtain read and write access to a context node. We can use it to call user defined methods.4) Attributes Tab: i) wd_context:  It is a reference to the controller context.

Concept of Component Controller:  Data required across different views can be stored in this context Application:  For the execution of the Web Dynpro Component. Displaying Messages:  On the properties tab of an application we can specify how the messages are handled. 1) Show Message component on demand 2) Always display message component Enteg InfoTech Pvt. 6-Feb-12 7 . Ltd.

In certain cases .Supply Function:  Each node may have a supply function defined for it and automatically called by the Web Dynpro Framework  The scope of using a supply function is to populate a context node. Cardinality Property:  It tells us how many elements a context node may have at runtime. Ltd. (i) 1 to 1 ± Exactly one context element is instantiated (ii) 0 to 1 ± Maximum one context element is instantiated (iii) 0 to n ± Zero or more context element is instantiated (iv) 1 to n ± One or more context element is instantiated Enteg InfoTech Pvt. we can use the Hook Method wddoinit instead of a supply function. 6-Feb-12 8 .

 This is achieved by initializing lead selection. lead selection is initialized automatically. one element from the set of possible elements of the parent node must be highlighted. every child set as a singleton contains elements for exactly one element of the parent node. Lead Selection:  At runtime. 6-Feb-12 9 . For this purpose. Enteg InfoTech Pvt.Singleton:  Unlike the Cardinality of a node which describes the number of possible elements within the node the µSingleton¶ property determines whether or not these elements are set for all the parent node (Non-Singleton) or for exactly one element of the parent node (Singleton). For each newly created context node. Ltd.

The Hook Methods are called in a specific sequence according to a Phase Model. Ltd.Hook Methods:  These methods cannot be deleted and represent the interface between the Framework and our application. Types of Controllers: 1) Component Controller 2) View Controller 3) Window Controller 4) Custom Controller Enteg InfoTech Pvt. 6-Feb-12 10 .

Hook Methods Chart: Hook Methods Component Cont. Yes Yes ----Yes Yes Yes Yes ------- Window Cont. Ltd. Yes Yes ------------------- Wddoinit() Wdddoexit() Wddobefore navigation() Wddopost processing() Wddomodifyview() Wddoafter action Wddobefore action Wddocontext ment(0 Wddoapplication statechange() Wddoonopen() Wddoonclose() Enteg InfoTech Pvt. Yes Yes Yes Yes --------Yes ----- View Cont. 6-Feb-12 11 . Yes Yes ---------------Yes Yes Custom Cont.

(Check_mandatory_attr_on_view) Enteg InfoTech Pvt.(Dynamically modifying the view) 4)wddobeforeaction():  We can use this method to perform our own validation before an action is triggered. and can be used for executing closing statements. It is automatically called when the controller is initialized for the first time. 3) wddomodifyview():  This method is mostly used in the dynamic programming. Ltd. it is a method used for modifying the view before rendering. 2) wddoexit():  this method can be considered as the controller destructor. 6-Feb-12 12 . It is automatically called when exiting the controller.1) wddoinit():  This method can be considered the controller constructor.

Enteg InfoTech Pvt.  This avoids any unnecessary multiple programming in the event handlers. by coding the wddooncontext menu method. 6-Feb-12 13 .  Here functions can be placed that are carried out equally for all associated event handlers. or dynamically. 6) wddoafteraction():  This method is called for all visible views at the time an action is executed.5) wddocontextmenu():  It is used to provide the hierarchical context menus in Web Dynpro views.  We can create a context menu at design time. Ltd. by using the CONTEXT_MENUS root.

no inbound plug is called and therefore no event handler method is processed  The wddoonopen method can therrefore be used to implement initializations. Enteg InfoTech Pvt.  Since the opening of dialog box does not involve any navigation.  This is important for more complex Web Dynpro applications in particular.7) wddoonopen() & wddoonclose()  There are two methods are only processed when a window is opened or closed as a dialog box. 8) wddodobeforenavigation():  It can be used to perform an additional validation of those controller contexts that are required in the application but have not been validated in the request/response cycle yet. This method is used for the component assigned to the phase model instance and all embedded components. 6-Feb-12 14 . Ltd.

Therrefore it allows you to add application specific clean-up processes.9) wddopostprocessing():  This method is called in the process step before rendering. 6-Feb-12 15 . Ltd. Enteg InfoTech Pvt. 10) Wddoapplicationstatechange():  This method replaces the µWDDOEXIT¶ method in the phase model.

Exercies: 1) Creating Simple Web Dynpro ABAP Application using input box. Label and Button UI Elements with overview of all UI elements 2) Using ALV Component in Web Dynpro ABAP 3) Navigation between views using Plugs Enteg InfoTech Pvt. 6-Feb-12 16 . Ltd.

Ltd.? Enteg InfoTech Pvt. 6-Feb-12 17 .

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