Innovation at Cirque du Soleil


Company Profile: ‡ Name: Cirque du Soleil ( Circus of the Sun) Inc. ‡ Founded in: 1983 ‡ Founder: Guy Laliberte ‡ Headquarters: Montreal, Quebec, Canada ‡ Type: Privately held Entertainment Company ‡ Manpower: 3000 ‡ Revenue: US $600million

Cirque du Soleil is a unique organization which has reinvented and revolutionized the circus arts.About Cirque du Soleil ‡ Acclaimed by an audience of over 18 million worldwide. by generating demand. wrapped up in spectacular costumes and fairyland sets and staged to spellbinding music and magical lighting. Since its beginnings in 1983. with numerous prizes and distinctions to its credit. It was among the first companies to adopt Blue Ocean Strategy. 3 ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ . Cirque du Soleil has been pleasing the public with a novel show concept that is as original as it is non-traditional: an astonishing. theatrical blend of circus arts and street performance. It also produced a number of movies and television shows. by developing a new market space. where competition was non existent It managed to excel in a declining industry by fusing art and entertainment. Later on it also introduced its line of apparel and accessories.

a group of young street performers pooled their talent and dreams and founded the Club des Talons Hauts or High-Heels Club . At that time. ‡ 1984:Cirque du Soleil is born with the financial assistance of the Quebec government. as part of the celebrations surrounding the 450th anniversary of Jacques Cartier s arrival in Canada. They called it the Fête Foraine de Baie St-Paul (the Baie Saint-Paul Fair). So the Club members decided to organize a festival. Sherbrooke and Quebec City. aptly named because most of them were stilt-walkers. That was all a few visionaries needed to hatch the idea of bringing all this talent together under one roof. built a permanent facility for Cirque at the cost US 4 $20 million at its new resort . ‡ Mid 1991: Cirque convinced Fuji Television Network to sponsor Cirque s tour of Asia. Quebec did not have a circus tradition as did several European countries. ‡ 1994: Steve Wynn owner f Mirage. Cirque du Soleil leaves its home province for the first time to take its show to neighbouring Ontario. This was Cirque s first engagement of the kind. ‡ 1987: Status of Cirque changes from non-profit to a for profit entity.Timeline Inception: In the early eighties. where street performers could come together to exchange ideas and techniques. Fuji gave US $40 Million ‡ 1992: Entered into a year long agreement with Mirage. or why not? a big top! Cirque du Soleil was born. It performs in Ottawa. ‡ 1985:After performing in Montreal. a Las Vegas hotel perform Nouvelle Experience. Toronto and Niagara Falls.

‡ 1998: Cirque s new production O debuted at Bellagio. California. This production was called love and it recreated the life of Beatles before they became famous. Creation Studio was setup. Saltimbanco is converted from a Big Top show to an Arena show. ‡ 1997: Walt Disney constructed a permanent theater near Orlando.5 million gallon Swimming pool ‡ 2004: Cirque entered into an agreement with the Beatles stars to create a production to be staged at Mirage. It was performed around an Olympic-sized 1. ‡ 2007: The oldest active touring show of Cirque du Soleil.Timeline Cont. 5 . ‡ 1996: By this time its sales had increased form $30 million in 1994 to $110 million in 1996. This will allow the show to visit new places where it could not go before. ‡ 1995: Cirque established its first European headquarters at Amsterdam.

6 . ‡ Dec 2010: Cirque Du Soleil entered into partnership with James Cameron and Andrew Adamson in association with Reel FX Entertainment to develop and produce immersive 3D projects.Recent Developments ‡ Nov 2010: The Estate of Michael Jackson and Cirque du Soleil announced the official international launch of Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour written and directed by Jamie King.

By 2007.. 7 .INNOVATIVE STRATEGIES  When Cirque began its operations. cooks. art direction public relations. there were 3.000 people working in various areas Like marketing. IT. it functioned with around 73 spirits!!  It was a circus which was quite distinct from others in the business.  Retaining the Mission and Values. musicians and technicians etc. an example of creating a new market space. by blending opera and ballet with the circus format while eliminating star performer and animals called Blue oceans Strategy A blue ocean is created when a company achieves value innovation that creates value simultaneously for both the buyer and the company  Employees do multi tasking and continuous innovation is the key.

SETS & COSTUMES  Cirque invested an enormous amount of time and money preparing unique sets and costumes. rotating and lifting it as well. 8 .  The two major considerations are aesthetics and safety.  It spent US $ 165m to build a theater for MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Features:  stage had 2 moving platforms controlled by a crane  it could tilt the platform to 110 degrees.  2 audio speakers in every seat at KA¶s theater.

 Great amount of technical innovation: For the Olympic sized swimming pool 31 degrees Celsius was maintained for all the artists and lower was maintained for audience. Glass enclosures for musicians Underwater communication system 9 .

 Much thought went into 10 . all while blending aesthetic elements and safety concerns.creating costumes.  The costume designer's goal is to design a costume that creates a character and allows the cast member to perform unconstrained.  New artists were asked to submit plaster casts of their heads.

 The Cirque crew gathers diverse talent from all over the world and brings all the performers together into a cohesive whole. all Cirque shows are built around the same two core elements: a unique theme and a unique soundtrack. and more than 40 million people worldwide have attended at least one Cirque show. 11 .FEW FACTS & FIGURES  Cirque's assets are worth an estimated $1 billion.  The Cirque team avoids straight narrative in order to allow room for the audience to interpret the show any way they want.  Whether it's a touring show like Alegria or Varekai or a resident show like "O" or "Love" in Las Vegas. its annual ticket sales have climbed above $450 million.

Innovation and Strategy.Audience. 12 . ‡ Shows highlight artistry rather than the thrills that the traditional circus presented. ‡ The company created niche market of live entertainment within the entertainment industry. ‡ The company started targeting adult audience who visited the theater and opera.

Approach Innovation Customer centric strategy Organizational culture 13 .

The Studio A full-fledged creation. swimming. dance. Some fifty nationalities are represented among Cirque du Soleil artists. aerosport. ‡ Established in 1997 to instill creativity in acts of circus. tumbling. 14 . over 600 performers will receive customized training in the Creation Studio. of course. ‡ In 2010. innovation and training laboratory. diving. music and. singing. circus arts. ‡ Artists training: Performers come from a variety of backgrounds. including artistic gymnastics.

The Centre for Research and Innovation of Performance (CRIP) at Cirque du Soleil is an office of specialized studies in the development of equipment. environment and physical and acrobatic performance at Cirque du Soleil. 15 . help maximize their physical potential. and ensure an optimal environment for their development. ‡ The Centre for Research and Innovation of Performance ‡ Research and development have always played a key role at Cirque du Soleil in each and every one of its activities.‡ Physiotherapists and fitness specialists work on site in the Studio to keep performers in good health.

it was able to keep the costs low and to provide customers with a value for money experience.‡ Cirque did not employ star performers or animals in its shows. 16 .

‡ Team Formation: 5-6 Members No Marketing ! ! ‡ Ground Research 18 months Task ‡ Search of Local promoters ‡ ´Buzz Town Effectµ ‡ AEP ‡ BMW Regional Player Dubai Show ´ To be creative in doing is important but being able to portray that we are creative is more important µ 17 .


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‡Using different production method for every show.ROAD AHEAD ‡Build cirque the entertainment capital of the world. ‡Build an experience around the customer. 22 . ‡Transform Montreal into a world centre for circus arts.

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