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Module 2 Control-M Layouts

CONTROL-M DESKTOP Main Pane Net Overview Pane Navigation Tree Pane Internal Use Slide 2 .

CONTROL-M DESKTOP CONTROL-M DESKTOP The CONTROL-M/Desktop and CONTROL-M/EM windows contain the following sections: navigation tree pane lists entities according to the selected hierarchy main pane (work area) displays entities in a flow diagram format. this pane displays a thumbnail version of the flow diagram and highlights the part of the flow diagram currently displayed in the main pane. Net Overview pane displayed only when a flow diagram is displayed. or a Gantt chart format (available only if CONTROL-M/Forecast is installed) You can also use the main pane to display a job editing form or a table. Internal Use Slide 3 . a job list format.

SYMBOLS NODE AND TREE PANE Symbol Information Desktop (root) node CONTROL-M APPLICATION GROUP Job Scheduling table Locked scheduling table Cyclic Job Symbol Information CONTROL-M is disconnected Scheduling group Job in a group scheduling table Locked group scheduling table Internal Use Slide 4 .

SYMBOLS MAIN PANE Symbol Information Job is executing Job ended OK Job ended NOT OK Deleted job Symbol Information Job is held Job is waiting for a condition. resource or other execution requirement to be satisfied Job is waiting for a manual confirmation Job state changed to unknown Internal Use Slide 5 .

time.COLORS JOB COLORS Color Gray Status Wait Condition Meaning Job is waiting for the specified date. Job is waiting for user confirmation. Note: Jobs with this status might have any of the following statuses in CONTROL-M/Server: CYCLIC WAITTIME WAIT_ODAT POST_ODAT Job processing finished successfully. Note: Jobs with this status are assigned WAITCONFIRM status in CONTROL-M/Server. Green Pink Ended OK Wait User Internal Use Slide 6 . or In prerequisite condition.

Job is executing/running. Job is not in the Active Jobs file. Communication with the Agent platform was interrupted. This status is displayed only in archived ViewPoints. or waiting for a CONTROL-M/Agent to be available. Purple Not in AJF Internal Use Slide 7 . Job is waiting for Control or Quantitative resources.COLORS Color Red White Yellow Blue Status Ended Not OK Unknown Executing Wait Resource Meaning Job processing finished unsuccessfully.

At least one job has a status of Ended Not OK. At least one job has a status of Wait User.COLORS High-level node status colors Color White Red Pink Blue Yellow Gray Green Description At least one job has a status of Unknown. At least one job has a status of Ended OK Internal Use Slide 8 . At least one job has a status of Wait Resource. All the jobs have the status Wait Condition. At least one job currently has a status of Executing.

LINES AND ARROWS LINES AND ARROWS This represent the Job dependencies in the flow diagram. Internal Use Slide 9 .

Q&A Internal Use Slide 10 .

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