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MBA Dissertation

Expected outcomes
‡ To achieve this, you are required to produce a Dissertation project of between 15,000 and 20,000 words by choosing one of the following: 1. A work-based project, which will involve you working in a consultatative capacity with a specific organisation, where the emphasis will be on analysing and evaluating substantive strategic problems or issues within the organisation and formulating appropriate solutions and/or recommendations. Or: 2. A project which will involve analysing and evaluating substantive strategic problems in a specific business sector and formulating perspectives on how the problems might be tackled and making an assessment of the future changes that will affect developments in that sector.

‡ Regardless of which type of project you decide to undertake. ‡ A reflection upon the development of your skills and competences derived from the experience of undertaking the dissertation. you must address the following key areas: ‡ How your recommendations could be implemented given the studies that you have undertaken and your prior experience of the organisation or business sector. management interventions and resources that would be need to be available to implement the recommendations. You will also be expected to include within your recommendations an outline plan detailing the timescales. .

. students will be able to: ‡ Identify specific substantive problems/issues/tasks within organisational/business sector placing them in a strategic context in their investigations. and be able to explain when one might be more appropriate than another in the context of the chosen research project.Upon successful completion of this module. ‡ Demonstrate a clear understanding of different research methodologies and their limitations. ‡ Formulate a related research question via a review of the activities and operations of the organisation/business sector and the environment within which it operates.

. interpreting and analysing qualitative and quantitative data relating to the research topic. ‡ Critically review your own personal development as a manager and set actionable objectives.‡ Apply appropriate qualitative and quantitative research methods including action research as necessary to analyse organisational/business sector strategic problems. ‡ Demonstrate appropriate skills in recording.

‡ Derive strategic recommendations for changes in an organisation¶s or business sector¶s activities and strategies and articulate these in a concise and coherent manner for implementation by management. . solutions/recommendations are fully supported by evidence.‡ Demonstrate that the project findings have been logically derived and that conclusions.


Front Matter ‡ Cover page ‡ Declaration page ± declaration as given by sunderland ‡ ABSTRACT page ‡ Acknowledgements/Dedication page ‡ List of tables ‡ List of Figures ‡ Abbreviations page .


you may need to give a review of what is currently happening within a specific organisation or particular business sector and to review some key themes relating to the strategic problems you are investigating. e. Setting an appropriate context will help the reader to appreciate why you have chosen the topic and why the topic is significant.CHAPTER ONE Heading is INTRODUCTION ‡ ‡ Setting a Context for the Chosen Topic You must provide an insight into the context underpinning the project.g. .

‡ 3. Stating clear Objectives for your Dissertation Topic ‡ You must provide a coherent statement of what you hope to achieve by undertaking your investigations. A specific research question or questions needs also to be stated and this would often be supported by specific research hypotheses. . The stated objectives will help the reader to appreciate the scope of the work undertaken.

products. ‡ Need clear statement of research question/ objective(s) of study .g. Brief discussion of base theory ± usually link to corporate strategy and operational issues e. Brief discussion of case study‡ Name of company. if area of study is marketing strategy ‡ 2.‡ 1. size. brief history.

Clearly state the aims and objectives of the review and provide a logical presentation of the research done. State the specific research question(s) supported where applicable with a specific research hypotheses. ‡ ‡ ‡ . you need to: Identify the leading authors and practitioners and reflect upon the implications of their contribution to the central themes of the topic area. When doing this. which is of specific interest to the central themes of your intended investigation.CHAPTER TWO Heading is Literature Review ‡ ‡ Undertake a Literature Review You must carry out a comprehensive review of the published work from secondary sources.

‡ NB the literature review should underpin/ guide the research ‡ 20 ± 50 up to date refs ± books + journals ‡ Analytical + Integrated with key questions .‡ Requirements 4000-6000 words review of relevant literature including review of key strategic and operational literature.

CHAPTER THREE ‡ 4. ‡ Discuss the theories. Developing Valid Methodologies ‡ You must provide substantive evidence of why you have used particular research methods and techniques to take your investigations forward. ‡ Indicate that you are aware of the scope and limitations of the methods adopted. their rationale and how They have been applied. concepts and models used. ‡ When doing so. . you will need to: ‡ Explain why such techniques and methods are appropriate.(conceptual and Operational framework) ‡ µCheck word document for more information¶.

1500 ± 2500 words ‡ ˜Explanations and Justification ‡ .‡ Notes .

‡ You must recognise that there are different perspectives on problems/issues and on the solutions to those problems/issues.CHAPTER FOUR/five heading will be Data Review/ Analysis of Findings/ Data Analysis ‡ (4000-5000 words) ‡ You need to critical evaluate the factors/issues/problems relating to your chosen topic area. . ‡ Therefore you need to generate balanced arguments and use illustrative examples to justify your findings.

( CHECK WORD DOCUMENT) Conclusions and Recommendations Conclusions/Solutions/Recommendations . ‡ Include time scales relating to the review of your recommendations and ‡ their potential implementation together with the resources and management actions likely to be required to support the measures that need to be taken.CHAPTER FIVE/SIX Heading will be ‡ 7. you will need to: ‡ State solutions to problems. ‡ Make future recommendations for future action and future research. ‡ You must summarise the results of your investigation and emphasise the significance of the results. When doing so.


Personal Development ‡ .( CHECK WORD DOCUMENT) .

‡ . All sources of information will need to be appropriately acknowledged and referenced as per the Harvard Convention (Refer to the Student Handbook). . Referencing ‡ You will have used a wide range of sources in undertaking the dissertation.

‡ Clear and easy to follow ‡ Professionally produced ‡ Full refs in alphabetical order ± Harvard style .

October 2011 .From Today . October 2011. what next??? 1) Research Topics/Titles to be In ( Rose) on the 6th. 2) A 1500 proposal/synopsis to be send to Sunderland by 27th.