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Building Technical Competency

Building Technical Competency Technical Competency concerns the knowledge and repertoire of behaviors one can bring to dear to successfully complete a task.

‡ 3. Relatedly. Individuals with high levels of technical competence may be more likely to be a member of a leader¶s in ± group. followers with high levels of technical competence are more likely to be delegated task and asked to participate in the decision-making process. Performance is often a function of technical competence. research has shown that technical expertise plays a key role in supervisors performance appraisal ratings of subordinates. ‡ 2. Relatedly. and at times can wield more influence in their groups than the leader does. . Followers with high levels of technical competence have a lot of expert power.Need of technical competence for followers ‡ There are many reasons why followers need to have a high level of technical competency: ‡ 1.

2 Having a high levels of technical competence is important because many leaders. ‡ ‡ ‡ . 3 Leaders with high levels of technical competence seem to be able to reduce the levels of role ambiguity and conflict in there groups . Managers having higher levels of technical competence were much more likely to rise to the top managerial levels at AT & T than managers with lower levels of technical competence. often spend considerable time training followers. 4 leaders who have high levels of technical competence may be able to stimulate followers to think about problems and issues in new ways. which in turn has been found to be strongly related to organizational climate ratings and followers motivation to succeed. and followers are generally more satisfied with leaders who have I rather than average levels of technical competence .Need of technical competence for leaders ‡ ‡ There are also many reasons why it benefits leaders to have high level of technical competence: 1 technical competence has been found to be consistently related to managerial promotion rates. particularly first ±line supervisors.

These actions will help individuals to get a batter handle on their on strengths and weaknesses. determining how the job contributes to the overall mission ‡ The first in building technical competence is to determine how one¶s job contributes to the overall success of the organization.Advice for improving technical competence ‡ 1. . by taking this step individual can better determine what technical knowledge and which behaviors are most strongly related to job and organizational success. and in turn can help people to be certain that any formal education or training program they pursue is best suited to meet their need.

.Becoming an expert in the job: ‡ Becoming an expert in the job one¶s primary field is often the springboard for further developmental opp.

People should visit other part of the organization in order to gain an understanding of its whole operation. .Seeking opportunities to broaden experiences: ‡ individuals can improve their technical competence by seeking opportunities to broaden their experiences.3.

. band directors.Building effective relationships with superiors: ‡ 1. Superiors are those individuals with relatively more power and authority than other member of the group thus superiors could be teachers. coaches team captains or first line supervisors.