Teh Francis Yai Director Goodness and Mercy Mission

y What is it? y What is the need? y How will it work? y What are the Targets? y How will they be selected? y What are the main Objectives?

Project Activities:
y Selection of beneficiaries and Group Formation. y Selection of Leaders, Formation of Group & lending

Norms, and a Brief on sales and saving targets. y Wholesale buying of Oil and redistribution to group members at stipulated price. y Selling of Oil and saving the Profit for Pooling in S&L kitty. y Lending from S&L kitty and pledge to repay as per the terms and conditions. y Pooling of Saving Contribution and repayment of loan along with interest will help in gathering targetted education fund. (30 children each group).

Uniqueness and Strengths:
y Financially Self Sustainable y Transparent, Democratic and flexible y Utilization and Growth of Capital within group y Opportunity for increased Economic activity y Ability to build Institutional Linkages y Ability to incorporate other needy in community

Ease of Replication:
y Minimal requirement of Physical resources y Self Financed and Self Managed y No need of special skill or technical knowledge y Women with similar goals can come together and work

y Can be replicated with any business like Gardening,

Poultry, Basket making etc.

Impact on community:
y Ensure the education requirement for the children y Self dependency and better decision making for the

Mothers y Inculcate entrepreneurial skills to Mothers y Better social status a step towards fairer society y Less school drop outs and economic development of women will result in an overall community development. y Library formed by the donated or lended educational tools will help other needy children of the community too.

Strategies for Effective Implementation
y Norms for Group formation and Code of Conduct: y GMM official for monitoring and facilitation: y Formats for accounting and reporting: y Terms and Condition for Loan repayments: y Projected financial statement: y Group Homogeneity: y Peer Pressure: y Transparency, Democracy and Flexibility: y Complaint cell:

Result and Success elements
y Education fund for 150 children and a Library for

needy children in community: y Micro credit lending from own pooled savings: y Social Value through Empowerment:
y Return on investment: y Scope of multiplication: y Low administrative Cost: y Sustainability: y Innovation: y Ease of Replication:

Project Budget
S.No Expenditure Item Activities expense: 1 2 Cost of Palm Oil Transportation Cost Administrative expense 3 4 5 6 7 Phone Costs Local Conveyance Cost of opening Bank Account Cost of one room house Miscellaneous Cost: 8 One time Cost Cost of Book Library 9 Cost of Books Total Cost 550000 7000000 Book library is created to benefit needy children not covered in the Project 20000 25000 This includes cost of empty litters and a Box for S&L kitty 50 months 50 months 3000/month 3000/month 2000/month 150000 150000 100000 5 month Cost for 10 Groups 25000 This room will serve as a store house. 850000 10000 Litres 500/litre 50 Drums 3500/Drum 5000000 5 month cost of 1 Drum each 175000 month for 10groups Quanity Unit Price Total Price Description

Stationary and Printing Cost 50 months

Please help us in providing children their basic right to education and in enabling women have voice & influence to lead their role as mother successfully