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Stamp of Corruption

a billion dollar scandal

Presented by Isha Grover Arun Verma Talha Ansari Amit Sharma

000 crore) .Introduction ‡ Abdul Karim Telgi printed fake paper stamps ‡ Earned money to the tune of several billion US dollars (monthly profits estimated to be around Rs 202 crore) ‡ Scam exposed links with various politician and top officials ‡ One of the Biggest Scam India has ever face (estimated to be more than Rs 43.

Abdul Karim Telgi ‡ Born in 1961 ‡ Education at Sarvodaya Vidyalaya ‡ Completed his graduation from Belgaum ‡ Experted in the Art of printing fake stamps ‡ Expanded network in almost every part of The Country .

The Scam ‡ Arrested in 1991 by Mumbai police for fraud ‡ In 1994. acquired a stamp paper licence from the Government of India ‡ Bought scrap stamp printing presses in working conditions with illegal help from some officials of the central government's security printing press in Nasik ‡ Rs 12.38 crore to government officials as bribe .

. 1.000 employees and 123 bank accounts in 18 cities ‡ Expanded The Activity almost up to 33000 crore rupee ‡ Karnataka police arrested him in November 2001 .Contd. ‡ Quality of the fake stamps and stamp papers was as good as that of originals ‡ Network spreaded across 13 states involving 176 offices.

Andhra Pradesh) . Maharashtra) and Krishna Yadav(Himayat Nagar.Anil Gote (MLA Dhule.have been arrested and charged under the Maharashtra Control of Organized CrimeAct ‡ Anna Hazare filed a PIL in the Bombay high court ‡ DGP Sukhwinder Singh Puri was appointed head of the Special Investigation Team ‡ Former Mumbai police commissioner R S Sharma is the highest-ranking officer to be arrested so far ‡ Retired ACP M C Mulani demanded a bribe from Telgi ‡ IGP Sridhar Vagal allowed Telgi a free rein even when he was in police custody ‡ Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister Chhagan Bhujbal he had appointed Sharma as Mumbai police chief .Key players ‡ Two MLAs .

In jail Telgi calls up contacts on his cellphone. That year. But no action is taken ‡ 1993: Abdul Karim Telgi arrested for first time in passport case. Meets Ramratan Soni in jail who introduces him to fake stamp papers ‡ 1995: Telgi breaks with Soni and enters fake stamps market. seven cases are registered against him but he is not arrested ‡ 2001: Karnataka government arrests him.Time span ‡ 1991: First case registered in fake stamps case. while the police secretly record conversations .

2003: Social activist Anna Hazare files PIL in High Court ‡ Sept 6. TDP MLA is arrested ‡ Nov 7. 2003: C Krishna Yadav. 2003: Jt CP Sridhar Vaghal arrested ‡ Feb 17.2010:A special court sentenced prime accused Abdul Karim Telgi to 10 years imprisonment and 21 other associates to seven years .‡ March 2003: SIT of Pune police submits report on irregularities in the case to Maharashtra home ministry ‡ Sept 4.

PEOPLE in the News .

Payments Made To Former deputy Chief Minister He hired MBA and other Officials For distribution Of fake Stamp ‡ Special Treatment Was Provided By R S Sharma ‡ Sentenced To 13 years of Jail and Fine of 500 million .Facts Interogated By Sit (Special Investigation Team) Anna Hazzre filed a PIL in Bombay high court. ‡ Sit Carried 3 tests on Telgi a) Lie Detector Test b) P-300 Brain mapping Test c) Narco analysis Test ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ .

.Contd. . ‡ Mudrank (The Stamp)is a film based on his life expected to be released soon ‡ Was Fined a whopping Rs 202 crore on various counts in one of the main cases of the scandal ‡ Alleged that Telgi contracted HIV/AIDS while in police custody.

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