standards.en.Definition: . ." . and (b) respects the rights of all constituents affected by its Principles. Related concepts include ethical codes and honor codes. values.wikipedia.Is a set of rules outlining the responsibilities or proper practices for an individual. party or organization.International Federation of Accountants . procedures and systems of an organization in a way that (a) contributes to the welfare of its key stakeholders. or rules of behavior that guide the decisions.

The employees conduct either directs the employee to perform certain activities as good and necessary or to commit certain acts as evil.-For this reason.In the code of conduct. . . . most corporations try to employ people who can comply with their code of conduct.This is because the employee conduct will absolutely determine the way the individual will be able to perform his or her responsibilities. . -. a guideline is created in achieving the purpose of a company that aims for harmony.Employee conduct establishes the structure of demeanors that are considered intolerable and offensive in the office.The objective or purpose of establishing an employee conduct is the attainment of the common good. .

.µ . .The conduct of every employee is known as ordinance of reason because they are rational deliberations intended to guide the employee towards what is good for them and for the company as well as the other employees.Indeed. ´Employee conduct is comparable to the signs in the street. an employee code of conduct is an ultimate tool in order to achieve diplomatic relationships within the corporation. the employee will not find his ultimate purpose in his or her work. Without the employee code of conduct.-This is important in establishing a set of rules that will determine the appropriation of conduct suitable for a pleasant working atmosphere in the company. .It will be the best basis in determining whether a certain action of an employee is punishable or not. which guide the employer towards his or her destination.

‡What can be the implications if I do not follow . personal values? ‡Will I feel guilty of doing what the organization confidentiality. disclosure of ‡Am I required to do something not approve it? my that is against personal thoughts.Every person in the company was subject ‡Is my decision more ethical that the one given to ethical code of down by the company? conduct. and wants me to do? being fair. . or someone with the legal authority)? individuals can ‡Is there anyone who will get affected by my always be tested by decision? the company.The personal what I am asked to do? judgment of the ‡Do I have the support from anyone (may be an employee.Pointers to consider in making a decisions. ‡Will my decision lead to legal complications? ‡Is it right to do what I have as a personal -In the large scale it thought? includes decision ‡What if the management does making. .

..This practice can·t be regulated by the legislation. Strive after a quality that will enable them to serve their purpose efficiently and effectively. 3. The customers and their clients. . Seek to apply or make use of the discoveries and inventions of science with adaptations that will improve their products or services. 2. or growth of the proper user or beneficiary of such goods and services. businesses and their employees shall.As professional you are oblige to listen to the dictates of reason. Profession need to subscribes to a set of moral code such as Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct. in the production of goods and services: 1. Avoid anything that would be detrimental to the health. safety. thereby benefiting customers or users and increasing their number.

Code of conduct is a set policy that aims to preserve a just and positive behavior among individuals. it can be deduced that code of conduct and ethics should go hand in hand in order to promote civic morality. the business' survival has no value. as within the context of corporate standards.µ ´Without moral perception. This goes to show that when the moral foundations of a nation are threatened. without personal morality. man as rational being is a failure. corporations perish.´ Morality Within the Context of Code of Conduct and Ethics .Morality is the foundation of every human society.µ ³ Without civic morality. man cannot work in harmony with one another. the corporation itself is threatened. ´ Without morality.


. Write in yellow paper at lest 200 words or more.1. 2.Find a sample of code of conduct of 2 companies and made a compare and contrast. Search about Work values in the company. Write 5 work values needed in the company.

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