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y Hyperion is a BI & BPM tool. y Functions: Planning, Consolidation, reporting,

analysis etc.


Hyperion BI+ Reporting

Hyperion BI+ Application

Hyperion BI+ Data Management

Hyperion Essbase

HFM (Hyperion Financial Management)

MDM (Maser Data Management)
FDQM (Financial Query Data Management) HAL (Hyperion Application Link)

Analyzer Reports

HSF (Hyperion Strategic Financial)

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Hyperion Planning HPM (Hyperion Performance Management)

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DIM (Data Integrated Management)


product) Large database Relatively few users Non-Volatile Store relevant data ( high cost) Flexible . input) Relatively small database Many concurrent users Volatile Store all data Non-Flexible 4 OLAP ( Online Analytical Processing) Query Processing History Oriented Manager View Organized by subject (customer.OLTP ( Online Transactional Processing) Transactional Processing Time Sensitive Operator View Organized by Transactions ( order.

an analytic platform for reporting. modeling and planning.y Hyperion Essbase y Multidimensional database y OLAP server. analysis. .

Sales Slice of the Database .

y Fact y Dimensions y Dimension Hierarchy y Members Example: Year Qtr Month Day (Dimension) Dimension Hierarchy Members () 7 .

y Creating the database y Dimensional Building y Data loading y Performing the calculation y Generating the reports y Server support (on going support) .

UDAs. y Example: Year Qtr Month Day (Members) (Dimension) (Dimension Hierarchy) 9 . Attributes.y Tree structure for dimensional hierarchy y Components: y Dimension y Dimension Hierarchy y Members y Alias. Member formulae etc.

y Dense y Sparse Types  Standard Dimension ( Store data) y Account y Time y Country y General/None  Attribute ( Store characteristics. at max 14 attribute can be there.) .

~) y Attributes 11 . *. ^. %.y Consolidation Operators ( +. y UDAs y Alias y Data Storage y Store only y Dynamic Calc y Dynamic Calc and store y Shared member y Never Share y Label only . /.

y Parent y Child y Sibling y Ancestors y Descendants y Root y Leaf y Generation y Level .

y Dynamic Time Series y HTD y YTD y PTD y QTD y MTD y WTD y DTD .

: profit%) 14 .g.y Expense Reporting y Expenses (Budget-Actual) y Non-Expense (Actual-Budget) y Time Balance Properties y TB None y TB First y TB Last y TB Avg. y Skip Property ( # MISSING and zero s) y Two Pass calculation (e.

‡ Manually ‡ Dynamically ( using rule files) ‡ Generation Reference Method ‡ Level Reference Method ‡ Parent child Method ‡ Essbase Integration Services (EIS) ‡ Essbase Studio ‡ Automation using Maxl ‡ Type of Data Sources: ‡ RDBMS ‡ Flat Files 15 .

y Create a rule file y Open data source y Set the delimiter y Define the fields y Set the build method y Validate. save and close the rule file y Load the data * Check outline association 16 .

at least 1 member association) ` Rules Files ` Excel Lock & Send ` Loading Data using EIS ` Essbase Studio. ` ODI ` MaxL 17 .` Manual Data Loading ` Data Loading with Esscmd/MaxL. ` Free Form ( Specific Format .

` ` ` ` Transfer data from data source to Essbase Understands star Schema Generates SQL queries Work flow: Data Source OLAP Metaoutline OLAP Model Essbase ` Steps: ` ` ` ` Build model Build hierarchy (OLAP Metaoutline) Load Metadata Load data * Drill through reports (HOLAP) generated via EIS. 18 .

y Essbase Studio = EIS+EAS y Steps: y Data source Connection. y Mini Schema y Hierarchy(Dimension) y Hierarchy (Measure) y Cube Schema y Cube Deployment 19 .

‡ Housekeeping ‡ Roll-up ‡ Member Formulas 20 . ‡ Consists of three parts.‡ 3 ways to perform calculation: ‡ Unary /Consolidation Operators ‡ Member Formulas ‡ Calculation Scripts.

brings only the required blocks.: FIX ( NY ) ENDFIX.y FIX: y FIX is Index driven y Evaluated w/o bringing all the data blocks into memory.g. y E. y Applied to Sparse Dimensions. 21 . y Applied to Dense Dimensions. y IF: y All the blocks are brought into memory.

‡ Connect/Disconnect ‡ Retrieve ‡ Lock and send ‡ Zoom in / Zoom out ‡ Keep only/ remove only ‡ Pivot ‡ Navigate without data ‡ LRO ‡ Query designer ‡ Visualize and explore ‡ Member selection ‡ Flashback ‡22 .

..y Report script is a way of retrieving data from Essbase. y Format: y <Page (.. y It is used to extract data from one cube and load into another cube.) y ! extract command) bang command y { } formatting command y Report Editor Report extractor Report Viewer y Extension : .....) ----.(< y <Column (.rep 23 ..) y <Row (.....

y Format: y Select Axes MDX From Cube Where Slicer y Sets and Tuples y IIF condition y E. (Cal. John).g.. USA. John)} on rows From cube name 24 .: Select {(Qtr1.y Multidimensional Expressions y Focuses on Data Retrieval.Qtr4)} on columns {(NY. USA.

. Import database dbname data from data_file filename 25 .g.` MaxL ` Steps: ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` SQL (DDL) Login to server Log all details into some text file Start application and db Disable Connect Kill all sessions Load Meta Data Load Data Enable Connect Logout E.

y Native Mode y Shared Services. y http://hyperion1:28080/interpop/ y Externalize: y EAS Application Security Externalize user 26 .

y Types of Data Loading: y Complete Data Load y Incremental Data Load. y Steps for data loading: y Initialize Buffer y Load Data into Buffer y Load data from buffer to Cube / Slices y Merge all slices 27 .

Basis Aggregation Calculation time Write back What-if Analysis or allocation Scripts Storage space Member formulae Data storage Sparse/Dense 28 Aggregate Storage option (ASO) Less Block Storage option (BSO) More Not supported Not supported Supported What-if analysis and allocation possible Calc script and MDX More storage space Possible Relatively small amount of data Both dense and sparse dimensions MDX Less storage space Not possible Large amount of data Sparse dimensions .

y Model Analysis y Hourly Glass model y Evaluate Dense / Sparse settings y System Tuning y Cache Setting y Optimize Data Loads y Optimize Retrievals y Optimize Calculations y Defragmentation y Partition 29 .


. multi-tiered budget and planning solution built on Hyperion Essbase OLAP Server. y Hyperion Planning is a comprehensive approach for the complete and closed-loop planning process that drives continuous business improvement.y Hyperion Planning is a Web-based. y Hyperion Planning offers an efficient and optimized budget planning process to all levels within an organization. All decision makers and line-level managers can communicate together giving them the ability to make budget plans relevant and useful.

bulk updates. pre-built depreciation calculations. operational planning.yHigh processing time due to lack of strategic guidance and missing link between financial and operational plans (limited flexibility ability to react) yLow plan accuracy (variance accuracy) due to inaccurate data yLimited level of detail for the budget yHigh number of Excel sheets that need maintenance (versions / locations) yNeed to expand to: rolling forecasts. investment planning. version control .

. y But for budgeting. distribute the planning process among many users. y At that time Hyperion planning comes in picture which is capable to handle many iterations.y End Users are friendly with handy tool like Spread sheet. planning and forecasting when you have to deal with hundreds of such spread sheet this leads difficulty in control and orchestrate.

y Ensure Accuracy y Reduce Budgeting time y Align the organization y Address finance needs quickly y Maximize modeling capabilities y Gain mass user acceptance y Reduce implementation .


First Pass (Not) Signed Off Under Review Approved .y The Hyperion Planning Process lets users track the progress of a budget from any level in the organization using a Web-based client.

With the Hyperion s Planning Process users can: y Approve a planning unit from any process state y Track the approval path independently y Add annotations and comments at each pass through the review process y Identify accountability through ownership y Audit information through annotations and process status .

Start Promote Sign-off Promote Approve Not Started First Pass Under Review Sign-off Promote Signed Off Approved Reject Not Signed Off Exclude Approve .

Data Tier Middle Tier Client Tier Relational Business Rules Desktop Admin Hyperion Reports Web Client Excel Add-In Application Link Essbase .

data file is ads format).y Classic Method y http://hyperion1:8300/hyperionplanning/appwizard. y Component of EPMA y Dimension library y Application library y Data synchronization module y Workspace y Task list y security .jsp y EPM Application + workspace ( only one interface for all planning activation.

y Period (Time) y Year y Scenario y Version y Entity y Account y For multicurrency y Hsp_rates y 4 custom dimension can be added .

y Creating application structures y Loading Meta-data ( Manual & EPMA) y Loading the data and calculating the database y Setting up security y Designing data forms y Adding business rules y Managing the planning process. .

y Creating application ( 10 % of total work) y Loading data (10 %) y Managing users (10 %) y Design data forms (10 %) y Creating reports (40 %) y Defining business rules (10%) y Application backup(5 %) y Managing and monitoring planning server health (5%) .

y Essbase y TB first y TB last y TB average y None y Planning y First y Balance y Average y y Flow (Sum of all child) y Actual 365 weight y Actual Actual weight .

y There are three Plan type database y Plan 1 y Plan 2 y Plan 3 y Workforce y Capex .

and compensation planning y Pre-built functionality (metadata. y Seamlessly links workforce expense plans into Oracle Hyperion Planning. salary. to deliver accurate and real-time awareness of the business impact of your workforce decisions on your overall expense plans. such as bonuses. fringe benefits.y Special-purpose planning module y Focused upon headcount. overtime and merit increases. calculations) and best practices incorporated in the application y Simplifies the planning of workforce and workforce related expenses. .

maintenance and insurance that easily plan for all your capital expenses.y Specialized planning module that automates the planning of capital assets and capital asset related expenses. such as depreciation. y Includes pre-built functionality and best practices y Directly linked to Oracle Hyperion Planning. so you can immediately assess the impact of your capital expenses on your overall expenses and financial statements .

Dashboards. etc . ‡ BI+ repository contains different reporting objects (Financial reports.‡ Workspace is the common portal for all Oracle Hyperion Applications.

y Task lists detail current status and steps needed to complete the different processes. .


‡ Calculations can be launched from forms.‡ Web forms provide a consistent. . ‡ Web forms can be opened in Smart View in Excel. web-based data entry input.

‡ Check totals to targets can provide feedback. . percent) and spread.‡ Data can be adjusted (increase / decrease by amount.

‡ Users can input. adjust. edit and submit their financial data via Smart View in Microsoft Excel. ‡ . Form can be taken offline and input.

y Supporting

detail can provide textual informatio n behind assumptio ns, changes or data elements.

y Multi step calculation y Same as calculation script y Graphical representation y B.R. can be associated with run time prompt y B.R. stored in central location so locating and

upgrading is easier. y Just design the graphical interface and its calculation script is written.

y User authentication y Task authentication y Object authentication y Data authentication y Exporting and Importing security
y Import y Import security planning app.admin password y Export y Export security /A=planningapp./u=admin

y If you want upgrade a planning version. y Upgrade the version of planning y Then import back these XML files. . y Export all the security and data form and application using XML export.


jsp .y Workspace y y y y Thin client : DHTML Basic analysis Client uses interface so no installation 100% running on the server y Web client studio y Java applet y Advance analysis y Security issue as java applet is know for bugs y Data base connection for web analysis is created in workspace y http://Hyperion1:19000/WebAnalysis/LogOn.

Key benefits of Hyperion Web Analysis include: y Rapid Development y No code y Drag and drop development y Personalized views controlled through a centralized security model y Data is exportable to Microsoft Office (Excel.y Hyperion Web Analysis provides a highly scalable dashboard tool that can be accessed either directly from the web or through the Oracle Hyperion Workspace. Word & PowerPoint) .

y KPI (key performance Indicator) y Cell text y Save user POV y Add URL (smart cut) y Drilling up/down/through/across y Sort top/bottom y Restrict data y Calculation simple arithmetic only. .


. dashboar d analysis.y Web Analysis dashboar ds for adhoc.

y When you copy data points the inter connection of all dimension is considered y With planning connection you can get data form RDBMS also which is not applicable to Essbase. .y Unlike web analysis Data connection can be done in F. studio or workspace.R.

.y Financial Reporting for highly formatted presentation style reports.


y Multiple source applications .y Easily-formatted/ high-quality y Report automation y User control y Rapid report creation y Reusable content .

R. y Print well in PDF format. y Web Analysis is more for Online Interactive Analysis. y Highly formatted. standardized monthly reporting such as P&L.y Web Analysis y Highly graphical y Web based analysis tool y F. . balance sheets etc. pin boards etc with slice and dice capability. y Perfect for producing more suited to dashboards. Does not really have a strong printing output feature.