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Joey Stanford

The name...

Ubuntu is an ancient African word meaning: “humanity towards others". Also: "I am what I am because of who we all are". Translating Ubuntu into western languages is difficult. Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu put it this way: "It means you are generous, you are hospitable, you are friendly and caring and compassionate. You share what you have."

Mark Shuttleworth
(Yes, he's a Cosmonaut)

Long-time Debian Developer  He founded Thawte in 1995 and sold it to Verisign in 1999  Went to space in 2002 as a member of the Soyuz TM-34 mission  Started Ubuntu (the Linux distribution) in 2004

Ubuntu – get the facts

Development is driven by a developer community which consists of both: Canonical employees and volunteers. Community-Support and Professional Support Based on Debian Unstable Regular, predictable releases every 6 months GNOME Desktop with KDE Support in Kubuntu and Xfce4 Support in Xubuntu Giving back of development and patches from Ubuntu to Debian. Debian “is the rock upon which Ubuntu is built.”

Ubuntu – get the facts

Strong relationship to the philosophy of Free/Open Source Software Localization and Accessibility LPI Ubuntu Certification Training

The Ubuntu Foundation

Founded in July 2005 Started off with a capital of 10 Million USD Ensures that Ubuntu will be available and supported over a longer time. Enhances the commercial commitment of Canonical Ltd. Works as a 'trust'.

Ubuntu - Commitments

Ubuntu will always be free of charge – no separate Enterprise or Professional versions. Best Support of Localizations (229 languages and growing) Regular, predictable releases every 6 months with 18 months of free Security support. Distribution and Support of Free and Open Source Software.

Hardware Support

Intel x86 (Intel Pentium/Celeron and AMD Athlon/Sempron) AMD64/EMT64T (Athlon64, Opteron, EM64T Xeon) PowerPC (G3, G4 and G5, iBooks and PowerBooks) Sparc (UltraSparc T1) Ports for IA-64, PARISC (hppa) by the Community. Excellent Hardware Support on Notebooks.

Server Candy

Server community is up and running IBM DB2 certification Rock-solid server kernels md5 checker (forensic analysis) SSL/TLS by default 5 year support on the server for Ubuntu 6.06 0 open ports after default install has identified Ubuntu as the quickest major Linux distribution when it comes to fixing security vulnerabilities. 15 mins to LAMP

“Animal” Release-Codes

Warty Warthog

4.10; 20 October 2004 5.04; 8 April 2005 5.10; 13 October 2005 6.06; 1 June 2006

Hoary Hedgehog

Breezy Badger

Dapper Drake

“Animal” Release-Codes

Edgy Eft (it's a Newt)

6.10; 26 Oct 2006 7.04; Planned 19 Apr 2007

Feisty Fawn



20,200+ Items Available Through All Repos

Partner Projects
Ubuntu for the class room with LTSP support Simple Installation, virtually no administrator knowledge required Learning and School software

Ubuntu using KDE. Ubuntu using Xfce4. Ubuntu Server  Other distros chose Ubuntu as their foundation

Happy Birthday!

Ubuntu will be 2.5 years old (first release in October 2004).

Number 1 on (page hits) for almost 2 years ignoring hacks. PC World voted Ubuntu 5.04 as #26 of the Top 100 products of 2005. Number 1 on's 2006 Desktop Linux Market survey Tux Magazine Reader's Choice 2005: Favorite Linux Distribution ArsTechnica Linux award: choice distribution, community and best newcomer ...and many, many more

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More than 8 million CDs have been shipped into the whole world, free of charge.

Edgy Eft!

Gnome 2.16 Xorg 7.1 with AIGLX enabled by default 2.6.17 kernel, including all the various changes: NDISwrapper 1.22, madwifing by default, CFQ by default Faster Shutdown (Teardown Spec) and Faster Startup (Upstart) New Boot Splash Firefox 2.0 OpenOffice 2.0.3 Gaim 2.0 Python 2.5 Orca Screen Reader F-spot by default

More Edgy!

Automatic Problem Reporting Automatic Dependency Removal “Recommends” Support Ubuntu under XEN support Open Fonts ...and much much more

Feisty Fawn!

Gnome 2.17, XFCE 4.4, KDE 3.5.5/3.5.6 (KDE 4 will not be ready) Telepathy integration CUPS 1.2.5 Home User Backup udev LVM, MDADM, and EVMS enhancements Control Center & SLAB system-integrity-checker (basic ids) apparmor (app hardening) common customization support (universe, bundling, audio, video, DVD, bittorrent, desktop, browser, codecs, etc.) Binary Drivers by Default xen

more Feisty Fawn!

possible autokernel (local optimization) unknown filetype support and auto install for known filetypes lots of LTSP updates including student control panel and persistent home directory gnome-bling-manager (desktop effects control panel) XML optimization (speeds up apps like OOo) NFSv4 Device Driver Manager

We want you!
Where can you help out? Community

Development Translation Support User Local Community Team Marketing And LOTS more

Community – of course...

Meaning of “Ubuntu”
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Everyone believes in the message Many people have experiences with other projects Newcomers feel attracted and invited Considerateness, respect, collaborative Helps insure we progress

Code of Conduct
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4502 Templates, 732230 Strings, 151115 PO Files, 229 Languages, 18039 Translators

Documentation team

active work on the wiki, Ubuntu hand book, and much more



Universe Maintainers

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Awesome team work: enthusiastic, goal-oriented Interested folks are invited and get involved in the team quickly Sub-teams Home-made processes, lots of dynamics

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Open Meetings Community Council

The social structures and community processes of Ubuntu are supervised by the Ubuntu Community Council. It is the Community Council that approves the creation of a new Team or Project, and appointment of team leaders. In addition, the Community Council is the body responsible for the Code of Conduct and tasked with ensuring that maintainers and other community members follow its guidelines.

Technical Board

The Ubuntu Technical Board is responsible for the technical direction that Ubuntu takes. The Technical Board is responsible for decisions over package selection, packaging policy, installation system and process, toolchain, kernel, X server, library versions and dependencies.


Regional foundation of Ubuntu 104 active Teams

CoLoCo was the 1st Officially Approved USA LoCo

Organize events, manage local contacts; involvement not only in countries, but in states and cities as well Forums, Translations, Mailing lists, Maintainer...

Thank you.