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Service .> > > > > SAP Service Java Appl.Net Appl. Service Oracle Service > > JD Edwards Service CICS Service AS/400 Service MS CRM Service .

Service Consumer Service Consumer Service Consumer Enterprise Service Bus Location & Version Transparency Transport Protocol Conversion Data Format Transformation Message Interactions Support Invocation & Orchestration Error Handling & Repair Service Provider Service Provider Service Provider .

Transform my message Determine which endpoint I need Route my message Route the response to a second service 5. 4. 3. Return the final result to me 1. 2. Transform my message Routing Transform Service Process Orchestration On Ramp Off Ramp Service Consumers Protocol Adaptation Pub/Sub Service End Point Resolution Service Providers Resolve a service end point address for me .

On/Off-Ramps Management Portal Core Web Services ESB Toolkit Resolvers Adapter Providers Itinerary Services Exception Management Adapters BizTalk Components Dynamic Ports Host Environment Orchestration Engine UDDI 3.0 BAM Transformation Engine Business Rules Engine Pub Sub Engine .

Core Web Services Transformation Web Service Resolver Web Service Exception Web Service Operations Web Service UDDI Web Service Resolver-Adapter Provider Framework Resolvers (¬) Adapter Providers(¬) Transform Service ESB Management Portal Provisioning Framework ESB Toolkit Core Itinerary Services Route Service Custom Service Reports Alerts Exception Management Store BizTalk Receive Ports On-Ramps Generic SOAP Receive Generic WCF Receive Generic JMS Receive Custom Receive Pipeline Exception Management Framework Exception Logger Fault Processor Exception Handler BizTalk Send Ports Off-Ramps Pipeline UDDI 3.0 BAM Generic SOAP Send Generic WCF Send Generic JMS Send Custom Send Pipeline Business Rules Engine Transformation Engine Pipeline Pipeline Pipeline Orchestration Engine Custom Pipeline Custom Pipeline Itinerary Store BizTalk Pub/Sub Engine .

Itinerary Services: Message Processor Itinerary Policy Resolvers: Context Finder Adapter Providers: Adapter Properties .

Demo .

BizTalk Pub/Sub Engine Message + Routing slip Orchestration Service Service Message + Routing slip Adapter Provider Resolver > .

Message + Routing slip Resolver Messaging Service Message + Routing slip Adapter Provider > Messaging Services > Loaded using dependency injection > Can produce multiple messages if invoked from ESBT disassembler .

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Itinerary DSL model Service Definition Service Definition Technology Definition Designer Extenders Custom Extender Adapter Manifests Runtime Definition Itinerary Runtime Model (XML) Itinerary Services Configuration .

Advanced Service Client Client sends an itinerary in a WCF/SOAP Header request Adaptive Service Client Client resolves itinerary via resolver service and then sends it in a WCF/SOAP Header request  Service Proxy Itinerary is resolved on the server·s ESB OnOn-Ramp receiving port via configurable resolver .

Design Time Test/Run Time OnRamp Itinerary Itinerary Selector XML File Itinerary Store .