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Obesity is a medical condition in which excess body fat has accumulated to the extent that it may have an adverse effect on health, leading to reduced life expectancy and/or increased health problems(1)

Fit For Life® has united some of the finest minds in the health. North Americans' spend over 1 Billion dollars each year to try and lose weight. There has never been more diet programs or books written on this subject than there are today. The dieting and weight loss industry has grown into a multibillion dollar industry. doesn't work.DIETING We all know that dieting as we know it. and nutrition industries to formulate the ultimate Lifestyle program. . fitness.

WHAT IS FIT FOR LIFE? Fit for Life (FFL) is a diet and lifestyle stemming from the principles of natural hygiene.(2) Fit for Life claims that one can lose excess body weight and maintain good health via long term dietary and lifestyle practices. an offshoot of naturopathic medicine. rather than short term dieting .

Harvey Diamond has been studying and teaching the principles of healthful living for over 35 years and is recognized as one of the most effective and well-respected authors on the subject of health in the world.HISTORY OF FIT FOR LIFE Harvey Diamond is one of the most celebrated and successful health authors in history certainly one of today's truly great health thinkers. (2) . He is considered to be one of the original pioneers credited with helping shift people toward a healthier eating lifestyle.

but you are not allowed to mix vegetables and other carbohydrates. Diet meal plans on the Fit for Life Diet include eating fruit in the morning to help the system purify itself. or excluding them at certain times. and we store fat. however. the intestine has problems absorbing them. . The Fit for Life's diet meal plans focused on combining certain foods.They believed that when certain foods are mixed. FIT FOR LIFE SAYS that Other meals include a mix of grains. you cannot mix the fruit with any other food. beans and veggies.WHAT DOES FIT FOR LIFE INCLUDE Fit For Life Diet promotes the concept of food combining.

on this approach you will be instructed to avoid any simple sugars other than those found in fruit as they are believed to ferment and produce acids when consumed. Finally. you'll only be able to eat fruit up until lunch and then will consume mostly vegetables and meat during the remainder of the day.WHAT IS FIT FOR LIFE PROGRAMME? Fit For Life Program the basic principle is that it is more important WHEN YOU ARE EATING THAN WHAT YOU ARE EATING. particularly on their own.. While on this plan. Once the diet plan is fixed the ANOTHER IMPORTANT PART IS THE EXERCISE. .

Promoting physical activity is an important strategy to address the problem of obesity. Over weight people are more susceptible to musculoskeletal problems (knee pain. back pains). Musculoskeletal problems can prevent over weight people from successfully using exercise to reduce weight.« CONTD. . Hence. they don·t exercise.

Strong evidence ² exercise can reduce pain in chronic low back conditions.BENEFITS OF EXERCISE Researches say that exercise have good benefit in people with osteoarthritis(3). improve strength and aerobic capacity. It can reduce pain.(4) .

So. back pain etc. obvious that they may have OA. In fit for life programme most people are obese people. Involvement of physiotherapist can solve this fear and help them for the physical activity. they avoid exercise. So. Specially. obese people. Fear of injury is a general symptom in every individual.(5) .ROLE OF PHYSIOTHERAPY A general practitioner can refer patients to a physiotherapist for a therapeutic exercise regimen which is evidence based and realistic.

swimming. walking) and on other days strength . The useful combination would be cardiovascular based programme for 4 days (cycling.INJURY PREVENTION BY A PHYSIOTHERAPIST This strategy includes prescribing appropriate therapeutic exercises providing physical activities like strengthening. stretching to reduce risk of injury ensuring warm up and cool down periods. In example of an over weight patient daily exercise is ideal for losing the weight. stretches. .

Follow up is critical for maintaining motivational levels. Physiotherapists play a significant role in: reducing or removing the barriers to physical activity. and promoting safe participation in physical activity to facilitate weight reduction and weight control. implementing and monitoring exercise programs. designing. and modifying the exercise program if circumstances change. This is particularly relevant for the overweight population where the goal is to achieve slow and steady weight loss and an increase in physical activity over time.ROLE OF PHYSIOTHERAPISTS Exercise programs tend to be more effective if individually designed and supervised and combined with regular follow up. progressing the activity. .

. In fact George Cadbury believed a healthy worker to be a productive worker.HOW IS IT APPLICABLE IN UK? About 46% of men in England and 32% of women are overweight . This fit for life programs are offered by many companies for their employees. Many case studies were also carried on fit for life programs. This initiative helps people to know about how their fitness can be maintained with proper food and how to reduce their weight and eating patterns. healthy and feeling good about themselves. Cadbury company has introduced the Fit for Life initiative helping them keep fit. For example.

keeping expenses under control & making it affordable to everyone.BENEFITS OF THE PLAN Some benefits of the plan are that it encourages people to increase their consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables. Fit for Life does not require dieters to buy special foods. . Unlike some diets.

OTHER BENEFITS OF FIT FOR LIFE Improves overall health Reduces stress Tones muscles Controls weight Improves sleep Enhances self-esteem Lengthens potential life expectancy Improves stamina and endurance Increases body strength May lower blood pressure Supports mental sharpness .

) Slows effects of aging Provides opportunity for social interaction Maintains flexibility Relieves muscle tension Protects muscle groups by strengthening Positively impacts depression Burns calories Improves appearance Feels good « Combine your fitness program with proper nutrition.BENEFITS OF FIT FOR LIFE («CONTD. regular medical check-ups and a positive attitude « .

RISKS Nutritionists feel that the Fit for Life diet can lead to serious vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Banning dairy products makes it extremely difficult for dieters to get the recommended daily allowance of calcium. Calcium is needed to keep bones strong and in many metabolic reactions in the body. .

This initiative is helpful to decrease obesity rate and physical inactivity and also helps the people to have a knowledge about proper diet and exercise patterns in order to reduce their weight gradually with out any side effects and maintain their fitness level up to the mark. .HOW IS IT APPLICABLE IN INDIA? Obesity is one of the major problem in India and the crash diets. irregular exercises leads to the other problems.

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nutrition and personal well being. Their fit for life programme involve with activity. balance and relaxation. . what is fit for life according to the cadbury company? Fit for Life is a lifestyle and activity programme available to all Cadbury employees throughout the UK. Each employee is provided with a Fit for Life guide to keep them informed about the initiative and to encourage participation in the programme.