Japanese Culture

Honshu (or the mainland). but the shogun are the ones who actually had more power.Shinto and Buddhism . and Kyushu. ‡ Religion. Shikoku.The emperor was supposed to be the ruler. ‡ 75% Mountainous ‡ Rulers.Japan ‡ 4 Main islands-Hokkaido.

Samurai ‡ Japan¶s form of military. ‡ 8% of the population . ‡ Fought mainly for land. ‡ Ruled by the shogun and daimyo.

courtiers. ‡ A time when the samurai were losing their military purpose. Tokugawa government fell and the samurai class was abolished.Tokugawa Period ‡ Also know as the Edo Period ‡ 1601 to 1867 ‡ In 1868. Many samurai became bureaucrats. and administrators instead of warriors. .

justice.Bushido ‡ ³way of the warrior´ ‡ Code of the samurai ‡ Enforces the requirement to conduct themselves with calmness. for the cause of their lord. and politeness. ‡ The samurai must unswervingly obey his master. . ‡ It also stressed finding a proper death in battle. fairness.

the victor would allow the opponent this honorable way of dying. ‡ http://www.youtube. ± Could be performed as a ritual after committing a crime ± Could be done on the battlefield in order not to be taken prisoner of be disgraced by being killed by an enemy.Death ‡ Seppuku.An honorable form of suicide for defeated or dishonored samurai. ± Sometimes. when another samurai was defeated after a good fight.com/watch?v=zz6 8_xDww2o&mode=related&search= .

cotton and other common fabrics. ramie. Silk was reserved for the upper classes like the samurai while others wore hemp. .worn by all classes. ± Materials and colors showed the class.Clothing ‡ Kimono. men and women.

Samurai wear it. Chugi (loyalty).The lower half. Jin (humility).youtube. Rei (chivalry). ‡ The seven folds in these pants represent seven virtues of the Samurai ± Yuki (courage).The upper half. ‡ http://www.com/watch?v=b4BnRMOCc Xg . Gi (justice). It is a sleeveless vest with large shoulders. They are flowing pants whose design contain an important meaning to the samurai. ± Hakama. It is a 2 piece costume worn over the kimono. Makoto (honesty). ± Kataginu.Clothing ‡ Kamishimo. and Meiyo (prestige).

Kira.Asano¶s Chief Councilor. .masterless samurai.High official appointed by the shogun to entertain guests. Asano.The Lord of the Castle of Ako.47 Ronin ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Ronin. Oishi.

‡ Kira was beheaded because he would not commit seppuku. ‡ The 46 ronin were buried side by side next to their master at Sengaku-ji Temple. . ‡ Castle is taken over and the 321 samurai are ordered to disband. ‡ Asano is sentenced to seppuku and Oishi is now in charge.47 Ronin ‡ Kira insults Asano and attempts to humiliate him for two months because he did not receive an expensive gift from Asano. ‡ Oishi and 45 of his men were to execute themselves not as criminals but as honored warriors. ‡ Asano drew his sword and injured Kira for the constant insults and humiliation. ‡ Oishi and other samurai want to bring back their master¶s honor and seek revenge by killing Kira who was not punished at all. ‡ Eventually. the 47 ronin attacked Kira¶s mansion and defeated his 61 guards.


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