Skills for the Development of Self Instructional/learning MultiMultimedia materials (SLIM


What does a SLIM Designer Do?  


Determine what the learners need to know (learning needs analysis) Develop learning outcomes Plan assessment at the end of the course as well as during the course Allocate outcomes to various units of the course

)        Decide the kinds of activities needed to achieve the outcomes of the unit Decide the examples needed to enable learners learn each outcome Identify any graphics needed Plan the self assessment needed for that unit Write the unit Test & evaluate the materials Revise to take account of the evaluation results .What does a SLIM Designer Do? (Contd.

Skills Needed      Analyse learning needs of learners and write Learning outcomes for the unit Write sections and sub-sections subWrite intext questions for self assessment/feedback Summing Up Designing Unit end exercises .

What Are Learning Outcomes?   Statements of intent (what the learner should be able to do as a result of studying the particular unit) Learner competency/objectives related statements .

Types of Objectives   Objectives can be classified in many different ways Benjamin Bloom identified three domains of objectives: -Cognitive Domain (Thinking) -Affective Domain (Feeling) PsychoPsycho-motor Domain (Doing) .

Cognitive Domain Cognitive Domain connected with thinking and knowledge is obviously the most important for SLIM Designers. There are six levels under this domain:  Knowledge  Understanding/Comprehension  Application  Analysis  Synthesis  Evaluation .

Measurable .Time-bound ime(SMART) They should also be simple. clear and precise.Specific .Realistic . .Achievable .Characteristics of good Learning Objectives LOs should indicate the learner beahaviour at the end of the unit. Objectives should be: .

Sources of Objectives      Syllabus/Module/Unit outlines/Subject Content Nature/level of the Target Group Skills/Attitudes to be developed/changed Learning Objectives of the subject/course Own Experience of the course/unit writer .

Value of Objectives Enable SLIM Developers to:  Clarify educational intentions  Identify and sequence content  Decide on most appropriate media (in case of multimulti-media materials)  Select the most appropriate activities  Decide on suitable ways of assessing learning  Evaluate the effects & effectiveness of materials .

Value of Objectives Advantages for Learners:  Show them what is to be covered in the unit (concepts to be learned. skills to be mastered)  Present them with challenges ahead and standards to be achieved  Enable them to evaluate themselves (assess own progress against objectives)  Build their self confidence  Prepare them for learning and examinations .

in between and summarizing at the end) . etc.Write sections and sub-sections sub      Arouse attention and motivate Link up with previous knowledge In-built guidance for learning InActivate suggest activities for learning in between Provide feedback (through intext questions) Facilitate retention (tables. graphics. flow charts.

Less familiar word Facilitate Attenuate Detrimental Influx More familiar word Help ease Harmful arrival .Writing Clearly  Use Familiar words in preference to less familiar.

 Use short sentences in preference to long. but not at the expense of cohesion Do not use unnecessary words and phrases Highlight the key points   .

leading to the outbreak of the First World War .1914 to 1 August . 1914. Write in a logical order Method Historical Detail Presenting events in the order in which they occurred Example The day-byday-byday events from 28 June.

 Give specific and concrete instances General/vague Write a short answer Manny people Very fast Poor quality hinge Specific/precise Write about 300 words Around 65% of adults Over 150 Km/hr A hinge that breaks after 500 flexings .

 Prefer the positive to the negative Negative version It is not a good idea to ignore the warning signs The expert witness did not contradict what the accused said Positive version Pay attention to the warning signs The expert witness supported what the witness said .

In-text questions In    Provide feedback for self assessment Put in variety of questions: mainly objective and short answer Questions should be based on the preceding section/sub-sections section/subAnswers or hints be provided .

Summing Up     Recapitulation of the whole unit Highlight important points Help in retention Help in quick revision .

Unit end exercises      Meant for self assessment of learning after the whole unit Variety of questions Essay type long questions may be included Questions should be stated in clear unambiguous language Ansers/hints may be provided .

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