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FAST FACTS 12 Marketing Specialists (consultants) 11 Practice Managers, Knowledge Researchers & Staff Office locations Shanghai, Seoul, Tokyo, Singapore We want excellent problem-solvers, who are passionate about marketing and want to build deeper expertise in market research, customer insights and analytical techniques.

In Asia Pacific, the Practice consists of 12 Marketing Specialists, who are McKinsey consultants with specialized Marketing & Sales expertise. In addition, nearly 60 Directors, Partners & Associate Principals provide Practice leadership. Our Specialists are located across these 4 locations - Shanghai, Singapore, Seoul and Tokyo. Unlocking the value of Marketing & Sales The business landscape is increasingly challenging due to increased commoditization of core products and services, profound shifts in value from manufacturers to channels, fragmentation of consumer segments, and proliferation of brands, increasing costs to serve, reducing scale and adding complexity to execution. The Marketing & Sales Practice helps clients address these challenges, and unlock their potential by integrating marketing and sales into business strategy, functions and processes. We typically serve Chief Marketing Officers and help them drive this transformation by improving their marketing and/or sales functions and aligning these with business strategy. You can also visit our global marketing site for more information on the work we do. In Asia, the Practice serves clients in marketing topics such as Customer Insights, Branding/Marketing ROI, Customer Life-cycle Management, Pricing, Sales & Channel in key industries like Financial Institutions, Packaged Goods Companies, Telecoms, Consumer Electronics, Pharmaceutical Companies and Retailers. A Rewarding Career for Marketers and Marketing Researchers We offer those with deep marketing research and customer insights experience a rewarding and challenging opportunity to combine their knowledge with strategic management consulting. We are looking for talented marketing researchers to provide innovative and pragmatic solutions to client problems. As a McKinsey consultant, specializing in Marketing Research and Customer Insights, Marketing Specialists work alongside consulting teams and their clients, often as an integrated team member. The Marketing Practice offers an intellectually stimulating environment for excellent problem-solvers, who are passionate about marketing and want build deeper expertise in market research, customer insights and analytical techniques. Academics MBA-Marketing, Masters/PhD Marketing, Customer/Marketing Research, Statistics, Quantitative Social Sciences, Behavioral Sciences, Psychology, Sociology, Consumer Science, Applied Mathematics or related fields with heavy quantitative analytics using statistics Consumer/Packaged Goods, Retail, Consumer Electronics and Financial Institutions work experience is ideal Statistical software proficiency eg. SPSS, SAS or other statistical software is strongly preferred. Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English and a local language (depending on the office base Korean, Japanese and Mandarin) are essential.

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Practice Recruiter Samantha Yik email, office +65 6586 4852, mobile +65 98453645

Architecture. and behaviors of customers by deploying industry-leading market research approaches. tools and techniques. Implementation. conducting proprietary research into trends that affect customers. channel strategy and management. customer value. develop and retain high-value customers more profitably and effectively. combining building deep skills. Focuses on achieving significant and sustainable gains in profitability by addressing pricing opportunities and issues on three distinct but related levels: market strategy. and offering the support of a global network of customer insights professionals Focuses on building shareholder value by strengthening our clients' brands. addressing the full range of topics including Strategy. BrandMatics®. and launching actions with tangible impact. and Marketing Spend Effectiveness/Marketing ROI. covering a range of topics including online and multichannel strategy. and sales force strategy and effectiveness. advertising. desires. Drives maximum customer value by using proprietary customer data and analysis coupled with impactful programs to acquire.Global Marketing & Sales Practice Service Lines Customer Insights Uncovers incisive and strategically relevant insights into the needs. and transactions. Drives step change in marketing and sales functions through an integrated approach. shaping world-class underlying processes and tools. pricing and digital/functional organizational design Drives growth and profits by developing leading-edge knowledge on end-to-end customer interaction models. Branding/ Marketing ROI CLM (Customer Lifecycle Mgmt) Pricing Digital Marketing Sales and Channel Commercial Transformation . Aims to develop a distinctive perspective on how digital technologies are fundamentally changing people and markets. throughout the customer lifecycle. creating the desired collective self beliefs/behaviors. Portfolio. online branding and spend effectiveness.

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where I'm still discovering what this amazing city has to offer. these experts are heavy-weights who pioneered the actual analysis or technique. I have benefited personally from the wide-ranging exposure to different industries and experts. I was especially impressed by the thought that I was not only helping to build one particular product. expertise. Macau. . you can find me chasing after fresh powder on my snowboard. Capability building and learning culture On my first engagement as a Junior Specialist. In the end. I am very happy I made this choice. Cantonese. I have felt the Firm's commitment to my success. Outside of work. Very often. and impactful. I realized I wanted to do something more challenging. I worked on developing a new product for a company in consumer goods. but when I started thinking about my next steps. The project's success hinged on a large part on a complicated needs-based segmentation. and continue to be challenged. In my youth. Hong Kong. Insights driven impact I think the Marketing Practice is a unique place for people who are interested in or have studied human behavior. The firm is full of people with varied skills. I am a big believer of multi-cultural experiences. I researched how culture influences peoples' emotions and motivations as a Ph. The sense of community and level of support is tremendous.. I was a little worried since it was my first time performing such an analysis and I wondered about how I d be evaluated if I didn't know how to finish the analysis. I continue to learn. I realized that analyses we often take for granted could be very novel and eye-opening to clients. and they never hesitated to give me as much time as I needed.D. On my first few studies. I wanted to experience another culture. But I quickly discovered that I could easily leverage Firm experts around the world from the very start. Psychology. fast-paced. I was awed by just how much the projects relied on the insights gleaned from marketing research that I supported. before spending many years studying in the US.D. which promised far-reaching and long-lasting impact. Canada. I had a lot of fun and learnt so much in those years. I lived in China. but also promised to teach me skills and help me grow. I have felt the firm's commitment to my success. student in Psychology. A new challenge Before joining McKinsey. McKinsey came to the rescue and put me in Tokyo. To be able to make this unique impact was very fulfilling. Japanese PRACTICE Asia Marketing & Sales Practice From day one. I chose McKinsey because it not only fulfilled that criteria. but also helping clients strengthen their internal capability. or searching for the best place to have a drink or two. Stanford University LANGUAGES Chinese (Mandarin.Ying Marketing Specialist. From day one. They helped me hone my skills in a matter of days. The clients were excited to learn a whole new way of approaching product development. and experience whom I have learned much from. At the same time. Tokyo EDUCATION Ph. After school. Shanghai dialects) English.

customer insights-heavy piece I was involved in was a brand strategy study for a telecom service provider. which drives us to find out what is behind today s crazy proliferation of customer segments. That s just how we work. In Asia. I see myself going out of my way to help. Seoul EDUCATION MBA-Market Research. meeting different people and broadening my perspectives. Speaking a common language I began my career in marketing and even today. I d spent several years in the US and my career with McKinsey took me back to Seoul where I regularly see friends. you hear more CEOs talking about the need to become more customer-insights driven because they are feeling the challenge of fulfilling consumers needs that are becoming ever more sophisticated. I am still fascinated by how consumers behave and think. It s an exciting time for us now since insights-driven marketing is at the top of many organizations agendas. family and run after my energetic 4-year old daughter. Traveling the world is my passion . we share this same curiosity and passion. brands and channels using cutting-edge tools and approaches. These challenge you everyday and make you think hard about the way you work.   . In our Practice. drive and passion about what they do. Korea University LANGUAGES English.Sunny Marketing Expert. Another thing that is rare about the Firm is that you are surrounded by and work with really smart people who have endless energy. The CEO really believed in these insights and internalized the new brand strategy throughout the organization and executed it through their marketing campaigns. Korean PRACTICE Asia Marketing & Sales Practice Its an exciting time for us now since insights-driven marketing is at the top of many organisations agendas. If someone reaches out to me for advice. There are so many areas where we can bring real measurable impact to the clients in helping them to think more strategically about marketing. how you look at things and think beyond your boundaries. We changed the way the client made branding decisions from gut-feel decisions to a more systematic. University of Wisconsin MA-International Business. Because I also received terrific support when I first started here and I still do now. The network of support to help teams and individuals is unlike any other. long-term view of keeping their brand healthy. I saw firsthand how customer insights impacted the way the clients thought about their brand strategy. the cycle of helping and receiving never stops. The client was facing real branding issues amidst a saturated telecom market so we had to get it right. eeping brands healthy One of the most analytical. This is really what makes this place special to me. The way we work Among the things about McKinsey that intrigue me and keep me going is the diversity of people. Painting and Latin dance are also next on my list. business issues and the client companies you work with.seeing new things.

The quality and diversity of the people. Japan in particular because of the culture and scale of this place. which is evident just by the number of consumers in China. we also have access to the greatest thinkers on almost all subjects. This can only happen with collaboration on a truly global scale. I get energised from combining the science & discipline of marketing research with the enthusiasm and curiousity in industries and product sets. I was drawn to McKinsey after observing how friends had matured and grown so fast during their time in the Firm.not only with the rest of the Firm. And the ability to bring all these people together in such short time frames is incredible. mainly because of my own love for gadgets. More fun than work sometimes Coming from a media background. I m really enjoying the experience in Asia. Japanese PRACTICE Asia Marketing & Sales Practice Leader. and was looking for a unique place that would provide opportunties to learn and be challenged. . I thought I d try consulting for a few years before moving to something else.. Things also change so quickly in Asia and the opportunity to help shape this impact is incredibly exciting to me. Being fluent in Japanese has enabled me to be a bridge . being able to work together seamlessly because of Firm values. India and Japan. Experts who have such a breadth of work on unlimited topics are happy to collaborate and make time for teams. but it has also helped clients bridge internally within their own corporations. A perfect illustration is the work we did for a consumer electronics company. Our client had invested heavily in technical capabilities because they believed their consumers mainly valued its technical attributes. but I found that my growth path never stopped the endless possibilities and opportunities to grow. Kyoto University International Law & Politics LANGUAGES English. Our Marketing work connects customer insights with business-driven decisions in consumer facing industries.B. I had reached the limit for growth during my pre-McKinsey days in Business Development and Corporate Venture Capital. What really pulls it all together for me is the Firm s selfless commitment to client impact. Asia Consumer/Packaged Goods Practice Leader What really pulls it all together for me is the Firm s selfless commitment to client impact. One Firm You really feel that here. rigorous scientific work to help them change their strategies in defining their products and marketing them. Tokyo EDUCATION LL.Paul Principal. I thoroughly enjoyed working with on this piece. compelled me to stay. Why Asia? The sheer scale of business in Asia is immense. I have worked with truly international teams. I really love issues that touch on consumers directly. We used world-class. And clients really value this sort of diversity in teams. But our insights-driven approach made them realise that aesthetics and ease-of-use played much larger rolse in how they made their purchasing decisions. Globally. 2. All travel expenses will be covered by our Firm. Apply via our Firm's APD website www. Select the permanent position application form 3. Shortlisted candidates will be invited to attend these interviews and interview details will be shared closer to the date. Please send in your Marketing Specialist applications by then. with any questions.Interested applicants are welcome to reach out to me at samantha_yik@mckinsey. in late October 2008. North American Interviews The Asia Marketing & Sales Practice will conduct interviews in the Chicago. Submitting an application 1. Singapore and Tokyo (in order of preference) Application Deadline for Asia Marketing & Sales Practice Application deadline is October 5. Seoul. Position : Associate --> Role : Marketing Associate --> Region : Asia-Pacific --> Location : Shanghai. .