WINE : Wine Is Not an Emulator Wine is a translation layer (a program loader) capable of running Windows applications on Linux and other POSIX compatible operating systems.


 Wine is free software.WINE WHAT IS WINE?  Wine is an implementation of the Windows API  Allows programs using the API to run on an operating system that doesn't natively support the application. this means that you can do anything with Wine except claim that you wrote it. . and its license.

Windows programs. for example.  But this option presents great difficulty. won't run in Linux and vice versa.WINE WHY Wine? Most software programs won't work on systems that they weren't designed for.  Solution: Dual Booting. .

and it is not yet suitable for general use.WINE WINE HISTORY The WINE project started in 1993 as a way to support running Windows 3. Wine is still under development.1 programs on Linux. . but turned it over fairly early on to Alexandre Julliard. who has run it ever since. Bob Amstadt was the original coordinator.

WINE EMULATOR An emulator duplicates (provides an emulation of) the functions of one system using a different system. so that the second system behaves like (and appears to be) the first system. Emulation generally slows down software. .

WINE NOT AN EMULATOR  Wine is not an emulator.  Wine is an implementation of the Windows API that allows programs using the API to run & natively support the application on an operating system that doesn't support the application. . .

WINE Cont d Note that Wine doesn't emulate. This allows a program to run at full speed. but rather provides the software APIs that make it possible to run Windows programs. . since no emulation is taking place.

 Wine makes it possible to access Windows applications remotely.  Wine makes it economical to use.WINE WINE BENEFITS  Wine makes it possible to take advantage of all the Unix strong points.  Wine is Open Source Software. .

1) and DOS programs. e . as well as a text mode. ‡ Optional use of external vendor DLL files (such as those included with Windows). allowing remote display to any X terminal.WINE WINE FEATURES ‡ Support for running Win32 (Win 95/98. ‡ X11-based graphics display.. NT/2000/XP). Win16 (Win 3. ‡ .

d ‡ DirectX support for games. CD writers. and other devices. ‡ Modem..WINE FEATURES Cont. . ‡ Support for scanners. serial device support.

0 have over 1. Wine is not small at all.WINE LANGUAGE USED Wine software developers uses C language for its development.8 million lines of C code (with blank lines and comments). Wine 1. .

Virualbox . bochs etc) which allows you to run full fledged installation of Microsoft Windows inside your Ubuntu desktop. . VMware .WINE VIRTUALIZATION We can use a virtualization software(like Qemu .





 You should make sure that it doesn't happen to overwrite a previous Wine installation (as this would cause an overwhelming amount of annoying and fatal conflicts).  Uninstalling any previous Wine version to avoid this problem is recommended.WINE BEFORE INSTALLING.. .

WINE INSTALLATION Three methods of Installation:-  Installation from a package.  Installation from a Git tree.  Installation from a source archive. .

WINE INSTALL (PACKAGE) Easiest method for installing .winehq. Recommended method for installing Wine. Packages contain ready-to-run Wine binary files. Easily available at the WineHQ downloads page (http://www.

Simply download and install the package using whatever utility your distribution provides.WINE INSTALL(PACKAGE) INSTALLING A FRESH PACKAGE  Straight forward Method. .

.WINE INSTALL(SOURCE) This method of installation can be done by downloading a Wine source archive and compiling from the command line. you are free to do all of these things with Wine s source code. . . which is provided with every Wine release. Being an open source project.

make sure you remove any Wine binary packages you may have on your system. Compiling and installing Wine from source is slightly more difficult than using a package. .WINE INSTALL(SOURCE) Source Package can be downloaded compressed tar.bz2 format at the WineHQ downloads page. Before installing Wine from source.

The source code on the Git repository is largely untested and may not even compile properly. .WINE INSTALL(GIT TREE)  Advanced method of installation.  Help develop Wine our self.

Wine reproduces the Windows system libraries (so-called native DLL s) with completely custom versions designed to function exactly the same way but without requiring licenses from Microsoft.WINE LIBRARY SETTINGS Some applications require specific libraries in order to run. .

It is highly recommend installing via binary packages or by building source packages which can automatically satisfy their build dependencies. .WINE BUILD DEPENDENCIES Wine makes use of many open source libraries during its operation.

as well other Unix-like systems such as Solaris and FreeBSD.WINE DISTRIBUTIONS Wine works on a huge amount of different Linux distributions. each with their own specific way of installing and managing packages. .

 Provides development reports.WINE Wine HQ Wine homepage can be found at : www. .  Provides help.winehq.  Wine can be downloaded from It gives:  Information about wine.


Command line options are entered in the terminal. . Useful to verify your installation.WINE COMMAND LINE OPTIONS  wine --help Shows a small command line help page. wine --version Shows the Wine version string.

WINE UNINSTALLING WINE It is an easy process. $sudo apt-get install wine .  Simply enter the following in the terminal window :$sudo apt-get uninstall wine Also command line can be used for installing wine(alternatively used).

and can be downloaded over the internet in both prepackaged binary form and ready to compile source code form.12 .1. Latest version: Wine 1.WINE VERSIONS The standard version of Wine comes in intermittent releases (roughly twice a month).

To provide build dependencies in a single package.WINE FUTURE . Removal of Bugs that are reported. .



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