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Jess Hammond

Background ± The background is mainly black with a light in the centre which enhances the image of the model and brings attention to this main image. A black background also supports the rock genre of the magazine, and represents the target audience being teenage males. This image coincides with one of the cover lines to give a visual insight on the story, enticing the audience to purchase the magazine in order to read this story.

Skyline ± Advertises competition included in magazine. ³Win´ stands out from rest of text as the audience would be attracted by this word with impression that they could win something due to this magazine. Font is bold and capitalised to stand out.

Pug ± Made to appear as if stuck on, appears informal and grabs attention. Contrasts well with yellow banner. Masthead ± The masthead of this Magazine ³Kerrang!´ is informal, and presented In a bold, white, capitalised font. This appears bold and eye-catching, and contrasts well with the dark background making it stand out. The denotation of the font appears broken like glass, perhaps connoting that this magazine is rebellious, and this links with the music genre of this magazine, thus making it appeal to their target audience. Cover Lines ± These cover lines included in this magazine front cover are also bold and capitalised. They are written in white and black coloured font against blue and white backgrounds which contrast well and make the text stand out, to grab attention.

Main Image ± This main Image is conventional of a magazine as it is a medium close-up with direct address. Overlaps masthead as it is main focal point. The dark, grunge type costume And general look of the model shown in the mise-en-scene connotes the rock genre of the magazine. His posture and serious facial expression, combined with the low camera angle represent his power and importance, which promotes his image and reflects to the rock genre of the magazine appealing to its target audience. Barcode, Issue Number, Date and Price - Typical conventions found on the majority of magazine covers. The price has been included here in small font as the editors intended it to be unnoticeable as it may put potential customers off. Colour Scheme ± Blue, White, Yellow and black. This is a complementary colour scheme as the colours blue and yellow are opposite each other on the colour wheel, which works well as they contrast well with each other.. This colour scheme is not only used in the front cover, but throughout the magazine.

Main Cover Line ± Largest text on page as it is main story. Informal, bold san serif font similar to masthead. Uses colour scheme and contrasts with dark background to be eyecatching

Sub Images ± These images show some of the posters included in the magazine, which appeals to the audience as these posters appear to be exclusive to this magazine. Also include a white border so that they stand out from the background. This lists numerous popular bands that are featured in this magazine, which connotes that these bands are somewhat linked with this magazine. This attracts a wider audience.

Background ± The background of this cover is a solid pink. This follows the colour scheme, and also represents the target audience being young females, as pink is generally associated with girls. Also contrasts well with the main image bringing focus to the main image. Sub Images ± These images are bordered by a pink box matching the colour scheme and standing out from the background. These images are using direct address which help in grabbing viewers attention. Images suggest what the magazine includes. Main Image ± The main image is of Cheryl Cole, a popular singer and idol of the magazine¶s target audience. This is a mid-shot with direct address, which appears friendly and eye-catching. The mise-en-scene shows her wearing a white dress which is normally associated with innocence, but then contrasts with her black leather jacket, connoting that she may appear sweet and innocent but that she has an edge to her. I would suggest that this image uses Laura Mulvey¶s µMale Gaze¶ theory as the young girls of the target audience would judge the model and her appearance because she is female, looking at her and her appearance rather than her point of view, where as the males featured in the sub images are looked at in interest of their stories and viewpoints. This attracts their audience as young girls will idolise her, and potentially purchase the magazine in attempt to be like her.

Skyline ± This includes the logo of the company producing the magazine which attracts their audience due to recognition. Also includes word µExclusive¶ in capital letters, to show that this is exclusive to this magazine which also attracts a wider audience.

Masthead ± The masthead of this Magazine ³Top of the Pops´ is presented in a large, partially capitalised, bold font in white that stands out against pink background. The font used is quite simplistic and informal, and features a µswirly¶ pattern on the S which connotes as girly, thus appealing to and representing the target audience. Magazine name µTop of the Pops¶ also clearly states genre of the magazine, being pop. Cover Lines ± Pink and white to match colour scheme and contrast with each other to stand out. Informal font which appears nonthreatening and friendly. ³Hot looks guaranteed!´ attracts viewer as this magazine µguarantees¶ results that audience want from magazine. Main Cover Line ± White, bold font that stands out from background. ³Change your life´ appears personal to viewer, and ³Cheryl shows you how´ attracts audience as they feel this gives them some kind of connection with Cheryl Cole, and also allows them to be like her as they idolise her. Quote marks look like these are the celebrity¶s actual words, exclusive to this magazine. Appears personal. Barcode, Issue Number, Date and Price Typical conventions found on the majority of magazine covers. The price has been included here in small font as the editors intended it to be unnoticeable as it may put potential customers off.

Colour Scheme ± White, light pink and dark pink. This is a monochromatic scheme as it uses varied shades of one single colour. This makes the page look balanced and visually appealing to the audience. This magazine is targeted at young girls, and pink is stereotypically linked with girls, therefore represents the target audience.


Pug ± Uses black and white, differing from colour scheme and standing out. Appears stuck on and informal, to grab attention.

Puff ± µDelicious gossip, luscious fashion, juicy exclusives¶ This is a sentence promoting the magazine and giving it identity. Uses words such as µluscious¶ and µdelicious¶ which are informal adjectives that attract viewer and represent the informal target audience. Also uses word µexclusive¶ denoting that this magazine includes exclusive content which viewers would then be encouraged into buying the magazine as it provides information that others don¶t

Price ± The price is presented as a pug, and is quite a large feature on the front cover compared to all the other magazines I have studied, as this magazine intends for their price to be shown as it¶s cheap. Also includes word µOnly¶ which also enhances the fact that its cheap, and is a bargain which is appealing to viewers. This presentation of the price represents the target audience, consisting of those of lower social class and lower spending power. Sub Images ± The sub Images are scattered amongst the page and appear not to be laid out in a neat/structured way. All these images link with cover lines, advertising the stories included in the magazine. This magazine front cover appears busy due to this amount of images and text, which appears informal and grabs attention. Masthead ± The masthead of this magazine µReveal¶ is written in a bold, simplistic font. The simplicity of it shows the casualness and informality of the magazine. The masthead is coloured in white to look bright and stand out against its bright pink contrasting background. It also looks 3-dimensional making it stand out. The word µReveal¶ also works well with this magazine as it suggests that it µreveals¶ exclusive stories to the reader and includes interesting µsecret¶ content. Cover Lines ± The cover lines vary in colour but follow the colour scheme, appearing bright and eye-catching. Quote marks also suggest these are the words of the celebrity, exclusive to this magazine which encourages viewer to buy the magazine. Also, words such as µAmy¶ and µJoey¶ are capitalised as they refer to celebrities, so putting these in capitals makes them stand out and enhance the fact that these celebrities are somewhat linked with this magazine. Pugs ± There are numerous pugs found on this page which appear as if µstuck on¶ which, again, shows the informality of the magazine. These pugs use contrasting colours that follow the colour scheme to stand out and draw the attention of the viewer.

Main Image ± Without the main cover line linking to this image, it would be difficult to tell whether this is the main image or not, as it is only slightly bigger than some of the sub images. The main Image features Maria from a popular TV show which viewers would recognise and want to buy the magazine. This Image also uses direct address in which the model is appears to be making eye contact with us which appears inviting and relaxed. Main Cover Line ± Boldest feature on page as it is largest, and presented in a bold, black ,capitalised font against a contrasting yellow background. The word µbitchfest¶ shows the informality of the magazine as it is slang, which appeals to the young target audience. Doesn¶t appear formal or classy at all. Also, referring to the celebrities first name in this was appears informal, and also gives the impression that the magazine is close and casual with the celebrity. Colour Scheme ± Blue, Yellow, Pink, White and Black. This colour scheme consists of very bright contrasting colours which appear bright and eye-catching. The shocking colour of pink is also connoted as fun and exciting, and is associated with females which is relevant to the target audience. These colours also represent the informality of the magazine, which appeals to their target audience being those of lower social class.

Background ± The background is a solid white. This makes the magazine appear bright, and allows the other darker features of the cover to stand out from the background. Also includes shadow of main image, which helps the main image to stand out and appear 3-dimensional.

The layout of this magazine front cover is organised and neat which is appealing to the eye, and unlike other magazines I have studied such as µReveal¶ and µKerrang¶, doesn¶t look cluttered or busy and appears more classy. This neat and classy structure represents the target audience of mature young adults. The editor feels that this front cover is enough to attract their audience without using business or bright informal colours/gimmicks.

This magazine front cover doesn¶t include typical conventions such as Pugs, a Skyline etc as these appear informal and this magazine intends to look more formal and classy than that, in belief that this front cover is enough to entice their target audience. Masthead ± The masthead ³Billboard´ is barely seen behind the main image, however this a typical feature Billboard use on their magazine covers, as viewers recognize this as Billboard magazine even with little of the masthead shown. (Due to the magazine having built recognition) The masthead font is simplistic, black and bold making it stand out from the white background. The coloured circles used in the masthead adds extra colour and draws more attention. Main Image ± This main image being a medium close-up of popular singer µAdele¶ dominates the magazine front cover. This brings all focus to the main image, and also links with the genre of the magazine as she is a pop singer. The colours used in the mise-en-scene of the image, including her dark coat and bright auburn hair, contrast well with the white background making her image stand out. This also uses direct address which draws our attention and enables us to feel more connected with it. The way in which she is holding her coat covering her mouth, connotes that she is mysterious and secretive, perhaps connoting that this magazine has secret and exclusive content on her. Also links to the main cover line, µWho¶s That Girl?¶ in representation of her secretiveness.

Cover Lines ± These cover lines are situated down the left and right side of the front cover in columns, which appears neat and organised. These are presented in capitalised, black and red font following the colour scheme. This font although bold, is quite tall and thin, which appears formal. This magazine intends to appear more formal than others like µReveal¶ and µTop of the Pops¶ through this neatness of the layout, again, representing the target audience. Main Cover line ± The main cover line links with the main image about Adele, and is situated centred in front of the main image. It¶s written in a bold, quite elegant serif font which appears formal. The white also stands out against the contrasting dark coat. Barcode, Issue Number, Date and Price - Typical conventions found on the majority of magazine covers. The price has been included here in small font as the editors intended it to be unnoticeable as it may put potential customers off. Colour Scheme ± Mainly white, black and red. This is quite a simplistic colour scheme that uses simple, yet bold colours that contrast with each other and grab attention. The use of black and white also appears modern, representing the genre of the magazine being pop, and appears smart, representing the magazine¶s target audience.

This magazine front cover doesn¶t include any other images unlike other magazine covers I have studied as they intend for their cover not to look too cluttered, making the cover attractive, neat and classy.