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W hat i s p ro te i ?



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vis an important nutrient that builds muscles and bones and provides energy . Protein can help with weight control because it helps you feel full and satisfied from your meals .

h .PROTEIN came from the greek word “protos” meaning “primary” or “holding first place” in addition to the basic carbon .

soluble in water . soluble in dilute salt solution and coagulated by heat •3. insoluble in absolute alcohol .coagulated by heat •4. coagulated by heat •2. Simple proteins are those which yield only amino acids upon hydrolisis. They include: •1. water and salt solutions •5. not coagulated by heat.Globulins w/c are insoluble in water .Glutelins w/c are insoluble in neutral solvent but soluble in weak acids and alkalis .Histones and protamines w/c are basic polypeptides . They are found in nuclei of cells.Classification of proteins A.Prolamines w/c are soluble in 70 to 80 percent alcohol .Albumins w/c soluble in water . • .Albuminoids w/c are insoluble in all neutral solvents and in dilute acids and alkalis •6.

RNA are composed of protein n Blood clotting. immune cells. fluid regulation.Proteins Provide a source of energy n 4 kcal per gram n Essential for synthesis of body tissue in growth. DNA. maintenance & repair n Collagen. hormones. & acid-base balance require n . enzymes.

Protein Composed of carbon. lysine. leucine. oxygen. hydrogen.& nitrogen n There are essential and nonessential amino acids n Complete and incomplete proteins n Essential amino acids: isoleucine. phenylalanine n • . threonine. histidine. methionine. valine. tryptophan.

Protein n n n n n Albumin & Insulin are simple proteins Lipoprotein is a complex protein (Lipid & protein) Complete & Incomplete proteins .

& n . maintenance of lean muscle mass & vital organs.Protein Nitrogen balance. wound healing n The extra nitrogen is used for building. pregnancy.intake & output of nitrogen equal n When intake of nitrogen exceeds output. body is in a positive nitrogen balance (growth. repairing.

Fever. trauma. Sepsis. burns n Increased nitrogen loss is the result of body tissue destruction or loss of nitrogen containing body fluids n .Protein Negative Nitrogen balance. head injury.Body loses nitrogen faster than it gains it n Infection. starvation.


How protein functions in the body Provision of structure n Growth & maintenance of tissue n Regulation of body processes (hormones. nucleoproteins) n Development of immunity n Circulation of blood and nutrients n Backup source of energy n . enzymes.