WILLIAMSON (Dean & H. HAWA SARAK. Engg.) A.A PRACTICAL TRANING SEMINAR ON POWER LINE CARRIER COMMUNICATION AT 132 GSS.O.(Dr.) http://powerpointpresentationon.com .D. (Department) SUBMITTED BY: SUMER SINGH RAIKA 7th SEMISTER (Elec. JAIPUR DURATION: 12-MAY-2010 TO 10-JUNE-2010 SUBMITTED TO: Prof. & Comm. E&C) Elec. & Comm.blogspot.

INTRODUCTION ‡ PLCC is the method of transmitting information using power network. ‡ We are able to construct intelligent buildings containing many devices in Local Area Network. ‡ It bridges the gap between electrical and communication network. .

‡ Those days antennae ( similar to radio work) were used to couple the telephone system to the power lines. . teleprinter. tele-signaling etc. ‡ The early PLCC system have now developed in to very complicated system which handle speech communication.HISTORY ‡ Came in operation in several countries after 1920.

CARRIERS ‡ Carriers used in modern PLCC system are radio frequency currents ‡ Frequency range: 24 kHz²500 kHz .


WAVE TRAP ‡ Consists of a number choke coils connected in series. ‡ It prevents carrier currents from entering to the power equipment. ‡ Offer negligible impedance to power frequency & high impedance to carrier frequency .

‡ Used to mount the wave trap on it.Coupling capacitor ‡ It is a stack of capacitors connected in series. . offer lowest series resistance at carrier frequency. ‡ Has highest possible surge withstand capacity.

TYPES OF COUPLING a) Phase to ground coupling :- .

b) Phase to phase coupling .

c)Inter line coupling .



from the PLC equipment. ‡ Hence we get power current at the bus & carrier current at PLC equipment.BASIC COUPLING ARRANGEMENT ‡ The power frequency and radio frequency currents are sorted by this arrangement ‡ Carrier currents are prevented to enter station bus by wave trap & power frequency current is blocked by coupling capacitor. .

Both communication & power transfer can be possible on same circuit. 2. 3. Modern infrastructure simplify the implementation. Implementation cost is reduced .CONCLUSION ‡ Project is based on communication over existing power line ‡ Main advantage: 1.

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