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Live spirulina nutrient supplements
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ice cream and sorbet ‡ 3 www.com .Spirooline ‡ Line of health & natural products made from live Spiroolina algae grown in Beer Sheva Products: ‡ ‡ Live frozen spirulina (for longer storage) Various foods made with spirulina.com +972544584618 yael@spirooline.spirooline. such as honey.

com +972544584618 yael@spirooline.Spirulina ‡ A blue-green algae ‡ ³Food of the future" due to ability to synthesize high-quality concentrated food more efficiently than any other algae ‡ 65-71 % complete protein. with all essential amino acids ‡ Used for treatment of malnutrition in Africa: ‡ Daily dose of just a few grams leads to spectacular improvements in nutritional state of malnourished children 4 www.com .spirooline.

enzymes and hormones) ‡ methionine (rich in sulphur. magnesium. B8.spirooline. B5. has antioxidant properties) ‡ phenylalanine (requited by the thyroid gland) ‡ threonine (improves intestinal and digestive functions) ‡ tryptophane (regulates serotonin) and valine (stimulates mental & physical capacities) Fifteen pigments. B7. potassium. B3. second richest source after maternal milk Vitamins B1. B9. vitamin D.Nutritional contents ‡ Exceptionally high content of: ‡ Proteins (65-71%) ‡ Provitamin A ± beta-carotene (one gram of spirulina covers the daily requirements) ‡ Vitamin B12 (four times higher than raw liver) ‡ Iron.com .com ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ 5 www. including chlorophyll and phycocyanin which have anti-inflammatory. phosphorus. antioxidant and antitumor properties +972544584618 yael@spirooline. when produced in growth tanks to which zinc has been added Very high content in gamma-linolenic acid. which the body cannot synthesize: ‡ isoleucine (required for optimal growth) ‡ leucine (stimulator of brain functions) ‡ lysine (necessary for producing antibodies. B2. vitamin E and vitamin K 8 essential amino acids. B6. calcium. selenium and iodine Excellent source of zinc.

capsule ‡ Drying reduces the contents of proteins.com +972544584618 yael@spirooline. unsaturated fat acids Omega3 and Omega6 by up to 50% ‡ Any product when eaten live has more health benefits rather than dried in capsules 6 www. vitamins.Live vs.com .spirooline. carotenoids.

spirooline. for massage & skin treatment of rashes.com . followed by a break of 3 weeks Can we used as a mask.Recommended consumption 30 grams per day in the morning Frozen until consumption. Can be combined with fresh juice A course of 3 weeks. A natural stimulant recommended for athletes 7 www.com +972544584618 yael@spirooline. inflammations & other conditions Highly recommended for pregnant & nursing women for normalization of processes and production of milk.

com +972544584618 yael@spirooline.How it works 8 www.com .spirooline.

com +972544584618 yael@spirooline.Step 1: Growth Raw biomass of spirulina grown in the cultivator 9 www.spirooline.com .

Step 2: Filtration Gathering 7 filtration of the biomass 10 www.com +972544584618 yael@spirooline.com .spirooline.

com +972544584618 yael@spirooline.spirooline.Step 3: Purification Water purification of the biomass 11 www.com .

com .spirooline.Step 4: Packing Gathering of the biomass and packing into containers (30 g) 12 www.com +972544584618 yael@spirooline.

spirooline.Step 5: Freezing Freezing of the biomass ± it can be stored for over a year in the frozen state (under 2 C) 13 www.com .com +972544584618 yael@spirooline.

com .spirooline.com +972544584618 yael@spirooline.Step 4: Alternative products Spirulina placed into olive oil takes shape of olives 14 www.

com +972544584618 yael@spirooline. national & international.spirooline. health store distribution Nationwide & international Ingredient Sports & health drinks Honey Ice-cream Tea and more« 15 www.Marketing Applying the method in other industries. such as agriculture For use as animal feed.com . development of new applications Farms & flagship stores.

com +972544584618 yael@spirooline.com .spirooline.Value proposition ‡ Seeking ‡ $50K for expansion of farms. 1-2 years Full commitment & responsibility Prudent fund spending 16 www. regulation & setting distribution channels Offering: ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Unique & sustainable business model Attractive ROI of approx.

biofuel.com . water purification & products from alginates Yael Greenberg. CTO (Beer Sheva) Conducted research in the algae planting lab at BGU. a former Senior Researcher at the Southern Seas Biology Institute. marketing. Business Development & Marketing (Tel Aviv) Biz dev. Sevastopol. solar energy.com +972544584618 yael@spirooline. environmental pollution and biophysics equipment.spirooline. photosynthesis. alginates. finance. Ukraine Research interests were biophysics of algae. M&A & product commercialization 17 www. Sales & Marketing (Nir Moshe) Runs a farm and a visiting center at Nir Moshe farm for growing & selling live and powdered spirulina Vladimir Vaiser.Stakeholders Boris Zlotnikov. corporate strategy.