S.3 km.000(2005) Currency U.D President Mr.78. unincorporated territory of the y y y y y y y y United States located in the western Pacific Ocean. Capital Hagatna Official Language English & Chamorro Area 541.000(2009) Per Capita Income $15.GUAM y It is an organized.sq. Population 1. Guam is the largest and southernmost of the Mariana Island.Barack Obama .




y Public/Non Profit Organization. y Budget of $15million. Camacho . Hong Kong.Guam Visitor s Bureau y In 1963 it started as Guam Tourism Industry. y Total of 28 Employees y Offices in Japan. Korea. y In 1970 renamed as Guam Visitor s Bureau. Taiwan y General Manager .Joann G.

B Mission Statement To efficiently and effectively promote and develop Guam as a safe and satisfying destination for visitors and to derive maximum benefits for the people of Guam.V. September 28.G. Mission Statement adopted by the Guam Visitors Bureau Board of Directors. 1995 .

Function Of G.B y Advertising campaign(target market) y Qualitative/Quantitative Market Research .V.

Guam Visitor Arrivals .

Guam Annual change In Visitor Arrival .

Room Rates .Guam Hotel Occupancy.

Lack of quality of standard services provided to customers in hospitality sector.A Overly dependence on airline to fly in visitor s from target country. Over dependence on Japanese market and J. .Key Issues y Customer s had high regards for their hotels specific y y y y product when compared to DESTINATION GUAM as whole. Lack in DISTINCT IDENTITY .T.G.

Strength of Guam y y y y y y y y y 27-32 Celsius degree temperature throughout the year Ideal place for the residents of cold place to travel. Contiguity with Japan and other Asian countries Free duty shopping and sampling AMERICANO Multi cultural Community Image as a tropical climate destination Less crowded and unspoiled destination Visa waiver program for Japanese and Koreans. Accessibility with the major developed or developing Asian countries .

WEEKNESS OF GUAM y y y y y y y y y Guam s high cost structure Service quality gap Investment limited Less number of repeat tourists MATURE IMAGE OF destination. . Instability in G.B Dominance of Japanese tourism company.V. events and things to do at Guam. Very few cruise ships docked in Guam Lack of activities .

y Free duty shopping destination. y Water sports and under water activities.Opportunity y Korea and china is a huge potential market. .

y Insufficient money. y Interest groups-J.G.T. y Insufficient Connectivity .Threats y Natural calamities y U.S military .A. y Political instability y Recession crises.

y Specially Target Countries with cold climate example . Russia.B organization. Promote English as a main language.RECOMMENDATION y Start looking for a new market. Attract the investor s other than from Japan and America. Organize new and innovative activities to attract the customers and delay his stay time. Create environment and emphasize on repeat customers. Create and show Guam s authentic culture and tradition. Work on the market segmentation. . Create friendly and transparency in G. y y y y y y y y y china etc.V. Start up educational institutes and programs to train the local people. cruise services and travel agencies. Start their own flight .

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