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The subject doesn·t perform the action itself. but causes someone or something to do it instead.Causative verbs show that somebody is indirectly responsible for an action. .

‡Did someone make you wear that ugly hat? make make+person+verb 1 .Causa tive Verb let Form Use Examples let+person+verb 1 To allow ‡John let me drive someone to do his new car. something ‡Will your parents let you go to the party? To force ‡My teacher made someone to do me apologize for something what I said.

‡How can teachers get their students to read more? .have have+person+verb 1 To give someone the responsibility to do something ‡You have a barber cut your hair. ‡Please have your secretary fax me the information get get+person+to+verb 1 To convince/trick someone to do something ‡Parents get their children to take the medicine even though it tested bitter.

me take the day off.€ € € € € € € € € € 1. 5. 3. Arifah «. Mrs. Verda «. The government TV commercials are trying to «. so she won·t «. her students use a dictionary while they were taking the test. but his parents wouldn·t «. I couldn·t «. 8. She said she wanted to keep the carpet clean. 9. her children do their homework. 10. Diane thinks television is a waste of time. She «. I don·t know how you convince your children to clean up their rooms. 7. Sam really wanted a dog. 6. people to stop smoking. I don·t know if my boss will «. Sally «. We have to look at those pictures every time we go to her house. Mrs. each of her students write an essay describing their future goals in life. me take off my shoes before I went into her house. him have a pet. 2. . I can·t believe she «. 4. you look at her vacation pictures again last night. my children to clean up their rooms. her children watch TV.