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Content: Slide 1: Slide 2: Slide 3: Slide 4: Slide 5: Slide 6: About HRIS Why HRIS ? Functions of HRIS Contribution of HRIS Limitations of HRIS Example of HRIS System. .

‡ Interpreting employee information in an Organization. . ‡ Analyzing.What is HRIS ?  Human Resource Information System is a software or online solution tool which is used for: ‡ Collecting.

Improve employee and managerial productivity and effectiveness. Quality information. Improved quality in HR decision making.Why HRIS ?  HRIS provide the capability to : ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ To plan more effectively. . ‡ Control and manage HR costs. Better service to Employees.

Promotion. ‡ Maintenance. ‡ No. ‡ Various HRM practices adopted by different Organizations around the globe. Training and Development offered. of employees recruited during the year. ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Internal Information (Front end tool) Employee Information. ‡ Performance Appraisal results. separation of employees. ‡ Training and Development facilities available outside the organization. ‡ Relevant Labor laws for managing Human Resources. Payroll and Statutory Information. . ‡ Various Government Policies. Safety and Heath services. Employee Attendance status.Functions of HRIS External Information (Back end tool) ‡ Expectations of Human Resources from the Organization. transfer.

Contributions of HRIS ‡ HR planning. ‡ Performance development plans. ‡ Reduces administration time. ‡ Knowledge management . ‡ Employees and managers can locate answers and information instantly. and improves data accuracy. manpower inventory and turnover. ‡ Complete integration with payroll and other company financial and accounting systems. online recruitment and reward systems. Succession Plans. ‡ Pay Reviews.

Employees who don¶t have knowledge on computers will find it very difficult to acquire data.Limitations of HRIS ‡ At times human error happens in HRIS during ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ information input. The technology is expensive which cannot be afforded by Small Organization. Malfunctioning of software will result in loss of data. . Certain organization don¶t encourage HRIS rather they prefer following age old practices which will be burden for Human Resource Management.

.Supply files to department whenever needed for counseling.Example: HRIS System in Larsen & Toubro Manpower planning Selection and placement Reinforcement & Advancement Performance Appraisal Industrial Relations Data Storage and Processing: 1.Process data for research on trends. career planning.Monitor feeding in and out of data. 5.etc 3. 4. .Maintain information about all employees record.Design data card for computer. 2.

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