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Various Models in PHAST

‡ There are total eleven kind of models in total. ‡ One can define a given hazardous event that you want to analyze by selecting the suitable Model from the list of the eleven Models. UK HSE regulations. ‡ PHAST examines the progress of a potential incident from the initial release to far-field dispersion including modelling of pool spreading and evaporation.What is PHAST? ‡ The first question in our mind when we look at the topic is ³ What is PHAST?´ ‡ A comprehensive hazard analysis software tool developed by DNV. and flammable and toxic effects. . ‡ PHAST is designed to comply with the regulatory requirements of many countries like ensuring compliance with the Dutch Yellow Book.

5.Various Models Available 1.Strehlow Explosion User Defined Source . 2. 7. 10. 11. 6. Vessel/ Pipe Source Pool Fire Fireball BLEVE Warehouse Jet Fire Pool Vaporization TNT Explosion Multi-Energy Explosion Baker. 4. 8. 9. 3.

It performs release as well as dispersion modelling. and it also performs fire. this Model considers the release of material from its storage or process conditions in a vessel or pipe. explosion and toxic calculations to obtain representative for the dispersing cloud.Vessel/ Pipe Source Model There is a Model known as the ³Vessel/Pipe Source Model´ that has a blue icon that represents a process vessel. through all the stages in its dispersion to a harmless concentration. .


Inputs required for this kind of model are:‡ Material ‡ Release Co-ordinates ‡ Pool diameter ‡ Flame Length ‡ Flame Angle ‡ Exposure Duration And many other specific other inputs are required for this model. .Pool fire model It only considers the radiation effect zones and does not perform any release and dispersion modelling.


and does not perform any of the release and dispersion modelling by .Fireball Model ‡ This Model considers only the radiation effect zones from a fireball. .