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Advanced Food Production

Module one: Kitchen Management


staffing and controlling the kitchen activities is known kitchen management. Kitchen is the place where food production is done. organizing.KITCHEN MANAGEMENT   The process of planning. leading. It includes -preparation -cooking .

Determine the relationship these work centers. ( By activity relationship chart) . sinks etc to reduce daily kitchen mileage of food and unnecessary movement of staff.WORKFLOW   Work flow is maintained by rhythmic positioning of work centers. To establish workflow    identify work centers. machinery. Identify approximate size of work centers based on staff and equipment needs.

Workflow of kitchen Goods in Store Preparation & cooking Holding Assembling & serving dish wash pot wash garbage .

KITCHEN LAYOUT   Kitchen Layout is the plan which includes assigning of areas to different work centers and arrangement of equipments. Factors affecting layout are menu. OR Kitchen layout is the blueprint of food production area. . quantity of production and method of production.

.Continued«   Constraints of layout are capital finance. and restriction on building/services. space. staff and skills associated. L type. parallel face to face. Patterns of layout are parallel back to back. I type and U type.