Mobilise Communities in Botswana to understand the National Vision and ³Living the Vision´ programmes that form the core values of this project. Create a platform for Team Spirit building and living the vision programmes Identification. Create a platform for Private Sector participation by using skills and Talents identified by this programmes (Living the Vision Bank). Create Community Ambassadors that will carry the aspirations of all people in their communities by showcasing Living the Vision programmes benefits.

PROGRAMME DEVELOPMENT GOALS Living the Vision programmes seeks to identify vision knowledge and accelerate vision activities in the communities throughout the country and present communities with numerous opportunities from Government and Private Sector. To provide a platform for communities to use their skills and Talents to earn a living by living the vision. To help communities to build life-skills by experiencing team work, and being exposed to planned living the vision programmes. To provide communities with new opportunities by providing a Living the Vision Bank with more information on Government and Private Sector initiatives.


LIVING THE VISION CAMPAIGN ³Living the Vision´ Campaign Goals Outreach to the leadership of all districts, local agencies, organizations and Private Sector with responsibility and vested interests in Living the Vision Campaign. Increase public awareness about Living the Vision programmes, including resources and opportunities available. Impact public perceptions/attitudes about Living the Vision programmes as quality-of-life issue for our communities.

LIVING THE VISION CAMPAIGN Develop successful outreach strategies for target audiences that could serve as a model for a nationwide campaigns. Promote Team building Spirit. Promote involvement of Local Business interests in Living the Vision initiatives. Mobilise educational and community structures in Living the Vision drives. Source long term national sponsors for Living the Vision campaigns.

Corporate Social Responsibility and Business opportunity 6 .BENEFITS A) Economic benefits for Communities B) Living the Vision programmes C) Skills and Talents matching gives rewards to communities D) Private Sector.

D. V.MODEL OF STRUCTURES TO BE USED ‡ Communities ‡ Members of Parliament ‡ Councillors ‡ Chiefs ‡ District Commissioner.C¶S etc ‡ Projects ‡ Empowerment schemes ‡ Wellness Programmes 7 .

MODEL OF STRUCTURES TO BE USED ‡ Government ‡ Office of the Presidency ‡ Ministries ‡ Councils ‡ Employees ‡ Projects ‡ Empowerment schemes ‡ Wellness programmes 8 .

Tertiary Schools ‡ Students ‡ Projects ‡ Empowerment schemes ‡ Wellness Programmes 9 .MODEL OF STRUCTURES TO BE USED ‡ Institutions ‡ Primary. Secondary.

MODEL OF STRUCTURES TO BE USED ‡ Organisations ‡ Associations. and NGO¶S ‡ Members ‡ Projects ‡ Empowerment schemes ‡ Wellness programmes 10 . Unions. Federations.

MODEL OF STRUCTURES TO BE USED ‡ Business ‡ Corporations ‡ Chief Executive Officers ‡ Employees ‡ Projects ‡ Empowerment schemes ‡ Wellness Programmes 11 .

MODEL OF STRUCTURES TO BE USED ‡ Business ‡ Companies ‡ Employees ‡ Projects ‡ Empowerment schemes ‡ Wellness Programmes 12 .

SPONSORSHIP FOR LIVING THE VISION CAMPAIGN Sponsorship will enable the project to extend the advertising to reach a larger segment of the campaign¶s target audience. The communication plan should thus be tailored to meet the needs of both the Project and the needs of sponsors. Sponsorship should enable the communities to access more information and opportunities. 13 .

The Constituencies additionally has to consider the potential for Living the Vision programmes if proper information Resource Centres are available. The existing problems with the provision of Living the Vision programmes are: a) Frequency of information dissemination.The Constituencies should encourage businesses to invest on Living the Vision programmes within their areas. b) Providing the proper size/type of information or platform. c) Ensuring the location is conducive for Living the Vision activities. d) Easy identification of Living the Vision programmes . 14 .

‡ Size. ‡ Knowledge Based Centres. the existing Living the Vision programmes throughout the Country should be examined and their effectiveness evaluated in terms of: ‡ Suitability of the area. 15 . ‡ Market.Therefore.

Interactive Living the Vision Campaigns Project: Above-the-line Living the Vision campaign Message: A Living the Vision City/Town/Village has greater benefits Audience: 8-50 year old Greater City/Town/Village Residents Reach: Over 1 000. Secondary and Tertiary Out of School Youth 16 .000 Residents Target: Businesses & Community Groups Schools: Primary.

Living the Vision awareness initiatives including ‡ Living the Vision Area Competition for Residents Groups and Businesses. ‡ Schools Living the Vision Competition ‡ Community Living the Vision Activities throughout the year ‡ Promotion of Living the Vision Programmes ‡ School/Business visits by Living the Vision Officers ‡ Living the Vision seminars for Leaders and Others ‡ Poster. Essay & Original radio scripts competition 17 .

on the subjects of raising awareness. and practical action among the community in helping to implement Living the Vision programmes. 18 .Businesses & Community Groups Living the Vision Areas The specific aim is to create a mobilisation and partnership action with business and local communities in each of the designated areas. education about Living the Vision initiatives.

All businesses to be formally requested to embrace the Living the Vision initiative in partnership with the Communities. Visits to community groups in each of the areas to give talks on Living the Vision programmes Ongoing monitoring of the effectiveness of the Living the Vision programmes.Implementation Living the Vision information to be distributed to all businesses and schools in all Constituencies. 19 . Living the Vision signage to be erected on all high Traffic areas.

The competitions are as follows: 20 . application forms and information on how schools and/or individual students can enter the competitions. Instil a long-term appreciation and awareness of Living the Vision initiatives amongst school going youth Each school in the Country is issued with information packs each year detailing Living the Vision competitions that will be held that year. Encourage children to take responsibility and understand Living the Vision programmes.Raise children¶s awareness of Living the Vision programmes. The information pack includes posters.Schools The specific aims of the campaign are to: .

21 .‡ Living the Vision Poster Competition. ‡ Living the Vision Essay Competition. ‡ Best Schools on Living the Vision Competition. ‡ Living the Vision Project Competition.

The competing schools are judged by the Living the Vision officers on a continuous basis throughout the year.Schools Living the Vision Competition Schools are encouraged to Adopt-A-Neighbourhood and tasked to ensure that Living the Vision initiatives of the surrounding locality in which the school is located are successful by giving a helping hand. with the winner being announced at year-end. Living the Vision days are included in the school. calendar (preferably week-ends) which are used to mobilise Living the Vision drives. 22 .

Essay & Radio Scripts Competition. Entries are judged on the basis of Living the Vision education and awareness. The following are examples of suitable themes: Students at post primary schools are challenged to write their own original radio scripts highlighting the three types of Living the Vision. The Campaign organises an essay & poster competition for various categories of primary school children and post-primary students each year. 23 .Living the Vision Poster. Writing for the Radio workshops are organised for each school that entered. together with impact and effect. to help them learn more about producing a radio advert as well as information about the Living the Vision programmes.

and other public transportation outlets. Thus there is a need to utilise demographic specific media such as outdoor and radio to communicate pertinent Living the Vision initiatives. Both private and public radio stations should run Living the Vision programmes advert on a continuous basis.Out of School Youth The key demographic of 15 to 40 year old has shown to be in need of Living the Vision programmes . bus shelters. The advertising on both private and public radio would be complemented by a series of Seven Pillars on the subject of Living the Vision programmes with interviews with all stakeholders and a live studio discussion with listeners. 24 . Outdoor Transit Advertising would be seen at the station.

Research of the circumstances under which Living the Vision programmes are operating. individual responsibility and to reduce dependency behaviour Review of the Living the Vision initiatives throughout the country. Development of a three-pronged public awareness effort directed at children. teens and adults designed to instil civic pride.esearch and Review All campaigns will have a reporting mechanism to ascertain how many respondents have knowledge of Living the Vision message. 25 . Review of other districts' successful Living the Vision initiatives.

Table 1: MEDIA PLAN: LIVING THE VISION CAMPAIGN (ANNUAL BUDGET) Element Outdoor Taxi Branding Rental x100 vehicles.000 Production 1.000 350.000 5. x2 locations Sub-Total Rental 800 240.000 100. x3 months Brand Marks x 35 major towns. x3 months Billboards x8 high traffic points for major towns.000 6.000 490.000 144.000 26 .000 40.000 5.000 0 0 384.

000 1.000 27 .500 4.000 6.900 9.000 2.000 1.500 85.Element Print Print Spread x 3 Newspapers. x 3 months (once a month) Print Full Page x 2 Magazines Print Half Page x 2 Weekly Newspapers.000 2.000 2.900 69. x 3 months .600 164.900 Production 1.800 2. x4 weeks Sub-Total Rental 9.

440 Production 5. x2 days a week.000 0 0 20.000 5. x12 weeks. x3 Theme Discussion) Sub-Total Rental 230 33.120 640 3.000 10.000 10.000 28 . x3 months (once a month) Radio Discussion Piece (30 min) x4 (x1 Launch.840 870 3.Element Radio Radio Advert(30 sec) x2 Stations. x2 times a day Radio Features (5 min) x2 Stations.480 40.

400 28. x1 days a week Television Promotion (5 min) x3 months.000 20.000 49.000 20.800 Production 10.000 29 .800 7.000 21.Element Television Television Commercial (30 sec) x3 months. (1st week). x1 times a day Sub-Total Rental 2.000 40.000 20. x4 weeks.

600 19.Element Event Branding Gazebo (300x300cm) 1 branded with logo and theme Flags (200x60cm) 2 branded with logo and theme Pop-up Banner 2 branded with logo and theme Gloss Boards x 20 branded with logo & theme Sub-Total Rental 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Production 8.010 1.900 3.010 8.500 3.000 1.410 30 .800 230 4.

000 31 .000 37 111.000 19 57.Shirt x3000 participants Caps x3000 participants Shopping Bag (Durable) x 3000 participants Sub-Total Rental 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Production 55 66.000 306.Element Branded Items Golf Shirt ± Lacoste x1200 special guests Crew neck T .000 24 72.

000 Sub-Total TOTAL Plus Production per annum Grand Total For Campaign per annum Add Project Management Fee per annum Grand Total For the Project per annum 0 639.550 500.140 886.000 886.025.550 5.525.Promotional Literature Promotional Leaflets x 10 batches of 1000 Rental 0 0 Production 500 5.410 1.000 2.410 32 .

pro-active and hands on« ‡ Living the Vision programmes Workshops ‡ Strategic meetings ± to ensure that the project remain on track ‡ Weekly Status meetings 33 .Project Management Our approach is strategic.

etc.Project Management ‡ Living the Vision campaign review meetings ‡ De-brief meetings ‡ Event specific meetings ‡ Developing of strategic documentation. Status Reports. Action Plans. 34 .

Channel Advertising will co-ordinate a Project workshop to be attended by ALL key role-players This workshop will form the foundation for the development of a dynamic and effective Living the Vision strategy and the subsequent leveraging strategy which will drive the success of the campaign 35 .Project Management MANAGING LIVING THE VISION PROJECT In order to launch this project effectively.

Project Management Once the overall and relevant leveraging strategies have been finalised. a decision will be taken on monthly / quarterly / annual reviews as is felt relevant These reviews will ensure that the strategy remains relevant and also allow minor changes to be effected where necessary 36 .

Project Management CAMPAIGN INTEGRATION Channel Advertising will develop a holistic campaign based on the specific needs and objectives of a particular project Once agreed upon the different elements are fused into a holistic integrated design with specific measurement and review processes in place The proposed elements for Living the Vision campaign are as follows: 37 .

Project Management Elements ‡ Strategic development & management ‡ Contractual management ‡ Relationship management ‡ Financial management ‡ Event management ‡ Leveraging 38 .

Project Management Promotions Employment opportunities Project activation PR & Media Advertising Branding 39 .

Project Management Hospitality & Events Merchandise Project Account Management Project Management 40 .

Project Management STRATEGIC DEVELOPMENT & MANAGEMENT Overall campaign strategy developed in conjunction with Botswana Government and Private Sector Communication & Public relations strategy The project objectives determined A leveraging strategy developed 41 .

Project Management The effectiveness of the strategy reviewed continuously to ensure the desired objectives are met ± annual and ad hoc debriefs with Botswana Government and Private Sector will ensure that the most effective components of the strategy are retained The duration of the project management contract drives the duration and overall effectiveness of the strategy 42 .

Project Management CONTRACTUAL MANAGEMENT Botswana Government and Private Sector rights and benefits protected. Key Role Players appearances managed in conjunction with on-court promotions. use of images in advertising campaigns etc Manage possible infringement / ambush marketing Manage all administrative issues relating to the contract 43 .e. implemented and managed Botswana Government and Private Sector rights optimised i.

Media and Channel advertising Ensure effective communication channels amongst all stakeholders are developed and maintained for the benefit of the project and Botswana Government and Private Sector objectives 44 . Manage relationship between Botswana Government and Private Sector. Other stakeholders.Project Management RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT Develop and promote a relationship between Botswana Government and Private Sector and Other Stakeholders.

Project Management FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT Advise Botswana Government and Private Sector in all financial matters relating to the Project Develop a cost effective leveraging budget Manage the leveraging spend on Botswana Government and Private Sector behalf Manage and develop the Project merchandise programme Develop strategies designed to reduce campaign costs i. sms campaigns in which Botswana Government and Private Sector participates in the revenue generated 45 .e.

awards functions.e. competitions etc Includes all Project logistics i. Event interviews etc Event management services throughout Botswana. on-court activities. Project and media launch. 46 .Project Management EVENT MANAGEMENT Manage and implement all event management activities on Botswana Government and Private Sector behalf i.e. promotions. branding.

develop and implement promotional campaigns in conjunction with those of Botswana Government and Private Sector various programmes Channel Advertising would co-ordinate all these initiatives on Botswana Government and Private Sector behalf 47 .Project Management LEVERAGING Develop and activate an effective leveraging strategy in conjunction with Botswana Government and Private Sector and the project objectives These include: Key Role Players participation Co-ordinate and implement all logistics around Key Role Players participation. specific strategy developed to enhance the overall project association Promotions Conceptualise.

Project Management ‡PROJECT ACTIVATION Channel Advertising will manage the event day activities on Botswana Government and Private Sector behalf ‡PR & Media Channel Advertising will develop a comprehensive PR & Media strategy which would integrate seamlessly with the overall project strategy ‡Advertising The ATL campaign developed for this project¶s leveraging strategy would also integrate with the overall project strategy to deliver maximum exposure and awareness of the partnership between Botswana Government and Private Sector and stakeholders 48 .

assist Botswana Government and Private Sector to successfully incorporate its communication throughout every element of this project ensure Botswana Government and Private Sector campaign profile is maximised at all event and continuously identify new communication opportunities 49 .Project Management COMMUNICATION Channel Advertising will: develop an effective communication strategy which will assist Botswana Government and Private Sector create a solid project footprint within the society of Botswana be Botswana Government and Private Sector brand custodian and protect their interests in the general Public.

awards ceremonies etc. planning and activation of all events associated with this project eg.Project Management HOSPITALITY A well co-ordinated and professional hospitality programme will be developed to enable Botswana Government and Private Sector to engage all its stakeholders through this project platform EVENTS This includes the conceptualisation. press functions. 50 . Launches.

Project Management Media Leverage Plan 51 .

‡ Live crossings ‡ Build up to the event (Project editorial on newspapers) 52 .Project Management BTV Broadcast sponsorships Radio (To be negotiated with the BTV) Radio Botswana ‡ E. RB 1 and RB 2 FM ‡ Opportunites such as.g.

Project Management Broadcast sponsorships Private Radio Stations Gabz FM Yarona 106 FM Duma FM Interviews Talk shows on ³Living the Vision´ 53 .

YARONA FM. µWin-a-prize¶ competitions can be done. This is an extra forum to communicate to the Public. 54 . RB2 and OTHER STATIONS These radio stations represent key target markets for communication. GABZ FM. management. Participants will be asked to articulate the Living the Vision objectives.Project Management Market exposure 1. and history as a prelude to the event and its activities.7 Million for Botswana E-Botswana and Botswana television Either one of the two stations will provide 15 minutes of exclusive air time through their programmes to showcase ³Living the Vision Project ´ the Key role Players.

all questions must be answered correctly with Living the Vision Pillars and its objectives and must be attached and delivered to the Vision Council¶s address. 55 .Project Management Marketing & consumer involvement Market exposure 1. Winners will also receive incentives. µWin-aprize¶ competitions: Readers will be asked to answer some questions on Living the Vision and its objectives. To win.7 million for Botswana Daily News. Voice. Gazette and Guardian and Others These popular newspapers will assist the campaign by creating a Living the Vision section which will showcase ³Living the Vision Project´ and its Key role Players each week. Mmegi.

Project Management THANK YOU 56 .