Agenda ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ What is Conflict? Different views of conflict Stages of conflict resolution Methods of conflict resolution Conclusion .

What is Conflict? ‡ Conflict is when two or more opposing parties begin an argument or violence with each other. .

Different Views of Conflict  Traditional View  Human Relations View  Interactionist View .

Different Views ‡ Traditional View ± Conflict is bad! ± Same as violence. irrationality . destruction.

dysfunctional conflict . so cope with it! ‡ Interactionist View ± Functional conflict is good for business and even encouraged ± Functional vs.Different Views ‡ Human Relations View ± It¶s going to happen.

Stages of conflict resolution ‡ Four Stages ± Potential opposition ± Cognition and personalization ± Behavior ± Outcomes .

Stages of conflict resolution ‡ Stage 1:Potential Opposition ‡ Factors are present that can lead to conflict ± Communication ± Structure ± Personal Variables ‡ Stage 2:Cognition and Personalization ‡ Awareness of conditions in stage 1 ‡ The conditions cause some sort of frustration .

Stages of conflict resolution ‡ Stage 3:Behavior ‡ An action is done that frustrates another person¶s interests ‡ The conflict becomes known to the differing parties and to others ‡ Stage 4:Outcomes ‡ Functional Outcomes ‡ Dysfunctional Outcomes .

.Conflict Resolution ‡ Conflict Resolution is conceptualise as the methods and processes involved in facilitating the peaceful ending of some social conflict.

Methods of conflict resolution ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Passive conflict resolution Win-win Structured problem solving Confronting conflict Choosing a winner Selecting a better alternative Preventing Conflict .

Methods of conflict resolution ‡ Passive conflict resolution ± Just ignore the conflict ‡ Win-win ± Satisfy both side¶s needs ‡ Structured problem solving ± Gather data about the problem ± Have a third party observer analyze the data and make an argument for one side ± Mediation .

then deal with the negative feelings between the two parties ‡ Selecting a better alternative ± Choose an idea neither of the parties considered .Methods of conflict resolution ‡ Confronting conflict ± Listen the problem and help the parties resolve it ‡ Choosing a winner ± Choose the winner.

Methods of conflict resolution ‡ Preventing conflict ± ³Skilled leaders use different techniques to create an environment that is relatively free of conflict«´ .

. No one method is best for any conflict.Conclusion ‡ Different methods exist to resolve conflict.


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