Module 4

Business Letters And Reports

To be covered  Introduction to

business letters  Writing routine and persuasive letters  Positive and negative messages  Writing memo  Reports- Purpose, kinds , objectives of report writing  Report writing





Letters, Memos and e-mails are brief pieces of communication. They are so short that most people hardly think it necessary to spend much time. Infact its most important to be careful when writing these, because these small pieces carry with them vital information. Hence there are 2 things to bear in mind ±  What is the exact message ?  How will it affect the receiver?

etc . There are various types of letters ±  Routine letters.  Personal letters.  Query letter. Its the only reliable means of communication between two persons in different locations.  Information letters.  Business letters.  Application letters.Letters Letter is a form of written communication which contains a piece of information which is intended to a person in particular.

 Routine order letters and ³yes´ replies.Routine letters Major Ideas Details or explanation Closing thoughts Routine letters are mainly based on human psychology.  Routine request letters and ³yes´ replies. This kind of letters can be used in the following situation ±  Routine claim letters and ³yes´ replies. .

. Keep in mind ± x Request action in the opening sentence. A claim letter is thus a request for adjustment. x End by appreciating or thanking the addressee for taking the action requested. Examples ± refund. replacement.Routine claim letters and ³Yes´ replies y y y y A claim is a demand or request for something to which one has a right. x Give reasons supporting the request or action. exchange and so on. payment for damages.

Link road. I m returning it to you. Yours truly. 2011. Gandhinagar. which you sent me as per my order on the 11th of November.Sample 1 ± Return of a product which was found defective Bangalore 18th November 2011 ABC Company 581. Rahul . You will notice there is a scratch on the right lens. Bangalore ± 01 Dear Sir. I shall appreciate an early exchange. Would you be able to send me a new pair of glass as soon as possible? I have enclosed a copy of receipt I received with the sunglasses when they mailed it to me. As the lenses is guaranteed against imperfections. I am returning a pair of Rayban sunglasses(Aviator Model 281).

³Yes´ reply to the mail ABC Company 581. We appreciate your mail calling this situation to our attention. We guarantee our customers¶ full satisfaction. as requested in your mail. Gandhinagar. We would be more than happy to replace the Rayban sunglasses(Aviator Model281). Mohith Singh Sn. Our sales representative will call you in the next few days and let you know about the details of replacement. When we made the sale we had promised for a guaranteed lens and hence we would be able make the replacement. 2011 Mr. Sales manager LPQ Technologies . Rahul Address : Dear Rahul. Link road. Yours sincerely. Bangalore ± 01 November 21.

.Write a mail in response to the mail you wrote on Saturday.

Quality. There should be no ambiguity or confusion. Routine orders should be explicit and through.Routine Order letters and ³Yes´ replies y y y y y An order means methodical request for regular arrangement. This would include specifying ± Time of delivery. Color and any other specifications. Quantity. . They should be very clear about what they expect by giving complete details of the product.

Andheri West Mumbai ± 4000012 Attention : Order department Dear Sir. We would appreciate quick delivery of these products.Routine Order Letters November 22nd. Akshay Kumar. Code of the Product Details D 33E-0886 Colour Files D 33E-0276 Square Box files D 33E-3325 2 Ring binders Size Letter size Capacity 2 A5 Kindly charge these to the Marina Interiors account. Bangalore Metro Office Products 12. Nrupatunga road. Please send me the following office supply as listed in your July Catalogue 2030- Quantity 08 Packets 04 boxes 24 No. 2011 Marina Interiors B-27. Office Manager. . Sincerely.Sample 2 .

Also.Write an email to Mona Hardware . 7. Andheri east.8 inch PVC Full length black color pipes. 100 T shaped bends. #B-82. 80 L shaped bends. . Mumbai 400032. enquire for the new CPVC pipe details. Wholesaler dealers in pipes and electrical. Order for ± 4 bundles of 3 wired wire.

Nrupatunga road. We are more than happy to receive your order.8000/. Andheri West Mumbai ± 4000012 23rd November. Bangalore Dear Akshay. With best regards. You could expect it by the 25th of November 2011. The cost has be credited to Marina Interiors account as per your request.Routine Order Letters . All the ordered material are available has been dispatched to you on the 22nd of November. Thank you for your order and please let us know if we could be of any service in the future. 2011 Marina Interiors B-27. A receipt of Rs.reply Metro Office Products 12. M N Sharma Sales Manager . For your convenience I am attaching a copy of the catalogue of November.which includes all taxes has been attached with the mail.

Code of the Product Details D 33E-0886 Colour Files D 33E-0276 Square Box files D 33E-3325 2 Ring binders Size Letter size Capacity 2 A5 Then the next paragraph can continue. You could also say ± The following order has been dispatched to you on the 22nd of November by Smooth Service cargo: Quantity 08 Packets 04 boxes 24 No.Instead of ± We are more than happy to receive your order. You could expect it by the 25th of November 2011. . All the ordered material are available has been dispatched to you on the 22nd of November.

one idea in one paragraph  Clarity  Concise  Should have a standard and neutral language  Portray good attitude  Sincerity and  Confidence  Enthusiasm  Humanity  Emphasis  Planning for tone what you write  Rewriting or revising .Essentials of good business letters or Memos  Simple ± One main subject in one letter  Clear .

for the position of Project Manager of your company.Write a letter assuming that you are the HR (Emphasis Software Technologies) to Mr. . company. Rohit. Rohit. that he has been selected Mr.

Letterhead Date Inside address Subject : Signature Name Designation .

but sometimes has the sender's name at the bottom to be more friendly.  Used for communicating inside an organisation. date. subject headings and message sections.  Does not need to be signed.Memo  A hard-copy (sent on paper) document. from.  Usually short. .  Contains to. or the sender's full name to be more formal.

we have revised our policy on the use of office telephone. Office telephones have been used for personal communication. Head Administration Subject : Misuse of office telephones In view of the high administrative costs. We realize that this may be a convenient solution. The details of charges for local and outstation have been put up in the notice board. Kapil Kumar . The use of office telephones for personal calls is against the company¶s policy.Excel Corporation Internal Memorandum To : All employees From : Kapil Kumar. so employees can now use office telephones for personal calls by paying for each call.

.Write a memo to all the employees in ANZ company ± telling them about the new government rule about no smoking zones inside the office premise.

To record / report an agreement.Uses of Memos      To provide information. To issue instructions. . To convey a policy decision. To offer suggestions.

And a notice is an advance announcement. or memorandum. or course of action. or advertisement (usually printed on a page or in a leaflet). containing information about a future event. A letter is a formally written message. addressed to a person or organization.Memo. is a written proposal or reminder. intended for wide circulation (distribution). . A circular is a statement.

.Report Writing A report can be defined as a communication in which the writer gives information to some individuals or organization because it is his or her responsibility to do so. It is an assigned communication for a purpose and for a specific receiver or a reader.

The purpose can be ±  To give information about a company¶s activities.Purpose of a report Report is primarily a source of information to the management or an individual to help in decision making. plans and problems.  To record events for future reference in decision making. .  To recommend specific action  To justify and persuade readers about the need for action in controversial situations. progress. It can be offered for using solutions to a business problem.  To present facts to the management to help decide the direction the business should choose.

Objectives of a report  To provide information about a company¶s activities.  To record events for future reference. progress.  To recommend a specific action. plans and problems. .  To justify or persuade readers about the need for action in controversial as situations  To present facts to the management to help decide the direction the business should choose.

sales reports) Analytical reports (recommendation report. Accounting reports. Justification reports) Market reports. Monthly sales statements)           Special reports.Annual reports. feasibility report) Committee reports/individual reports Laboratory reports/ Technical reports Informal reports Formal reports Confidential reports Press reports Information reports ( Progress reports.Kinds of reports Statutory reports.written at regular intervals of time ( Annual  reports.Reports concerning special situations ( Report on labour strike. . Proposal reports. Auditor¶s report  Routine reports.

Kinds of reports          Clarity Consistency User oriented Objectivity Accuracy Brevity Interesting Relevant Tone .

used.Information supporting the data  Bibliography  Glossary  Index .The parts of a report (Long Formal Reports)    Cover Title page Forwarding letter/ Letter of Transmittal ( Birds eye view of the report )  Acknowledgements  Preface ( Reasons for taking up the study. important findings. problems faced during the study)  Table of contents  Executive summary  Introduction  Discussion/Description  Conclusions  Recommendations  Appendix.

3.5 Steps to Report Writing 1. Define the problem Gather the necessary information Analyze the information Organize the information Write the report . 5. 2. 4.

Short Management Report Letter Head Date Terms of reference Procedure Findings Conclusion Recommendations Submitted by .

interviews and questionnaires Analyze and evaluate the collected data 2. Rewriting stage Observe the following points      Coherent Complete Concise Clear Correct . Pre writing stage      Establish the purpose of writing the report Determine the intended readers of your report Collect the background research materials Collect other information through personal observations. Writing Stage  Outlining & organizing the matter in logical sequence 3.Steps in Business report writing 1.Rewriting stage .

conclusions and recommendations. Presents findings. 2.Short Report 1. 3. It is in direct order beginning with a summary or a statement summarizing the whole content. analysis. . Title page.

Executive Summary A detailed overview of a report which runs into one or two pages Contents     Main points and important details Findings Conclusions & Recommendations Discussions 200 words in just one paragraph.Presents subjects.Summary of report¶s most important points.  Informative abstract. Written in about Types  Descriptive Abstract.mentions only the topics discussed in the report. Abstract. . No details are mentioned. Conclusions and recommendations.

Revankar .Imagine you are the secretary of MBA department association. Bangalore. . Draft an annual report of activities conducted in your association and submit it to your director Mr. ABC College of Management studies.

. There is a drop in sales for the quarter ending October 2011. Write a report to GM (Sales) giving reasons for the drop in sales.Assume you are the regional sales manager of southern region of Lakme India Ltd.

. XYZ Paper mills(Pvt Ltd).As a secretary. to the Director. Mysore. draft a report on the damage caused by fire at the factory.

The most important things to note when preparing a table are ±  Numbering all tables Labeling each table Column heads and sub-heads Rows Footnotes .Using Diagrams and Visuals Aids in Reports Uses of Tables ± A table presents all the numerical data in rows and columns.

Uses of Graphics in reports Commonly used graphs are ±  Bar Charts  Line Charts  Pie Charts  Histograms  Pictograms  Actual Pictures  Maps .

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