Tata motors Ltd, is India·s largest automobile company. With revenues Rs. 35651.48 crors (USD 8.8 billion) in 2007-2008. Tata motors established in 1945.Since 1954 over 4 million Tata vehicles play on Indian roads. Tata motors, the first company from India's engineering sector to be listed in the New York stock exchange (sep 2004) has also emerged as an international auto mobile company.

Tata Motors has reportedly filed multiple patents related to the innovations in the design of Nano. and has a fuel economy of km 21. with powertrain design alone having 34 patents the Tata Nano ² at 101 gm / km .€ € € € The Nano is a 33 PS car with a 623 cc rear engine and rear wheel drive. on highways It is the first time a two-cylinder non-opposed petrol engine is used in a car.97 km/L under city road conditions. .has the lowest CO2 emission amongst cars in India.97 km/L. 25.

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€ 1st step in international market.Tuesday 3rd march 2009.marked the 12th year of Tata motors participation in the Geneva motor show. . intended for future launch in select international markets. The company presented the Tata nano Europa.

Top speed:.manual. Top speed:.3 secs.106 kph. Mileage(overall):.inlinethree.16 kpl.1.Tata nano Engine:-623cc.66 secs. Mileage(overall):. Transmission:-4 forword. .123360 to 172360 Maruti 800 Engine:-796cc. petrol Transmission:-4 forword.1reverse.manual. petrol.3 secs.1 secs.1reverse. Max power:-33 bhp @ 5250 rpm And 0-100 kph:31.23 kpl. Price:. Performance:.130 kph. Max power:-37 bhp @ 5000 rpm And 0-100 kph:26. Price:.97 to 2.0-60 kph:8.34 lakh Performance:.parallel twin.0-60 kph: 8.

€ € Cost-effective and innovative use of media. Whole range of nano merchandise like baseball caps.. Tshirts and key-chains.nano appearing in form of massages or ticker news on TV. among others. These financiers will promote the nano brand during booking jointly with tata motors and on there own.nano breaks on radio. € € . Promotion of tata brand with its multiple bank partners. Nano news in papers. online nano popups on major websites etc.

TATA nano std (BS3) TATA nano cx solid paint (BS3) TATA nano cx metallic paint (BS3) TATA nano LX metallic paint (BS3) Rs-123360 Rs-148360 Rs-151360 Rs-172360 .

€ Tata nano enjoys around 10-15% of market share Target audience € € € Middle class People likely to upgrade from two-wheelers to cars lower income group with family Demographics € € € Age.3-5 lakhs/annum .21 and above Sex.male and female Income.



€ The . rather than also providing the audience with the features that the car provides. ads stressed only on the monetary benefits of the product along with lots of emotion.C campaign started off by positioning it as a budget car made only for the lower income group.V.€ The T.

good suspensions.€ The latest nano ad shows a group of friends enjoying the new nano ride. fuel efficiency etc . powerful engine. along with its feature such as powerful AC.

€ After this campaign the sales of TATA NANO grew 26% according to the Autocar India Forum . cosmetic and technological developments were also responsible for this growth in the sales figures .

€ To know different preferences of different consumer € To observe the most preferred car € To determine the consumer behavior towards Tata nano € To observe price and quality preferences of the masses .

€ Instead of purchasing a Bike. will you prefer to go for the NANO? .

€ Which feature of NANO attracts you most. that inspires you to go for NANO? .

€ Which colour of NANO would you prefer? .

€ Do you think NANO is people's car .

€ If the price of NANO rises. would you still purchase it? .

€ Will Tata be able to maintain the price of nano in future if there is hike in cost of raw materials? .

€ How will you feel if NANO is used as a taxi? .

€ Will there be traffic problem with the introduction of nano on Indian roads? .

€ Can you trust NANO for safety? .

€ Will you recommend NANO to your friends and relatives? .