Vandana Luthra Curls & Curves

‡ VLCC¶s beauty service business currently spans across nearly 102 locations in 52 cities across India & 5 locations in UAE. ‡ By 2008.About The Company ‡ Started in 1989 by the founder and mentor. the VLCC group has grown exponentially over the last 17 years. including Qatar. Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Vandana Luthra. Mrs. . Oman. VLCC plans to expand to 300 centers in India and VLCC International will have spread to an additional 5 countries and to a total of 28 centers in the Middle East.


The VLCC Group is the largest chain in India providing ³Health Care Management services´.Cont«.. Our trained & experienced Health Consultants work towards ensuring the overall wellbeing of our clients. with focus on the mental. physical & emotional fitness .

in terms of aspects such as lifestyle.Philosophy ‡ Each customer is unique. attitude and ³body logic´ .

Our Brands ‡ VLCC Health Care ‡ VLCC Personal Care ‡ The VLCC Institute of Beauty Health and Management ‡ VLCC Spa .

Accreditations ‡ VLCC is the world¶s first slimming. the prestigious SA: 8000 (Social Accountability) certification for implementing corporate social responsibility standards. ‡ VLCC is also the first company to receive. ‡ The VLCC Group has also been awarded the ISO:14001 certification for meeting global environment standards. fitness and beauty corporate to get the ISO 9001:2000 certification. .

Award for the Woman Entrepreneur of the Year 2004 ‡ The FICCI Ladies Organization. (FLO) honored the endeavors of Mrs. 2005 & 2006 (Health and Beauty category) ‡ ICICI Bank Retail Excellence Award 2005 (Health and Beauty) ‡ The Institute for Marketing Management (IMM) . April 20. 2005 .Achievements ‡ The µSuper brand¶ status-one of the most recognizable brands in the country today ‡ Images Retailer of the Year Award 2004 . Luthra for promoting a healthy way of life by felicitating her as a Successful Business Woman in the Health & Fitness Category.Award for the Woman Entrepreneur of the Year 2004 ‡ Whirlpool/Gr8 Magazine .

Ritika.VLCC. . City Power House.Mrs. ‡ Address. Opp.9829585555. Ajmer.Details Of Ajmer Franchisee ‡ Owner.305001 ‡ Contact no..

to 2000 sq. Age should be more than 18.Eligibility Criteria ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Sound financial position. . Initial Investment : Rs 20-25 lakhs Carpet Area : 1600 sq. ft. One should be Graduate. Power back-up & music facilities.ft. (Owned/rented/Leased).

‡ Store cannot be closed any day without intimating franchisor. .Restrictions from franchisor ‡ Cannot sell any other product.

electricity & water bill and salaries of employees. ‡ Expenditure ‡ All expenses are paid by the franchisee.Incomes & Expenses ‡ Incomes ‡ Is through sales/services. . ‡ These expenses are rent of the building.

‡ Interior decoration is done by franchisor.Support by franchisor ‡ Training facilities available for employees. ‡ Promotion & advertising is done by franchisor. . is done by franchisor. ‡ Initial Survey of Ajmer Mkt. ‡ Advertisement is done by the franchisor. ‡ Equipment provided by franchisor.

‡ Training is done at Delhi and Gurgaon centers. masseur etc. Provided by franchisor. .Training & Recruitment ‡ Recruitment of staff (including physiotherapist.) is done by both franchisee and franchisor.

.What¶s in it for VLCC??? ‡ 10% of total sales/services provided to customers goes to VLCC.

‡ Jurisdiction for any dispute will be Delhi. . franchisee shall be held responsible and compensation is given to that customer. ‡ Any legal suite on franchisee will be faced by both franchisee and franchisor.Lets talk about the law ‡ Every 5 years the contract is renewed. ‡ Contract is made according to Indian Laws. ‡ Injury to a customer during use of VLCC products/services.

com? .co. mcpaid@indiamart. Address : S-22/6 DLF Phase III Gurgaon .122002 . VLCC Healthcare Ltd.Haryana (India) Phone No : +(91)-(124)2562026/2562027/2562028/2562029 Fax No : +(91)-(124)-2563051 E-mail : mailto:contact@vlcc.in.For further inquiry ‡ To.

Thank You .

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