Current Status of EGovernment in Japan

By George D. Monroyo

International Comparison by the UN .

International Comparison by the UN ‡ Not an advanced country in terms of egovernment ‡ Falling down from 11th position in the 2008 survey ‡ Lower in all factors than South Korea (top on the list) .

129 / 92% applied or registered online) ‡ 469.6% .1% online) ‡ Ratio of online utilization for 71 priority procedures was 50.Evaluation by E-Government Evaluation Committee of the IT Strategy HQ ‡ 14. 327 kinds of procedures that are subject to digitization (13.61 million procedures have been digitized (159.98 / 34.

Evaluation by E-Government Evaluation Committee of the IT Strategy HQ ‡ Improvement proposal by the committee: ‡ Study on strengthening the control tower function to promote e-government in a comprehensive manner and establishing government CIO ‡ Development of evaluation system ‡ Improvement of cost-effectiveness by revising business processes and integrating systems among administrative agencies in order to establish a highly convenient e-gov for users. instead of shutting down systems simply because of their lower utilization rates .

indicating a difficulty of use . it is above the target of 2.2 times longer than familiar users ‡ Electronic applications for registration of acquired qualification ‡ Novice users complete 4.Results of Usability Test ‡ Bonus payment registrations ‡ First time user complete 6.8 times longer than familiar users ‡ Ratio indicates the superiority and user friendliness of the system ‡ In their case.

Results of Usability Test ‡ Causes of difficulty´ ‡ File names are named for the convenience of the system not the user ‡ Difficult to understand terms ‡ Some terms have different meaning than those used by certified consultants ‡ Explanation of procedures are inadequate ‡ Small fonts and difficult to read .

practice. regulations. etc) ‡ Promotion of One-Stop Administrative Services and Strengthening Data-Linkage ‡ Balancing Information Protection and Utilization ‡ Utilization of Private-Sector Expertise ‡ Establishment of Control Tower Function and Preparation of Roadmap .Drastic Improvement of E-Government ‡ Drastic review of the system (laws. organization. and perceived notions.

Drastic Improvement of E-Government .

Summary of Past ICT Strategy ‡ Outcome: ‡ Advanced Internet Infrastructure (Faster and Least Costly in the world) ‡ A lot of Business Process in Government are Computerized ‡ Lessons Learned ‡ Complicated Process to Use causes Low User Rate ‡ Importance of ‡ Public Relations ‡ -End User Incentive ‡ -Business Process Reengineering ‡ -Standardization of Data and Business Process .

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