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Shivali Mittal, Kamaldeep, Atma Singh.

First consumer product :.Bell tumbler & Wonderlier bowl . who was later on appointed as vice president of the tupperware company in 1951. In starting company molding parts for navy signal lamps & gas masks. Florida in the year 1938. Founded in Orlando. In 1946 tupperware designed air-tight.Earl Silas Tupper. .Fonder :. The main focus was on women consumer. In 1948 tupperwear first home party was conducted by Browine wise. liquid proof lid.

} In April 1997.} Tupperware entered India in Nov 1996 and operating from New Delhi.Tupperwar in Mumbai. It expanded in other cities like Bangalore and Chennai in Oct 1997 and Chandigarh . . } Company used both direct selling concept and its Party Plan . } It initially launched 11 products out of 800 product range worldwide. } Pradeep Mathur is managing director of Tupperware India. } The company s turnover in 1999 was Rs 400 million which increased from to Rs 570 million by 2000 . Pune in 1998.

‡ DISTRIBUTOR (overall management of the unit) ‡ MANAGER (manage a team of 6 dealers) ‡ DEALER (organizes Tupperware parties through housewives) .


 Managers: Also sold and could gain more by training the dealers.  25% commission on their sales.  Amway has Pyramidal compensation plan .} Single-level compensation program } Performance based.  Distributors: Got commission on basis of team performance.

} Tupperware succeeded worldwide because of its innovative product line and powerful marketing strategy . Delhi. Baroda.} It hired C&F Agents in Mumbai for distribution . but this didn t work out. } Tupperware decided to change to a multi warehousing system . It had three major warehouses at Bangalore.

Tupperware s marketing strategy was described by its 3P s PRODUCT PARTY PLAN PEOPLE .


home parties. . organizes. Hostess gets free gifts Physical demonstration explained reason for high cost .Hostess.

We don·t really worry when the next sale is coming. But we do worry about when the next person will join our businessµ People involved Distributors social events Managers Dealers Tupperware organizes at least 3 social events for employees within a month .Tupperware business run through people ´People are what our business is all about.

Masala Magic. Roti Maker. } Used darker colors that do not show turmeric stains . Idli Maker. Roti Keeper.} Customize product to Indian kitchen } Launched products that suit Indian eating habits.

it launched children products Tupperkids. } It introduced a range of products.classics . . } In 2002 . it reduced the prices of few products to attract middle class consumers. } In 2000 .} Tupperware s products were 3 to 5 times costlier. priced 25% below regular portfolio.

} Traditional Method } Through popular women s magazines like Elle . } In 2002 . Femina and Parenting. it set up two kiosks at Shoppers Stop outlet in Delhi and Mumbai which increased to 16 in number. } Strategic alliance with P&G in 2000 to conduct campaign in Chandigarh and Chennai. . } The Caravan and Tupperware melas were introduced in 2001.

5% .6%) } Net income: $175.} Key numbers for fiscal year ending December.1M } Income growth: 8.127 Million } One year growth: (1. 2009: } Sales: USD 2.

6M } One year growth: (2.5%) .8%) } Net income: $625.8M } Sales: $5.382.9%) } One year growth: (13. AVON: NEWELL RUBBERMAID: } Sales: $10.577.8M } Net income: $285.AVON & NEWELL RUBBERMAID are big competitors for Tupperware.5M } Income growth: (28.

} Party Plan fitted in urban culture of kittie parties. } Decided to launch new product lines . } No direct competitors in plastic wares . . } Target on middle class consumers . } Enter rural market . } It would continue its partnership with IDSA .

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