Towards a Sustainable Commonwealth

Towards a Sustainable Commonwealth 
As Governor, Mitt Romney will continue his

record as an active steward fighting to sustain and enhance the environment 

Using the Governor¶s office to reform policies and bureaucracies that have encouraged sprawl Mandating that air and water compliance be strictly enforced and non-compliance punished Ensuring open spaces, parks, waterways and woodlands are accessible, safe and well-maintained in every region of the Commonwealth  

Towards a Sustainable Commonwealth 
As President of the 2002 Winter Olympics,

Mitt Romney set three non-negotiable environmental objectives
1. Zero net emissions resulting from the Games Path to Success:
Mass transportation Alternative fuel vehicles Accepting and retiring emission reduction credits Planting 15 million trees worldwide

Towards a Sustainable Commonwealth 
As President of the 2002 Winter Olympics

Mitt Romney set three non-negotiable environmental objectives
2. Zero waste to landfill Path to Success:
Waste minimization 97% recovered through recycling and composting

3. Facilities in harmony with physical setting Path to Success:
Comprehensive development planning Extensive community involvement

Towards a Sustainable Commonwealth 
The challenges facing the Commonwealth are

significant. Today we face: 

Increasing land use per person and the abandonment of our urban neighborhoods Increasing daily miles traveled and a road system verging on 24x7 gridlock Degradation of our water systems and growing automotive pollution Shrinking green space and insufficiently maintained park land   

Using the Governor¶s Office 

The Governor must set and be accountable for the Commonwealth¶s environmental objectives 

Elevate sustainability to a state priority Set an integrated agenda for agencies and departments whose activities shape the quality of our environment Supply leadership to invigorate the existing State Sustainability Coordinating Council (new vision and accountability not new bureaucracy) 

Using the Governor¶s Office 

Sustainability must start with statewide objectives; planning executed regionally and locally 

Integrated local planning including housing, transportation and open space objectives Local plans integrated into regional sustainable development plans. Regional plans integrated into Statewide Sustainable Development Blueprint State funding used to reinforce not negate statewide objectives    

Goal: An integrated statewide sustainable development blueprint completed within one year

Air Quality Enforcement 

Hard won improvements in air quality cannot be lost to unremediated plants and growing traffic congestion 

Enforce without compromise NOx, SOx, mercury and CO2 regulations targeted at the ³Filthy Five´ Revenue neutral excise tax modification to create incentive to purchase fuel efficient vehicles (model year 2003 and beyond vehicles) 10-year sales tax moratorium on low-emission and hybrid vehicles   

Goal: Zero ozone violation days within four years

Protecting Clean Water 

Clean water cannot continue to be held hostage by Beacon Hill acrimony 

Ensure necessary clean water infrastructure investments are made, especially in our older cities and towns End µwater wars¶ in high growth areas Increased monitoring of the state¶s important river reaches to assure water quality and identify illegal sewer hookups 


Goal: Completion and integration of water budgets into regional planning and zoning within two years

Protection of Open Space 

The state must do much more to help towns and cities preserve their vital open space 

Explicit green space planning 

Green space must not be what¶s left over when the developers and road builders are done 

Close antiquated zoning law loopholes Leverage public/private partnerships with land trust organizations around the state

Protection of Open Space 

Brownfields redevelopment must take precedent over destruction of open space 

Identify and promote brownfield inventory Increase safe harbor for brownfield pioneers Initiate Green Space initiative to spur brownfield redevelopment 

Goal: 100% increase in number of brownfields sites redeveloped annually over the next four years

Public Parklands and Recreation 

The Beacon Hill status quo for acquiring and maintaining parklands is failing 

For existing parks, stop decline in maintenance budgets and increase local citizen participation For new parks, ensure maintenance and public safety budgets are in place Increase emphasis on higher density areas in need of more green places and recreation   

Goal: Well-maintained, safe, and usable parks easily accessible to every community

Towards a Sustainable Commonwealth
Over the next four years, Mitt Romney will change the direction of Massachusetts and lead us towards a sustainable commonwealth.
Combating sprawl: An integrated statewide sustainable development plan within one year. Improving air quality: Zero ozone violations within four years. Protecting water quality: Completion and integration of water budgets into regional planning and zoning within two years. Protecting green space: 100% increase in number of brownfields sites redeveloped annually within four years.

Towards a Sustainable Commonwealth

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