Teaching Evaluation & Citation Skills to the iPod Generation

The Tangled Web

„ Isn’t this an exciting time to be a librarian? „ We are living in a “dream come true” age of instant information retrieval.

But - It Is Also An Age of Instant Misinformation Retrieval

„ The amount of information can be overwhelming

The “quality” of the sites can be positively frightening. „ Try searching Google for information on cocaine. Be sure to take a look at cocaine.org - which shows up in the top 10 results of every search engine I have tried.

„ Open Google, search for cocaine and look at the first 10 results. Evaluate the hits using the following grading scale: 1. Very reliable information 2. Somewhat reliable - could be inaccuracies, need to check other sources to be sure 3. Only marginally useful (Very superficial or 1 sided information) 4. Reliable - but not useful for this project 5. Largely Unreliable (many inaccuracies and/or extremely biased viewpoints)

What about this student assignment? Create an anti-drug ad campaign. Include a 3 page report about one particular drug.

The Challenge For Educators
„ Students rarely question the quality of Internet sources „ The “copy & paste” mentality makes it very easy to plagiarize „ Students depend on the web as their main source of information, & use books as a last resort

More Challenges
„ Our students are struggling with citation skills „ Students do not know how to evaluate what they read „ Teenagers think they know everything about the Internet

How Will We Meet the Challenge?

„ Recognize that teenagers do not know everything about the Internet

Ask Superlibrarian!!

How Will We Meet the Challenge?
„ Find ways to capture student attention

Meeting the Challenges….
„ Do not allow students the freedom to drown in a sea of information. „ Insist that they use books, periodicals and other sources - not just the ‘Net.

Superlibrarian Information Expert!

Meeting the Challenges….
„ Teach students how to avoid plagiarism „ Teach them citation skills „ Teach them evaluation skills.
Superlibrarian Information Expert!

Meeting the Challenges….
„ And most of all….

„ Hold students accountable for the skills you teach them!
Superlibrarian Information Expert!

How Can Librarians Hold Students Accountable?
„ By teaching citation and evaluation skills at every opportunity „ By integrating our teaching into all student research projects

Holding Students Accountable

„ But mostly... „ By grading the students to make sure that they actuallylearn the skills we teach

Grading a Works Cited List
„ Use a Works Cited Rubric that measures:
ƒ Citation Format ƒ Quality of Sources Cited

„ Here is a sample rubric:
http://www.gananda.org/library/mshslibrary/rubric. htm

How To Use A Rubric to Teach Citation & Evaluation

„ Create an instructional unit based on the rubric „ Choose “benchmark” projects to teach the unit and grade the works cited lists

Teaching The Unit

„ It is a good idea to teach your citation/evaluation unit to 9th & 12th graders „ Meet with your teachers to make detailed plans

Teaching The Unit

„ Find ways to engage your students, by using interesting topics as examples. „ Have an organized presentation with clear goals in mind.

A Sample Citation/Evaluation Unit
„ This is a unit planned for a major 9th grade Research Paper. It is a collaborative project between the Library and the English Department at the Ruben A. Cirillo High School

Too Overwhelming?
Here Are Wa ys To Ma ke the Task Easier
„ Library Clerk can organize the paperwork „ Teach the unit with only one research project „ Leave out the mid-point check „ Teach half the class each semester

Too Overwhelming?
Mo re Ways T o Make th e Task E asier
„ Teach unit to just one of each teacher’s classes. The teacher then teaches the remaining classes „ Condense the works cited rubric „ Do an in-service workshop to teach the teachers „ Randomly grade a certain number of papers from every class

Benefits of Grading Students On Citation and Evaluation Skills
„ Student works cited lists will improve „ It raises the students’ level of concern „ Students listen more attentively

„ More students use citation forms voluntarily for other research assignments „ A greater number of students use books & periodicals „ Students develop a healthy skepticism about what they read

More Benefits…..
„ Students have to think about the sources they use „ Students use more (and better quality) sources „ It helps our students who struggle with learning by giving credit for assembling excellent quality sources

Other Benefits…..
„ Librarian can use the data to improve teaching „ “Real life” examples can be used in future lessons

Still More Benefits…..
„ Teachers learn evaluation & citation skills along with their students „ More teachers require books & periodicals as well as web pages

Superlibrarian Information Expert!


„ Students will eventually realize that you DO know what you are talking about…. You might have an email exchange like this one….


1st EMAIL FROM STUDENT: i would like to get these tickets for a concert next thursday but i dont know if the web site is legit i did some searching to see if it was or wasent i didnt have any luck i was wondering if you could figure it out for me? heres the web site | V http://www.aaaticketsource.com/ ResultsTicket.aspx?evtid=336969

SuperLibrarian To The Rescue!
„ I told him that the site looked like an online ticket scalper & suggested he try Ticketmaster. Ozzfest tickets from Ticketmaster? $96 Ozzfest tickets from Online Ticket Scalper? $300 Knowing when to call a librarian? Priceless!

Superlibrarian Information Expert!



thank you so so much you rock more than the concert im going to lol thanks for the link also i knew i could count on you, ok have a great fun and book filled summer!

Do we have a great job or what?!!

Bottom Line Is - You Know Students Are Learning!
„ I am convinced that this approach is providing my students with the compass they need to navigate successfully through today’s turbulent sea of Jacquie Henry, MLS - jhenry@gananda.org information.

I have 5 works cited lists to practice on – the creations of 5 real students. „Some are GOOD „Some are BAD „And some are truly UGLY

„ The packets will have all the directions and forms that you will need to help you out with the process. „ Pay more attention to the quality & variety of the sources than the actual format. „ If you have time – correct the formatting


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