Carl Rogers

*Client-Centered *Humanistic *Phenomenological Therapy

responsible and developing. .*Individual is viewed as creative.

nonjudgemental therapeutic atmosphere . caring.*Real.

Person-Centered Therapy .

Purpose To foster a closer agreement between the client·s idealized and actual selves ² for better understanding .

.Purpose Lower levels of defensiveness. guilt and insecurity.

Foster positive relationships. Increased capacity to experience and express feelings. Purpose .

Person-Centered Therapy .

Goal Achieve a greater degree of independence and integration. .

Goal Provide a climate conducive to helping the client become a fully functioning person .

Goal .Basic goal is to encourage the four characteristics of self actualized persons ‡ Characteristics of selfactualized individuals: ‡ Openness to experience ‡ Trust in themselves ‡ Internal source of evaluation ‡ Willingness to continue growing.

Person-Centered Therapy .

Anxiety is a sign indicating that there is trouble ahead. We avoid trouble by using defenses. There is denial and perceptual distortion. When in a threatening situation. we feel anxious.Threat occurs when we perceive incongruity between our experiences and self-concept. And its purpose .

respect. Unconditional positive regard: acceptance. acceptance for doing what others insist upon And its purpose .There is unconditional and conditional positive regard. sympathy and love REGARDLESS of performance Conditional positive regard: the person is valued for what he/she has done.

selfsufficiency and personal growth .It is the built in tendency to develop in a positive way And its purpose Its purpose is to let the individual achieve autonomy.

Person-Centered Therapy .

PCT has been applied to individuals. . groups and families.

Person-Centered Therapy .

depression. psychosomatic problems.PCT is applicable to a wide range of client problems including anxiety disorders. interpersonal difficulties. alcoholism. cancer and personality disorders. . agoraphobia.

.It has applications to education from gradeschool to graduate school.

PCT can be applied to crisis intervention .

PCT in group counseling. .

Person-Centered Therapy .

Scientific shortcomings .

.Tendency to be very supportive of clients without being challenging.

Personal limitations of the therapist .

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