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Ba2 30/9

1.Personal identification. Introductions:

Introduce yourself, age, origin.
3. Daily life. Occupation
4. Free time: quiz show, likes and dislikes
6. Relations with others. Family: pronouns
8. Education. Classroom vocabulary
10. Food and drink
-Use of English: Time
1. Age
I am 19
Fourteen14 forty 40
Fifteen 15 fifty 50
I live in Manacor
I have lived in M. for 7 years
I have lived in M. since 2001
I moved to Manacor a long time ago

He lives in Manacor
3.Daily life. Occupation
She is a violinist/ a hairdresser/ a student
a boat carpenter/ a primary school teacher
a shop assistant/a receptionist

an office worker/ an artist/ an accountant

He is a builder. (Verb: build built built)

I work as a civil servant

I work as a waitress at a restaurant
I work in an office/ in a hotel
3. Occupation

I am unemployed
I am retired
I am on the dole

He is learning English because it’s very

important for his job.
Adjectives: Creative
3. Daily life. Habits and routines
He doesn’t usually get up at seven
Adverbs of frequency
Hardly ever
4. Free time.
a)A television quiz show
The Weakest Link
Questions, answers
The hostess is strict and severe
In this hotel they have many guests
4)Free time
b) Likes and dislikes

-What are your hobbies? Do you like football?

-Not especially/not particularly. I prefer sports

I like reading – I don’t like reading

I like/love/prefer/hate/ reading
I like/love/prefer/hate/ to read

He likes reading/to read – He doesn’t like to read

Like/love/prefer/hate+ -ing/to+inf
4) Free time
She is learning English because she likes to

It’s fun. We are having fun=we are enjoying it

I am enjoying myself
I enjoy playing tennis

Funny: jokes are funny

6. Relations with others.Family
*Rafa lives with your parents
Rafa lives with his parents

Possessive adjectives/ pronouns

I my children They are mine
You your yours
He his his
She her hers
It its its
We our ours
You your yours
They their theirs
Object pronouns
I me You see me
You you I see you
He him
She her
It it
We us
You you
They them
6) Family
Younger sister- older /elder brother

He has got two brothers and one sister

Have you got any siblings?
Do you have any siblings?

She lives with her parents and brother

8. Education: Classroom vocabulary
Attendance, sign
Teachers don’t have lists yet
Teachers still don’t have lists
Have you got the lists yet?
Mock exams
Reading and use of English
10. Food and drink
He drinks 2 cups of coffee a day
He doesn’t like wine.

He makes/bread/pancakes/pound cakes/
sponge cakes.
Pound cakes are very rich=they have a lot of
Madeira cake (BrE) (NAmE pound cake)
a plain yellow cake made with eggs, fat,
flour and sugar
In (the) summer in the winter spring autumn

How often?
-How often do you go to the cinema?
-I go once a month

A/every day/year/week/month
Time when: Dates 30th September 2008
Today is the 30th (thirtieth) of September
Ordinal numbers
One – 1st: first
Two – 2nd: second
Three-3rd: third
Four-4th: fourth
Five-5th: fifth
Six-6th: sixth
Seven-7th: seventh
eight-8th: eighth
Nine- 9th: ninth
Ten- 10th: tenth
20th twentieth
30th thirtieth
40th fortieth
50th fiftieth

21st twenty-first
22nd twenty-second
. dot stop, full stop, period
@ at
/ slash
Ba2D 2nd October

8. Education. Learning English

-Dolors puts post-its on the fridge.
- Margalida sees films in the original
language with (without) subtitles.
- Jaime watches television
- I do nothing at all
- Saying: If at first you don’t succeed, try,
try, and try again
- Antonia uses a notebook. In it she writes
the word, a translation and a sentence.
- I would like to learn a lot of words
- Antonia reads magazines in English
- alone=on my own=by myself
Abel lives alone= on his own=by himself
Alone vs. lonely: Many people are lonely in NY
-A. would like to have a language exchange
- Should: give advice. You should study.
- Salvador throws himself into the conversation.
- On Tuesday Raul didn’t sign and today he has
not signed either.
Yesterday I signed and today I have signed too.
- I read tales/stories to my son
Fairy tales
- Joan only learns English when he is really
interested in something
- I enjoy reading
- I go by bike to school every morning
Every morning I go by bike to school

3rd Oct
Do vs. make
• Do homework/ • Make mistakes
housework/exercises/ an • Make the bed
exercise/ your job • make a dress
• Do the shopping. Go • Make a cake
shopping • Make breakfast/ lunch/
• Do the cooking/the dinner/food/a meal/ a cup
washing/the washing up/ of coffee
(Washing machine/dishwasher) • make a choice
• the ironing/the cleaning… make a comment
• Do something/ nothing make a decision
• do badly/ well/ good/ make an effort
harm/ your best make an excuse
do business/ the dishes make friends
do a favour
do time - (to go to prison)
make a sound
make a speech
make a suggestion
make a profit
make a promise
make a noise
make a phone call
make a plan
make money
make a journey :travel
make love /make war
4. Free time
- Spend spent spent: time, money
I spent my holidays in the Dominican Republic. I
spent a little/little money there.
- farewell party/hen party/ hen night/stag party/ stag
On Christmas day
On my birthday
On the 3rd of October
Over vs. on: over the rainbow. Overhead lockers
8. Education
-You learn from your mistakes
- How long does it take to speak
English well?
It depends on yourself.

How far is P. from here?

3. Daily life.
- Busy. I am as busy as a bee.
The line is busy=engaged
- Lazy vs. hard worker
- Clever=intelligent
- I do it for the environment
- Sweetener
- Dishwasher
- Buy- bought
- Tired/ exhausted
-Donkeys, monkeys vs. babies
- Ship vs. cheap vs. sheep vs. sheet of iron

7th Oct
1. Personal Identification
Live vs. leave
Leave out= omit
pick you up

I come from Campos= I am from Campos

4 Free time
Fashion magazines
Drawing (n)
To draw (v)
For and since

I’ve studied all morning

I’ve lived here all my life

Mireia has lived in P.C. for 4 months.

She lived in Barcelona for 20 years.
She will study English for two hours next

M. has lived in P.C. since May

She lived in BCN since she was born
Indirect speech

She said to me what she is studying and what she is doing

She said that she studies and works.

“What do you do?” - I asked her what she did

I asked you/him/them

She asked me “where are you from?”

She asked me where I was from

I asked her “What do you do?”

I asked her what she did
Conditional would + infinitive
I would go- I’d go
I would not go – I wouldn’t go
Would you go? Yes, I would /No, I wouldn’t.
We’d say- We would say

Past Perfect had+ past participle

I had gone- I’d gone
I had not gone- I hadn’t gone
Had you gone? Yes, I had/ No, I hadn’t.
We’d said- We had said
For ages
Ba2 D

7th Oct
1. Personal Identification
I was born in 1990. When were you born?
You were born
2. Houses, cities, nature
Basement- ground floor- first floor- second floor…
I live on the third floor
8. Education
Tell the time. Can you tell me the time?
What time is it? = What’s the time?
Ten past nine 9.10
A quarter past nine /half past nine/A quarter to nine
8 minutes to nine

In half an hour we are going home tonight


25th Oct/Oct 25: “the twenty-fifth of October”/ “Oct. the 25th”

In bold
To be going to
I am going to study
I am not going to study
Are you going to study? Yes, I am/ No, I am not

To be going to go- to be going:

I am going to (go to) the cinema on Saturday night
What are you going to do this weekend?
I am going to ride my bike
I am going to meet my friends
I am going to meet new people
For and during
I study English for two hours
How long?
During these two hours we do a listening and speaking exercise
I studied English for 5 five hours during/ in the summer
For and since

I’ve studied all morning

I’ve lived here all my life

She has lived in Majorca for 4 months.

She lived in Barcelona for 20 years.
She will study English for two hours next weekend.

She has lived in Majorca since May

She lived in BCN since she was born
Present Simple
She finishes

9 Oct
-Present perfect: go to Use of English/verbs
Go to
- Superlatives: go to Use of English/adjectives
- Live vs. leave: go to topics/1.personal identification
- this/ these/ that/ those: Ba2/1st year revision/ ppt 1/#11-13
- time: go to Use of Eng/time
- questions: go to New Eng File 1A grammar bank/exercises
- Classroom language: go to 8.Education
- die/kill/murder: go to crime and punishment
- Family: go to
- Adjectives
- Hw: Write a short composition about YOU. The title: “ME”

9 Oct
- Homework: Write a short composition about YOU. The
title: “ME”.And do the exercises on your Workbook unit 1A
- Past Simple –ed pronunciation: go to past simple
- Scared/afraid/frightened
-The longest
- Time:
Up to now/ up to this day /so far
e.g. He has not disappointed us so far
At the moment/at present/nowadays/now/currently/for the
e.g. For the moment I have a lot of work.
9. shopping
- Tight:
MONEY / TIME: difficult to manage with because there is not
e.g. We have a very tight budget.
e.g. The president has a tight schedule today.
CLOTHES: fitting closely to your body and sometimes
e.g. She was wearing a tight pair of jeans.
e.g. These shoes are much too tight
Opposite: loose
Push –pull
- Die/Murder: go to 6.crime and punishment
- Baking powder, flour: 10 food
- Present perfect: go to verbs & go to the blog
- Classroom language:
- Family: visit the blog/ ppt 6.relations w/others
- Adjectives: quiz : go to 1 personal identification

14 Oct
Hw: Workbook 1A/Remember the composition “Me”
- Present Perfect vs. Past Simple. Go to verbs
-Whether vs. if. Go to use of English
- Classroom objects : go to education
- Questions: speaking activity

16 Oct
What’s the weather like?
It’s raining
It’s cloudy
Today it’s raining
What is Mario like?
Mario is friendly
How is Mario?
He is tired
What is Belgium like?
It’s not very big.
+ a cross
A blade
A razor blade
Can you say that again?
Sun- son
Sweat shirt
2. poor
3. needs
5. answer
6. saw, at
7. repeat: Can you repeat that please?; an
8. cc
9. teeth
10. dry
2. read
3. please
4. nap
5. on; sweet
6. re
7. eat
8. dart
9. ache: headache, stomach ache , toothache
10. inc
Check in at an airport
at a hotel
Check out

16 Oct
Slim- thin- skinny
A foreign student
A foreigner

21 Oct
HW: Composition ME; Grammar checker
- The death penalty
- On holiday
My summer holidays were fantastic
- When you come, we will go to the cinema
- Ask you a question
- Bring vs. take:
Go- take
I go to school and I take my books with me
Come – bring
I brought all my books to class today

- Present perfect: go to verbs


21 Oct
Hw: composition “me”; Wk 1A, 1B; Grammar
I am a language assistant
I had never been here before
Do you have relatives in Mallorca?
Are you married or single?
Bad news
Do you speak Spanish?
3. From
4. In
5. Experience She works as a language assistant
6. At
7. Tell
8. Small
9. Cousins
10.Mine; my passion; a friend of mine
9. School
10. Therefore
11. Buildings
12. Height (n): 1m 92 cm
high (adj)
6. Which dates
7. for
8. try, taste
9. on
You can see
In a rush: I am in a hurry
Take your time
Sleep in : to have a lie in
Do your laundry: do the washing
Thinking of
2. poor
3. needs
5. Answer
6. saw; at
7. Repeat; an
8. Cc
9. Teeth
10. dry
2. Read
3. Please
4. Nap
Have/take a nap
5. On
A sweet tooth
6.Re 7. Eat 8. darts
9. ache headache stomach ache toothache
10. inc

23 Oct
Present perfect
Don’t confuse the present perfect with have + noun
Have+ noun:
Have a shower
Have breakfast
Have dinner
Have lunch
Present perfect:
- Have lunch: I have had lunch
- drink: I have drunk beers
I have already had lunch
Miquel hasn’t read the newspaper yet.
Have you finished your homework yet?
M. still hasn’t read the newspaper today.
Plural nouns
Vowel+ y = -ys e.g. Keys, Monkeys, Days
Consonant + y = -ies e.g. Party -Parties
Who do you love? Vs. Who loves you?
Where was it?
When did you wear it?
I wore them at a friend’s wedding
Why didn’t you wear it?
Because it was too small
What’s the plot?
What happened?
Argument vs. plot
Argue vs. discuss
Wear wore worn
- Plans and intentions:
Be going to
I am going to study a lot this term.

- Arrangements:
Present continuous
I am meeting Paul tomorrow
- Decisions taken at the time of speaking
I will help you with that suitcase

28 Oct
Someone has turned the computer on
Turn off
Switch on, switch off
Switch it off
Switch the TV off
Switch off the TV
Switch off the TV that your friends gave us
How long have you had your car?
Do you have a car?
Have you got a car?
Ten years ago
My parents moved to this house ten years ago
I have had these shoes since last summer

I have lived in this town since I was born

For 46 years
I have known her since 2006