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Acacia cultriformis-Knife Acacia

Rounded evergreen shrub with bluegreen triangular-shaped foliage Flower: yellow fragrant small ballshaped in early to late spring Fruit: Small tender pods Height: 6 -15 Spread: 6 -15 Spacing: 10-12 Full Sun Water: low Soil: Clay, loam, sand Hardiness: 25 Great for hillsides, accent, natural screen, or freeway landscapes

Acacia stenophylla-Shoestring Acacia

Evergreen tree with long weeping form Flower: small round pale yellow in spring Height: 20-30 Spread: 10-20 Full Sun Water: low Soil: sandy loam-clay loam Hardiness: 20 Excellent street tree, can also be used against walls, narrow spaces, around pools, and patios.

Origin: Australia

Origin: Australia

Agave Cornelius-Agave Cornelius

A rosette-shaped evergreen succulent with variegated leaves of yellow and green Flowers: Yellow green Height: 1-2 Weight: 2-4 Full sun Water: low Hardiness: 20-25

Beaucarnea recurvata-Pony Tail Palm

Synonyms: Nolina reculata, Nolina recurvata, Beaucarnea tuberculata

Origin: Mexico

Long ribbon shaped leaves drape over a large foot-shaped trunk Flowers: white-near white in mid summer Fruit: small reddish long Height: 15-20 Full sun to light shade Water: low Soil: unimproved Hardiness: 15 Accent plant, houseplant

Origin: Mexico


Carnegiea gigantea-Saguaro
Synonyms: Cereus giganteus, Pilocereus giganteus
A tall thick yellow green columnar-shape evergreen cactus with smooth waxy texture with 2 spines and large branching arms that curve upward Flowers: Creamy-white with yellow centers in May and June Fruit: red edible oval-shaped Height: 15-50 Width: 12 Full sun Water: none to once a month summer Soil: decomposed granite Hardiness: 14 Vertical accent, dramatic western plant

Cephalocereus senilis-Old Man

Synonyms: Cactus senilis, Cereus senilis, Pilocereus senilis
Columnar shaped cactus with light green stems which turn gray. Yellowish to grayish central spines, white hair-like radial spines . Flower: funnel-shaped yellowish pink

Origin: Mexico Origin: Arizona, California, Mexico

Cercidium hybrid-Palo Verde

A medium-green fine textured semievergreen tree with a smooth green thornless trunk and stems Bright yellow flowers with red-orange or brown pistils in spring to summer Height: 20 Width: 20 Full Sun or reflected sun Water: low Soil: Hardiness: 15 Specimen or shade tree

Cereus repandus-Peruvian Apple Cactus

Synonyms: Cereus peruvianus, cereus margitensis var. micracanthus, cereus atroviridis, cereus remolinensis, cereus grenadensis
Grey-green tree-like cactus with short grey spines Flower: white with reddish tips in spring Fruit: edible red Height: 10 Spread: 15 Full sun to light shade Soil: unimproved Water: low Hardiness: 20 Good as a focal point, natural screen, rock garden, container plant

Origin: SW U.S., Mexico

Origin: Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay


Chilopsis linearis-Desert Willow

Multi-stemmed deciduous tree or large scrub, light green in color. Can be trained as a single trunk. White, pink, lavender tubular-shaped flowers in spring and summer Fruit: Green to brown Height: 6-30 Width: 6-30 Full Sun to part shade Soil: sandy preferred but will tolerate rocky soil Hardiness: 0 Specimen tree or as a privacy screen

Cleistocactus strausii-Snow Pole

An upright columnar cactus with dense white spines giving it a fuzzy texture Flower: red Full sun to light shade Hardiness: 14 Origin: Argentina, Bolivia

Origin: SW U.S., Mexico

Echinocactus grusonii-Golden Barrel Cactus

Large light green barrel-shape evergreen cactus Leaves have golden yellow spines Height: 1 -2 Spread: 3 Flowers: bright yellow Fruit: greenish oblong with whitish wool covering Full sun Soil: unimproved soil Water: low Hardiness: 10 Great accent, container plant or a dramatic grouping of varying sizes

Echinocactus grusonii Platinum -Platinum Barrel


Origin: Mexico


Euphorbia ingens-Candelabra Tree

Synonyms: Euphorbia candelabrum, Cereus margaritensis var. micracanthus,Cerus atroviridis, Cerus remolinensis, Cereus grenadensis

Euphorbia trigona red-African Milk Tree

Bluish-green large tree-shaped deciduous succulent with thick branches, branches have 4-5 sides divided with rounded edges Flower: bright yellow late spring/early summer/mid summer Fruit: dark red to purple Height: Above 30 Full sun Hardiness: up to 28 Large specimen plant, large potted plant

Origin: South Africa Origin: South Africa, Swaziland

Euphorbia tirucalli Firestick -Fire Stick

A large deciduous succulent can be either a single or multi trunk with pencil thick branches, new growth is a bright pink Flowers: insignificant red and pale yellow in late spring to early summer Height: 8 Width: 5 Full Sun Water: low Hardiness: 25 Excellent accent plant, rock garden, succulent, patio container plant, houseplant

Euphorbia tirucalli-Pencil Tree

An branching pencil thick evergreen succulent with pale pink or fiery salmon stem Flowers: insignificant clusters of yellow flowers in September to December Fruit: pale green capsules with a hint of pink Height: 30 Width: 6 Full Sun Water: low Hardiness: 30 Specimen tree, background plant, patio plant or potted houseplant

Origin: South Africa

Origin: South Africa

WARNING: All parts of Euphorbia tirucalli ooze a milky sap when cut or damaged. Contact with this sap may cause temporary blindness which may last for several days.


Euphorbia peruvianus MonstrosusEuphorbia Montrose

Euphorbia trigonas-Euphorbia trigona green

Ferocactus cylindraceus-Red Barrel

A large round barrel shaped cactus with flattened erect red colored spines Flowers: yellow or orange in late spring/early summer forming a ring around the top of stem Fruit: fleshy yellow that dries to a brown Height: 5 Width: 16 Water: low Soil: moderately rich, well drained Hardiness: 20 Accent plant for a desert garden

Lophocereus mieckleyanus-Totem Pole

Synonyms: Lophocerus schottii f. monstrosus, Lophocereus schotti f. spiralis, Lophocereus var. gatesii, Lophocereus sargentianus, Lophocereus australis
A trunkless cactus with many tall columnar stems that extend up from the base, stems are waxy with irregular ribs Flower: inconspicuous to none Height: 10-12 Width: 8 Water: low Soil: rich, porous sandy soil Hardiness: 18 Specimen plant, houseplant

Origin: California, Arizona, Mexico

Origin: Arizona, Mexico


Opuntia bigelovii-Teddy Bear

A single trunk upright cactus with yellow spines giving it a fuzzy-hair appearance Flower: yellow flowers with a tint of red, blooming in mid to late spring Fruit: green wrinkly barrel shape Height: 6 Full sun Soil: rocky soil, well-drained

Opuntia engelmannii-Cow s Tongue Cactus

Deciduous succulent with 2 thick stems that resemble a cow s tongue Flower: 2 yellow or gold in May-June Fruit: large edible smooth fleshy red fruit in summer Height: 6 Width: 8 Water: low Hardiness: 10 Specimen plant

Origin: Arizona, California, Nevada, Mexico

Origin: Arizona, California, Mexico, New Mexico

Opuntia fulgida-Boxing Glove

A single trunk evergreen succulent with short branches and silvery fuzzy spines Flowers: pink in summer Fruit: chainlike fruits in fall Height: 4-7 Width: 3-4 Water: none to once a month Soil: dry decomposed granite, sand, low organic matter

Opuntia Santa Rita -Santa Rita Prickly Pear

Opuntia chlorotica var. santa-rita, Opuntia gosseliniana var. santa-rita, Opuntia violacea var. santa-rita
A vertical succulent with flat, almost round greenish-blue, pink or purple succulent depending on water supply Flowers: yellow in summer Fruit: red to purple fruit after flowering Height: 5 Width: 5 Full Sun to partial shade Water: little to none Soil: sandy soil Hardiness: 10 Great specimen plant, or accent plant

Origin: Arizona, Mexico

Origin: Texas, Arizona, Mexico


Trichocereus terscheckii-Fat Boy Faux Saguaro


Pachycereus marginatus-Mexican Fence Post

Extremely large columnar blue-green evergreen cactus with sharp spines Flower: Red flowers in late winter/early spring Fruit: spiny yellowish-reddish fruit Height: 12-20 Width: 8 Full Sun Water: low Hardiness: 25 Large living fence, specimen plant

Origin: Argentina

Origin: Mexico

Fouquieria splendens-Ocotillo
A deciduous shrub with a graceful vase-shape, long, spiny stems rise from a common base Flower: red to orange tubular flowers extend from branch terminals in spring Height: 12 Width: 10 Full sun Soil: rocky well-drained soil Water: little to none Hardiness: 10 Great accent or silhouette plant

Myrtillocactus eichlamii-Myrtillo
Tall dark green tree-like cactus with a central trunk and many branches with distinct with eight ribs Flower: white flowers Fruit: red to dark purple resemble blueberries Height: 4-16 Full sun Hardiness: 25 Specimen plant, houseplant

Origin: SW U.S., Baja California, Sonora Mexico

Origin: Guatemala, Mexico


Opuntia imbricata-Tree Cholla

Multi trunk succulent with silvery spines Flowers: magenta Fruit: yellow

Opuntia tephrocactus articulatus-Paper Spine Synonym: Optunia papyracantha

A grey-green segmented pinecone shaped succulent with soft papery spines Flower: white or yellow Fruit: long brown fruit Height: 1 Full sun Water: little to none Hardiness: 25

Origin: Argentina

Pachycereus Pringilei-Cardon
A blue-green to dark green treelike columnar cactus that turns to yellowgreen, erect fluted stems with sharp spines Flower: bell-shaped white flowers open at night and day during late spring/early summer Height: over 40 Full sun Water: low Hardiness: 25

Pilosocereus azureus-Blue Cereus

Celeste-blue tree-like columnar cactus with erect stems, golden spines which turn grey Height: 6-33 Full sun Soil: fine sandy soil Rock garden, patio container plant

Origin: Baja California, Mexico

This is the largest cactus in the world.

Origin: Brazil


Trichocereus pachanoi-San Pedro

A large pale green to blue-green multi columnar cactus Flowers: white, blooming at night and remaining open the following day, blooms in July Fruit: dark green oblong fruit Full Sun

Yucca brevifolia-Joshua Tree

Evergreen yucca with long sharp branches Flower: bell-shaped creamy yellowgreen at the end of branches in spring Fruit: reddish-brown capsule Height: 15-40 Width: 20 Full Sun Soil: decomposed granite, sand, low organic content, well-drained Water: none to once a month Specimen plant

Origin: California