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Tutoring Session at School 3

Background information:
ØDuring my tutoring sessions, I tutor a student who is an
emergent reader. My tutee just came to America from a
Spanish-speaking country and unfortunately speaks
English very poorly. Her reading is difficult to understand,
and lacks expression and phrasing. The tutee will need to
improve her fluency skills in order to achieve the
ØWhen working on her fluency skills, I will also be
helping her in improving her communication skills,
vocabulary skills and comprehension skills.
Below is a sample part of one of my lesson plans. As you can see I use paired repeated
reading. Although my tutee is not paired up with another student, but with me, you can
get the same results when using an adult. This strategy has been improving her fluency
because I am able to model the correct pronunciation of words and she will be able to
follow the model. With the paired repeated model, my tutee has built confidence. Not only
has she been able to improve her fluency skills but also her comprehension skills.

Learning Activities:
Instructional Strategy

The instructional strategy that I will be using is Paired Repeated

Reading. Since my student is an emergent reader, being able to first
listen how a sentence should be correctly pronounced is great help for
her. When reading I will read one page, then we will read the same page
together and finally she will read the page on her own. (I do, We do, You
do) It is better to start with a small passage so when choosing a book I
will remember to choose a book that has less than 50 words in it. While
doing paired repeated reading, I will be able to model fluent reading and
an example of non-fluent reading. I will also monitor her reading skills by
keeping score of how many Words Per Minute she can read.
Procedures when using Paired
Repeated Reading
Teaching/learning activities clearly stated and connected to
intended learning outcome and assessment. Instruction shows
evidence of strategies.
Teacher activity Student
1. I will ask the tutee if she goes outside to 1. Tutee will verbally talk about her
play and if she does what she wears to keep favorite food and her experience if
warm, which relates to the book. she has ever cooked with her
2. Next, I will introduce the story, “Going mother.
Outside to play” I will read the story first to 2. The tutee will listen to the story,
correctly model how a fluent-reader would “Going Outside to play” being read
read. by the teacher.
3. Next I will re-read the story having the 3. The tutee will read the page
tutee read a little bit with me. We will take designated to her.
turns read the pages. 4. After receiving practice by
4. After listening to the story twice, listening to models of fluent
once by the teacher, and once by reading, the tutee will re-read the
both, the tutee will then read the story on her own.
story on her own.
This has been the 8th week in my tutoring session and I
have observed that my tutee:

 Was only able to pronounce 7 WPM in the 1st week of tutoring

 Has improved her fluency by being able to correctly pronounce in English 46
WPM by the 8th week
 Is able to comprehend what is happening in the story, although sometimes she
needs some assistance
 Is able to recognize vocabulary words and sight words
 Is able to express herself in English with at least 5 words
 Is able to use Paired Repeated Reading and practice it with other students in
the classroom