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Introduction to Combine Cycle Power Plant

By Leelananda Pilanawithana

‡ Have lowest operating cost. Generate power most in any given year.Power plants ‡ Categorized by functional type ± Base load ± Peak load and emergency  Base load ‡ Run continuously. stop only for maintenance. ± Its type » High efficient combined cycle plants fueled by natural gas or liquid fuel » Nuclear Power Plants » Conventional steam power plants fueled primarily by coal or fernours oil » Hydropower plants .

Power plants  Peak load and emergency ‡ Run during peak load demand period or an emergency. » Diesel engine plants. ‡ Fast start and loading. but cheap to built. ± Type » Open Cycle (Simple cycle) gas turbine plant. ‡ Operating cost is high. » Hydropower plant .

 Carnot. ± In Thermodynamic point of view. are some of the thermodynamic cycles. .  Otto .  Brayton.Definition ‡ Combine ± When several different things add together ‡ Cycle ± Process is repeated or moving around a circle.  Diesel.  Rankine.

 Diesel engines. Internal Combustion  Gas Turbines.  Gasoline engines External Combustion  Steam Engines (Boiler and steam turbine) .Definition ± Those cycles are always associated with one of the two type of combustion processes.

Simple cycle Open cycle Configuration Combine cycle Configuration . ‡ Rankine cycle. ‡ Brayton cycle.Cycle Definition ‡ Combine Cycle ± Employ more than one thermodynamic cycles. ± Improve the simple Brayton cycle efficiency by capturing wasted energy in Brayton cycle and use it in Ranking Cycle. ‡ Brayton cycle. ± Engine used extensively is a Gas Turbine » utilize only a portion of the energy from the fuel that is being used Open cycle or » Reminder if not recovered is wasted.

Gas Turbine and its Major components .

Basic equipment arrangement Temperature Entropy Diagram .Cycle Definition ‡ Rankine cycle ± Engine used is Heat Recovery Boiler (HRSG) plus Steam Turbine.

Drums Heat Exchanger Modules Flue Gas in Heat Recovery Steam Generator .

Steam Turbine .



Advantages of Combine Cycle Power Plant ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Low installation cost / MW High efficiency among all practical power cycles. High reliability and availability. . Clean operating Condition. Less water requirement. Less Gestation period. Fast starting characteristics. Low auxiliary power consumption/MW (2 3%) Less manpower/MW ratio.

Advantages of Combine Cycle Power Plant ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Less pollution problems. Less space requirement. Fuel flexibility. Flexibility in locating power plant. Gas turbine can be operated as peak load plant and Steam turbine as base load plant by supplementary firing in HRSG unit .

Disadvantages of Combine Cycle Power Plant ‡ Need good quality fuel specifically low sulfur. . ‡ Uneconomical partial load operation. ‡ GT performance severely deteriorate with ambient temperature. vanadium and lead content . ‡ High Nox pollutant. ‡ Fuel treatment process is costly. ‡ GT life is less due to corrosion problems.