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GCSE - Command Words

• add notes or labels to a map or diagram to explain what it shows

GCSE - Command Words

• look for ways in which features or places are similar or different. e.g. a city in an LEDC compared to a MEDC

GCSE - Command Words


GCSE - Command Words

GCSE . GCSE .Command Words • look for the differences between features or places.Command Words CONTRAST GCSE .Command Words COMPLETE • add to a map or graph to finish it off. Often the question will ask you to compare and contrast.GCSE .Command Words .

Command Words . GCSE . freeze-thaw.GCSE .g.Command Words DEFINE • explain what something means e.Command Words • give details about what a map or diagram shows.Command Words DESCRIBE GCSE . GCSE .

describing and giving reasons for or explaining arguments for and against. GCSE .Command Words DISCUSS • usually wants a long answer.Command Words .GCSE . GCSE .Command Words GCSE .Command Words DRAW • a sketch map or diagram with labels to explain something.

Command Words .Command Words • reasons for the location of something such as a factory. GCSE .Command Words EXPLAIN or ACCOUNT FOR • give reasons for the location or appearance of something.Command Words FACTORS GCSE . GCSE .GCSE .

recognise or select a particular feature or features. locate.GCSE . photo or diagram.Command Words IDENTIFY GCSE . GCSE . GCSE .Command Words • say what you or a particular group think about something.Command Words • name. for example should limestone quarries be allowed in the Peak District. usually from a map.Command Words Give your (or somebody else’s) view .

GCSE .Command Words . state. list GCSE .Command Words MARK • put onto a map or diagram.Command Words Name.GCSE .Command Words • give accurate details or features. GCSE .

and say what it shows. table. photo.Command Words STUDY • look carefully at a map. diagram etc.Command Words • give specific details about your case studies. GCSE . GCSE .GCSE .Command Words .Command Words With reference to /refer to examples you have studied - GCSE .

Command Words With the help of/using the information provided .Command Words GCSE .Command Words • make sure you include examples from the information.GCSE . including grid references if it is a map GCSE .Command Words GCSE .