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Lesson 13



The Giving Tree

•What struck you most in the story?

•The story of the Giving Tree teaches us that SACRIFICE is needed to show our love for others.

“God’s Love”
John 3:16-17

John 15:5-11

For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world might be saved through him.

Teacher: The Gospel of the Lord… STUDENTS: PRAISE TO YOU, LORD JESUS CHRIST!

•Like the “Giving Tree”, we sacrifice for the people we love. •What does it mean to SACRIFICE?

1. Why did God send His only Son? 2. What will happen to those who believe in God?

• To sacrifice means to give something up out of love. - The saints gave up their lives out of love for God. The saints had the courage and strength to live and die for God because they received grace from Jesus who gave His life to save all men.

•Who is our model of great sacrifice? •JESUS CHRIST is our model of sacrifice because of what He gave up for all of us.

• The sacrifice of Jesus Christ - His passion, death and resurrection unites us all. • We celebrate this great sacrifice of Jesus during the SEASON of LENT. What is LENT?

• Lent is the time to remember the suffering and death of Jesus on the cross. • It is like setting out on a journey. But it is a different kind of journey – a journey towards new life. • It is a journey towards God our Father.

• For our Lenten journey, JESUS Himself is the guide who will lead us to God our Father. He tells us: “THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS NEAR! TURN AWAY FROM SINS AND BELIEVE IN THE GOOD NEWS!”

• LENT starts on


• The ashes - remind us to change our hearts. - symbolizes repentance, or being truly sorry. We are invited to receive ashes on our foreheads as a sign that we are aware of our sins, and that we would like Jesus to help us love like Him.

• During the season of Lent, the most important events in the life of Jesus are especially remembered within the Holy Week.

• This very special week starts with Palm Sunday.

• “Hosanna to the Son of David. Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord! Hosanna in the Highest!” (Mt. 21:8-10)

• Palm Sunday reminds us that Jesus was welcomed joyfully in Jerusalem. • The people rejoiced as He entered the city. They welcomed Him as their King and Savior.

• Whenever we celebrate this day, we are invited to welcome Jesus in our hearts. We are challenged to spend our lives in loving service to others, just like Jesus, our King, who “came to serve and not to be served.”

• Another very important day within the Holy Week is the day when Jesus offered His life to save us from sin. Jesus suffered and died on the cross to save mankind. • This is the very proof of his love for the Father and for us. He loved the Father to the point of obeying Him till his death on the cross.

• He loved us as to offer his life on the cross for our sins. • He gives us the greatest example of what it means to love, that is, to be willing to give everything for the one we love. • This then is the meaning of sacrifice.

• All these events are remembered in a special way on Good Friday.

• We, Christians are reminded of how much Jesus has loved us so that in turn we may also show our love for Him by the little sacrifices we do especially during Lent.

• ACTIVITY • How do you respond to Jesus’ invitation of “TURN AWAY FROM SIN AND BELIEVE IN THE GOOD NEWS?” Draw a happy face on the action that responds do the invitation and a sad face if it does not.

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respecting my teachers bullying the younger boys in school loving my enemies hiding the bag of my seatmate reminding my classmate to keep quiet while waiting for the teacher telling the truth always reading the bible and praying the rosary forgive those who hurt me sleeping during class