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A study on market analysis of LG consumer durables &dealer development ,Chennai

submitted by, D.prabakaran, IInd MBA , PSNA CET , Dindigul .

LG India 3. LG . we have divided the introduction part into three main sub parts 1.LG Global 2.Company profile LG Electronics is one of the leading companies in the field of electronics with a global presence in many countries Before briefing.

The LG Group was a merger of two Korean companies.Cont. producing radios.. washing machines. Lucky and Gold Star. and acquired Zenith Electronics of the United States. The company was originally established in 1958 as Gold Star. refrigerators. Gold Star was renamed LG Electronics. . TVs. In 1995. and air conditioners.

Scope of the study This project gives us great exposure to the consumer durable market. It includes product knowledge and field survey job in which we visited the LG stores in Chennai. .

. 2.OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY Primary objectives: 1.The main objective of filed survey during the project was to find out the market share of the LG and also calculate the display share.Find out the positional dealer who can sale the LG product in large volume.

The Objective was to find out that how far the exhibitions are helpful in branding. . Do the consumers prefer the financial facility for buying consumer durable? 4. 2. To enhances the knowledge of consumer durable market.Secondary objectives: 1. While purchasing the consumer durables which parameter is most important for the consumer? 3.

RESEARCH DEFINITION: Business research as an organized systematic data based critical objectives RESEARCH DESIGN: Research design is the arrangements of activities for the collection and analysis of data in a manner. .Research methodology It is the method of solving the research problem in a systematic manner.

Sources of data collection Primary data: For primary data collection. Data analysis and interpretation . we have to plan the following four important aspects. journals and various literature studies are important sources of secondary data. Sampling Research Instrument Secondary data: The Company’s profile.

. Tools for collection of data: A structured questionnaire method is used to collect the data from the employees. 2. Sampling size: The sample size is 150.SAMPLING DESIGN 1.

Simple percentage analysis Chi-Square test .Sampling techniques: The sampling techniques used in this research was ‘Simple Random Sampling’. Tools for analysis: The following statistical tools are used in this study.

The purpose is to simplify the presentation and to make comparisons .Percentage analysis : The collected data which is present in the form of percentage will help us to get the clear cut picture of the contribution of various responses. Tabulation (Chi-Square test): The collected data is arranged in the form of rows and columns that is in the tabulation form.

This was biggest drawback of my study. which affected the perception of the customer. We had limited time for the research. 3. . Time factor was also important for us. Our research work period witness the biggest ups and downs in product sale of different brands.Limitations of the study 1. 2. The research was conducted in a very small area. for which a fullfledged report was insufficient for me.

From the survey it was found out that the majority of customers don’t buy consumer durables from exhibitions. showrooms. For them service is important . 3. latest model. They just visit the exhibitions to see the co. Also majority of customers do not want any financing scheme for purchasing the durables. They want to buy from the showrooms or from co. 2. .FINDINGS 1.Beside convenience and other factors service is key factor.

Like in this exhibition new LCD SCARLET was advertised. Display share should be increased where there is less than 50% as LG also believes that “JO DIKHTA HAI WO BIKTA HAI”. Also it is helps in advertising for the new products.SUGGESTIONS 1. Company should always focus on service. Exhibitions do not help to generate so much sells but they should be conducted regularly. This helps in generating awareness regarding the product in customers which ultimately helps in sales. . 2. 3.

It helps us to know that weather dealer is capable of being a direct dealer of LG or not and it also helps to find out the new dealers who are capable of being an LG dealer. 4. We also came to know while visiting the shops that there was big problem of after sales service. .CONCLUSION 1. By calculating the display share we found that in most of store LG has 50% display share almost all categories. 3. 2. By the actual monthly sale of particular store we came to know the capacity of the store and how much product can they sell.