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IMRB International (formerly “Indian Market Research Bureau”) is a multi-country market research, survey and business consultancy

firm that offers a range of syndicated data and customized research services. Headquartered in Mumbai, India with operations in over 15 countries IMRB is a part of the Kantar Group, WPP’s research, insights and consultancy network.

Kantar is WPP’s research. IMRB is the University of the Indian market research and one of the top 20 Market Research companies in the world.000 employees in 2400 offices across 107 countries. It boasts of $1. Subhas Ghoshal. WPP is a £8. Kantar was founded in 1993. is now the world’s fourth largest research conglomerate. insight & consultancy network. the legendary head of HTA (now JWT). IMRB is a part of WPP which is formed by Sir Martin Sorrell in 1985. . a full 37 years after BMRB was set up in UK by JWT.7 billion worth of revenue with offices in 160 offices across 95 countries. revenue company with 138. IMRB born out of conviction that good advertising can only be built on sound consumer insight. IMRB was set up in 1970.68 billion.IMRB is the vision of Mr.

IMRB was established in 1970 with the objective to provide market research services to the clients of different sectors ranging from Telecom to Rural Development. IMRB depends completely and only on the quality data. . whether it is primary or secondary. IMRB over the years. has developed strong expertise and capabilities for designing and conducting surveys that deliver high quality data and insights to the clients across the globe. This forms a foundation to the success of clients and contribution to public policy based on the strong and reliable evidence.

Early clients included FMCG companies such as Unilever. and Horlicks. ITC.History IMRB was established in 1970 to provide market research services to the clients of Hindustan Thompson Associates. and IMRB pioneering psychology in India through an ongoing series of opinion poll surveys for India Today. The initial decade saw rapid expansion into new areas of business. that successfully predicted Congress’ victory in the 1980 general election. . Pond’s. with the first qualitative study being conducted by the end of the decade.

In 1987. and was responsible for the creation in 1983 of the Socio-Economic Classification system. with the creation of specialized units and the offering of several syndicated research products. IMRB also played an important role in the standardization of market research practice in India. as a founder member of the MRSI[disambiguation needed ]. and standards for survey data collection that are still in use today.Subsequent decades saw the development of new verticals. it helped evolve industry wide codes of conduct. . a method now used across India to define target audiences.

employee satisfaction. technology and media and the acquisition of several new multinational clients. IMRB’s insights also played a role in the development of several new products for major Indian brands such as Marico. Walter Thompson by Sir Martin Sorrell in 1987. Bingo Chips. loyalty programs. . The 1990s saw the creation of specialized units focusing on development research. Godrej and Dabur and by this time supported 40 out of top 50 brands in India. IMRB became a constituent of WPP and continued its pace of growth.With the global acquisition of J. growing over 25% per annum through the 1990s under the leadership of Ramesh Thadani.

Mumbai. This was accompanied by a shift from its offices at Esplanade Mansion to its current premises in Dadar.In 2002. it changed its name from the Indian Market Research Bureau to IMRB International. as part of a process of rebranding. As part of geographical expansion. . Sri Lanka in 1981 and AMRB in 1999 with headquarters in Dubai and offices throughout Middle East and North Africa. and began a process of rapidly expanding its international services. IMRB helped set up LMRB in Colombo. adopted a new logo.

along with the Manufacturers’ Association for Information Technology (MAIT) IMRB initiated the periodic ITOPS survey which monitors the IT hardware market among households and businesses. Since 1998. More recently.In 1996. in collaboration with the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI). India’s first standardized internet audience measurement system based on a panel. an industry body IMRB also started providing a series of annual syndicated research reports named I-Cube which surveys the online and mobile landscape in India. in 2010 IMRB launched the Web Audience Measurement (WAM) system. .

Our passion is to drive your business growth by combining consumer understanding and brand knowledge with intuition and innovation. IMRB Retail. ITOPS and ICUBE. And our solutions provide a comprehensive response to our client’s needs.Methods and Philosophy Our perspective is unique. not packaged data but custom solutions for clients. We are designed in India for India. our measures and scales are created to maximize sensitivity. Market Pulse. We offer services with the integration of qualitative and quantitative tools. We work together with TGI. Our approach is refreshing. . Web-I.

. We have won several prestigious awards. We have also been awarded the WPP’s Atticus award jointly with JWT. We have presented cutting edge research for several years at international forums including ESOMAR and won awards for our efforts. Amongst them the most noteworthy being the MR Agency of the year from 2005-2009.Achievements and Goals IMRB has demonstrated its vision and leadership in the Indian market by establishing several industry wide measurements and rating systems. Notable amongst these is our pioneering role in establishing India’s first TV rating system (TAM) and the creation of social economic classification (SEC) system in India.

Bharti Group. ITC Group. Glaxo Smithkline. An excellent level of client servicing. Research International.Clients IMRB’s top clients include BAT Group. Millward Brown. excellent fieldwork and presentations. Frito Lay. VST and so on. Ford Group. Nestle. A few words from two of our esteemed clients: “As a team they produce thoughtful proposals. need fulfilment.” . They feel like a version of our own office…” “IMRB showed a high degree of professionalism. Unilever Group. Cadbury. Heinz. rigor and discipline. Pepsi Group. TVS Motors. Indian Airlines. They are constantly involved in the work. Reckitt Benckiser. pro-activeness and analytical focus.

Strength .

It constitutes the blueprint for the collection. Research design is a conceptual structure within which research is conducted . Research design is needed because it facilitates the smooth sailing of the various research operations. . thereby making research as efficient as possible yielding maximum information with minimum effort. Research design stands for advance planning of methods to be used for collecting the relevant data and the techniques to be used in their analyses . The following points are considered for research design of our objective . measurement and analysis of data .Research Methodology A research design is the arrangement of condition for collection and analysis of data in a manner that to combine relevance to research purpose with economy in procedure". time and money . Therefore it is imperative that an efficient design must be prepared before starting research operations . The design helps the researcher to organize his ideas in a form whereby it will be possible for him to look for flaws and inadequacies . Preparation of research design should be done with great care as any error may upset the entire project .

insight and consultancy network and part of the WPP Group. information. IMRB is a member of the Kantar Group. .Our Group Our Lineage IMRB International is a division of Hindustan Thompson Associates (HTA) in India. one of the world largest research.