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retailers. wholesalers.  These efforts can attempt to stimulate product interest. or other organizational customers to stimulate immediate sales. trial. During festivals. year ending and some other occasions these schemes are generally found in the market. Sales promotion includes several communications & activities that attempt to provide added value or incentives to consumers. .  These offers are not available to the customers throughout the year. end of the seasons. or purchase.

Scotland. Ayrshire.  The most widely distributed brand of blended Scotch whisky in the world.  The Green Label. . sold in almost every country with yearly sales of over 130 million bottles. received an extraordinary string of three double gold medals from the San Francisco World Spirits Competition between 2005 and 2007.  Johnnie Walker spirits have generally received strong scores at international Spirit rating competitions and from liquor review bodies. for example. A brand of Scotch Whisky owned by Diageo and originated in Kilmarnock.

his son. in honor to the founder. In addition. was created and. a figure used in their advertisements to this day. the whisky was renamed from Walker's Kilmarnock Whiskies to Johnnie Walker Whisky. first introduced the iconic square bottle in 1870. Alexander Walker. the Striding Man. . From 1906 to 1909 John's grandsons George and Alexander II expanded the line and introduced the colour names. Scotland. was given the same name. Originally known as Walker's Kilmarnock Whisky. the Johnnie     Walker brand is a legacy left by John "Johnnie" Walker after he started to sell whisky in his grocer's shop in Ayrshire. In 1908.



 Independent retailers can get the opportunity to promote Johnnie Walker cufflinks as a gift with any 750ml bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label. customers can be given a stainless steel Johnnie Walker hipflask as a gift with any 750ml bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label purchase for Father's Day. . For example. “Gift with purchase” promotions on special occasions.

. Signature events keeping in tone with the “Keep Walking” initiative such as fundraisers and charity events to raise money which can be endorsed by celebrities. or credits for purchases and redeem them for rewards. miles.  Loyal Reward Program in which consumers can collect points.  Sweepstakes and contests to win signature Johnnie Walker merchandise.  Surrogate promotions through special edition products such as music cds.

 Training programs to train dealer employees in selling the product. . a contest to reward retailers that sell the most product.  Using trade allowances and trade discounts to strengthen relationship with retailers.  Incentives given to induce a retailer to purchase and display a product. Introduction of trade contests.


See them. Close and Personal. hear them and talk to them. .Johnnie Walkers brings to you an excellent opportunity to experience the thrills. Up. the adventure and the success stories of the stars.


you are eligible to participate in “The right blend”. . a unique competition where you will have to identify the correct Johnnie Walker label to win attractive Johnnie Walker merchandise.The event will unveil the new Johnnie Walker Double Black Label Scotch Whisky in India. Also with every purchase of Johnnie Walker Scotch Whisky.

the curtain raiser celebrations to the Formula One Grand Prix in India. .GIFTS ON PURCHASE First 100 orders of Johnnie Walker Double Black Label Scotch Whisky get an exclusive entry to the Johnnie Walker Jet Black party at Delhi.

. Next 500 orders get a limited edition Johnnie Walker hip flask set free. the members club for Johnnie Walker enthusiasts .  All purchases are registered under the JW rewards program in which you can collect points and redeem them to win attractive Johnnie Walker merchandise. to enjoy exclusive privileges and offers.  Free registration to the Striding Man Society.

 5 lucky winners get an all expenses paid trip to Scotland. With every purchase of Johnnie Walker Scotch Whisky. . you are registered for the exclusive JW Sweepstake with prizes comprising of signature limited edition Johnnie Walker Merchandise .  An opportunity to win exclusive sports gear signed by acclaimed sportstars and Johnnie Walker brand ambassadors. Roberto Baggio & Steve Waugh. including a complete tour of the Johnnie Walker plant at Kilmarnock.

Michael Phelps. Jenson Button & Lewis Hamilton live at the Indian Grand Prix at Buddh Circuit.  1 lucky winner gets a chance to have a dinner date with Johnnie Walker brand ambassador. Greg Norman at the Greg Norman Champions Golf Academy in South Carolina.  2 lucky winners get an opportunity to watch Formula One stars and Johnnie Walker brand ambassadors. . 2 lucky winners get to visit acclaimed golfer and Johnnie Walker brand ambassador. and an opportunity to star in the new Johnnie Walker commercial alongside him.

Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button. offers consumers exclusive access to the stylish and sophisticated world of Formula 1. The Gold Pass opens up a wealth of Step Inside the Circuit benefits including exclusive access to the Johnnie Walker Jet Black parties. watching the races live and meeting legends like Mika Hakkinen. .ALSO UP FOR GRABS! 'The Johnnie Walker Gold Pass'.

. All bumper prize winners get an opportunity to party hard at the Johnnie Walker Winners Party at Bangalore on 5th November.AND THE PARTY NEVER STOPS.