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Lecture 11

In this week’s lecture…
Take-Home Assignment
1. Pick one of the following topics:
- Personal Information - Food
- Keeping Fit - Bad Habits
- Daily Routines - Fashion
- Personalities - Dating
2. Create a survey of questions.
- Don’t make your questions too hard.
- Try to be creative and interesting.

I am MORE interested in creativity vs. grammar!!!

3. Ask ten people your ten survey questions.


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
QUESTIONS 효원 정희 .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..

1What is your favorite drink?

a. soju a b

b. beer

c. wine

d. cocktail

2Who do you drink with? friends friends

3Why do you drink alcohol?

a. for a good time a c

b. am bored/sad

c. I drink when I eat my meals

d. other
4. Creatively show the results of your survey answers.

NOTE: Your survey MUST be computer-typed but how you

present your survey results is up to you.

- charts - drawings
- short paragraph - magazine pictures
- pictures - short story
- graphs - diagrams
How you will be marked
• Neatness /10
• Level and style of questions /10
• Grammar, punctuation and spelling /10
• Creativity and originality /10
• Completeness /10
LOOKS unattractive  average-looking  good-looking

HEIGHT short  medium/average height  tall

BODY SHAPE skinny  thin/slim  average-build  pudgy

 athletic  muscular  heavy
HAIR bald  short  chin-length  medium-length  long

AGE young  early-20’s  mid-20’s  late-20’s

 middle-aged  elderly
Personality Traits
She/he seems… = I think she/ he is…
quiet cool
lazy nice
hardworking friendly
serious bossy
funny loud
shy messy
stubborn neat
Describing People
young younger the youngest
old older the oldest
funny funnier the funniest
outgoing more outgoing the most outgoing
good better the best
bad worse the worst

Bobby is funnier than Jason.

Kelly is the prettiest.
Mickey is more outgoing than Minnie.
Comparing People

Mike and his baby, Tyson

Be like and look like
Be like…
What am I like? Look like…
are you What do I look like?
is she do you
is he doesshe
are we doeshe
are they do we
is it do they
does it
I am / You are/ He is/ She is/
We are/They are/ It is … I have/ You have/ She has/ He has/ We
have/ They have/ It has…
An Answer to an Ad
A: My name’s Charlie. What’s your name?
B: Rose.
A: Well, Rose, I really want to meet you. What do you think?
B: Maybe. What do you look like?
A: Hmm… Uh, well I’m tall, I have blonde hair… Oh! And I’m really good-
looking. Yeah, just like Brad Pitt!
B: Yeah, right! I think you’re bald, heavy, and old.
A: What?! Well, maybe I’m a little old. But I really do have blonde hair.
B: How much hair do you have?
A: Well…
B: Tell the truth!
A: Ah…. Not a lot.
Personality Characteristics
not very important somewhat important very important

taste in movies level of education hobbies

blood type interests style of clothing
amount of money personality religion

What are the two most important characteristics for you and
your ideal mate to share? What are the two least important?
Speed Dating
• Have you ever heard of speed dating?
• Do you think you can know somebody in 3 minutes?
• Do you think speed dating is a good way to meet people?
The Daters
New Vocabulary
physical appearance
unattractive average personality
thin average-build characteristics
athletic average-height
mid-length stubborn
chin-length messy
mid-20’s clean
Now on to today’s lecture…
Lecture 11
What are some of Korea’s
great places and landmarks?
What are some famous
landmarks in the world that
you know?
Smart Choice
Focus: Vocabulary, page 56
Famous Landmarks
Famous Landmarks
What do you like to do during
Vacation Activities

do something fun visit relatives read something


do something hang out at go somewhere

dangerous the beach new
Smart Choice
Focus: Conversation, page 57
An Adventure
James: Guess what? I’m going to go to visit Mexico City next month.
Miguel: Really? That’s great! Are you excited?
James: Very! Can you tell me some things to see and do there?
Miguel: Sure. Why don’t you visit the pyramids? It’s amazing there.
James: And what about shopping? Where can I go?
Miguel: Oh! You can go to the Zona Rosa. You can buy lots of cool
things there.
James: How can I get there?
Miguel: It’s easy. You can take the subway.
James: Cool. Thanks!
The Tourist
The Tourist
A: Welcome to Korea! How are you?
B: Super, but I am starving! Where can I get something to eat?
A: Well, you can go to ___________.
B: Great. I also want to go __________. Where do you recommend I go?
A: I suggest you go to __________.
B: OK, sounds like a great idea!
A: Sure, no problem.
B: By the way, what else can I see and do here?
A: Hmm… Well, you can _____________ and ____________.
B: Wow, cool! Sounds like fun! Thanks for all your terrific help.
A: No problem.
Smart Choice
Focus: Language Practice, page 58
The word “can”
When used as a verb (action word), it has THREE MEANINGS:
1. An ability or skill
I can swim.
2. Possibility
I can call you later.
In Cheonan you can go shopping at Yawoori.
3. To ask and give permission/requests
Can I go to the bathroom?
You can leave now.
The word “can”
Ability/ skill possibility permission

1. You can eat lunch now.

2. She can speak Chinese.
3. Beth can swim.
4. I can go shopping on Saturday.
5. Can I come in?
6. You can buy a sweater at Yawoori.
Can and Can’t
Affirmative Statements
I can go by bus.
You by car Yes/No Questions
He by taxi. Can I go by bus?
She by plane. you
We by subway. he
They by boat. she
It by train. we
on foot. they
To make a negative statement,
Yes, she can.
change can go to cannot go/ can’t go
No, she can’t.
Wh- Questions
Where can (subject) + (verb) + (noun)
I Subject
eat pizza
you souvenirs
= who
she see statues
he watch a baseball game Verb
we find the zoo = action
it Noun
= person, place, or thing
What can I do there?!
1. I will tell you a place and in small groups, you will have to think up as
many things as you can do at that place.
What can you do at Yawoori?
You can … meet friends.
…go shopping.

2. You will have a time limit. Group with the most answers wins round.
3. There will be three rounds.
Round One
What can you do at the park?
Round Two
What can you do at the beach?
Round Three
What can you do at the zoo?
New Vocabulary
amusement park souvenir
church dangerous by car
gallery adventurous
market interesting by train
pyramid spring
by taxi
ruins summer by bus
skyscraper fall

statue winter by subway

zoo by plane
palace by boat
on foot
This week’s homework
Your Take-Home Assignment!!!
This week’s homework
Smart Choice: page 44 (#1-2), 45 (#1-2),
47 (#6-7), and 48 (#1-3).
Last Week’s Homework Answers
Page 44 Page 45
Activity #1 Activity #1
2. Denise 3. Ken 4. Amanda 2. What does Chloe look like?
3. Who does Walter look like?
Activity #2 4. What does Bruno look like?
1. Cynthia is tall and thin. She has long
blonde hair. She looks smart and 5. What are Greg and Pam
serious. like?
2. Bryan is short and heavy. He has
short blonde hair. He looks funny and
Page 47
Activity #7
Activity #6
2. Which boy?
2. one
3. The tall and thin one with long blonde hair.
3. wearing
4. He’s wearing jeans and a black sweater.
4. looks
5. That’s James White.
5. like
6. He looks like Orlando Bloom.
6. She’s
7. He lives on my street.
8. he like
9. He’s
10. He’s nice but very shy.
Page 48
Activity #1 Activity #2
A. Intelligent 1. f 2. b
B. Rich 3. d 4. a
C. Lively 5. e 6. c
D. Friendly
E. Good-looking Activity #3
F. cool 1. true 2. false
3. false 4. true