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Frooti, or Mango Frooti, as it is popularly called, is the largest-selling mango drink in India. It is the flagship product of and the most successful drink offered by Parle Agro India Pvt. Ltd. Frooti was launched in 1985 in TetraPak packages. It is also now available in PET bottles and rectangular shaped packs. The drink contains mango pulp, water, sugar, citric acid, ascorbic acid, salts, and approved colouring and flavouring.



Although it wasn·t the first mango drink.Frooti was launched in a green rectangular TetraPak as a ready-to-serve mango drink. Frooti quickly acquired a large market share. tetra pack fruit drink market. Frooti has a majority market share of the Rs.(By 2000) Product likeability and quality scored 100% . 300 cr. .

. Fresh and Juicyµ. The tagline ´Mango Frooti. The packaging played a major role behind its success. helped the brand strengthen and consolidate its position as the leader. Frooti also provided a refreshing mango taste that translated into a huge demand for itself. since it could be carried easily and conveniently.Scored 95% in product recall.

.16 yrs 0ld brand had been losing its appeal over the years. Situation worsened with the increase in competition. Threat was faced by soft drink marketers. DIGEN ² VERMA!!!!!! Product recall was dropped to 60% in the top of the market ranking. Parle agro decided on a major relaunch strategy focusing on changing its positioning.


DIGEN ² VERMA!!!!!! Sub segments have been created: 12-15 yrs olds calling themselves as teen-agers. These segments are turning to decision makers of today with an increase in pocket money. . The new impulse category (16-19 yrs) were targeted. 9-12 year olds as pre-teens.

Loosing market appeals Sales are dropped Increase in competition DIGEN ² VERMA!!!!!! Threat from soft drink marketer Same segment competition Tetra pack Fruit drinks and juice .

Modern. Hung out Habits.DIGEN ² VERMA!!!!!! Segments: Youth Sub segments: Pre-teens (9-12) Teen agers(12-15) Above teenager(16-19) .New Impulse category Difference in consumer behaviors: Fun. . trendy.

Occasion. for hang out habits.As a fun.Fruit drink for youths. Implementing Positional Communication: Product Packaging Brand Place Promotion .DIGEN ² VERMA!!!!!! Differentiation: Target users.

DIGEN ² VERMA!!!!!! Product: Tetra packed drink Packaging: New splash graphics In same signature green & orange colours Flip top packaging Tagline was changed to Frooti-just like that .

DIGEN ² VERMA!!!!!! Place : Canteens Restaurants Buses Movie theaters Local trains Promotion: -Communication using a national identity ( Digen Verma) .

DIGEN ² VERMA!!!!!! Use of innovative & creative campaign Multi media advertising TVCS Out door campaigns Offline promotions Online promotion campaigns .

Just like that· ¶Fresh and juicy! What a beauty! Mango Frooti!· ¶Juice up your Life· .¶Frooti .

To create a hype in market. Digen Verma was well received in southern markets. It was somewhat unusual. Image of a celebrities can be lossed. .

Any college kid will not drink fruity with image loss. . The storyline had to be powerful enough to sustain interest. To have a mass appeal: Name had to be ubiquitous enough The lifestyle should be related to normal consumers.

(Sales) The Digen verma campaign would be remembered for its sheer creativity and unprecedented public interest it generated.The campaign had been successful in not just evoking interest but also in increasing sales. . The customer awareness it was likely to capture seemed quite phenomenal. (Brand awareness) The sales are already up by almost 30% by investing 30 million on campaign.

8% 6% 6% 80% Parle Frooti Pepsi-Mangola Coke-Maza Unorganized .

FACTORS CONTROLLABLE UNCONTROLLABLE Operation/production  Marketing Product Price Place Promotion  Hr/Finance Dept.  Political-Economic-Legal  Socio-Cultural  Demographic  Physical-Natural-Technological  Customer & Market  Competitors & Industry .


(Use of Digen verma campaign) Using an artificial character than a celebrity is much beneficial. ( Digen Verma instead of any celebrity) . ( attempted by parle agro in 2001) Promotion of a product plays a major role in case of a success of a brand.To sustain in competition brands required to rethink the strategy.

( Who is Digen Verma ? ) . Cola) Besides promotional strategy there are some controllable & uncontrollable factors which determines the success of a brand. ( Frooti Vs.Re launching a same product can create new set of competitors. By using teasure campaign the awareness of a brand lasts for a long time.

CONTDu To create a new perception tagline of old product should be changed (from µjust like that¶ to ³frootijust like that´ in case of frooti). Packaging should be changed in case of relaunch of a product. (New splash graphics in case of frooti) .