Our Project.

By Hannah Burgess, Katie Charman & Lauren Hill.

Body Horror.
-Explores the abjection & disgust of the human body. -Often involves mutation, disease and fetishistic behaviour e.g. Cannibalism.

We liked the idea of an alter-ego and wanted to include this in our plot.

Sweeny Todd.
We like the graphic murders in Sweeny Todd and we will use this as inspiration when filming the murder scenes to create an effective horror feel.

Stone Cold.
The book Stone Cold by Robert Swindells informed us of how vulnerable homeless people are. We also like the idea of the protagonist feeling as though they are doing a service through killing people.

Jack the Ripper.
We like the idea of the serial killer who¶s victim are vulnerable because of their lifestyle. We also liked the idea of a specific type of victim and we have chosen to incorporate this into our plot.

The Protagonist ~
Name: Nicola Bates Age: 28 years old Personality: -Hardworking, -Independent, -Privileged, -Presentable. Alter-ego - Deceiving, - Manipulative.

What does she want from life? -Money, -To secure a moral high ground, - To feel superior.

Hopefully she will look something like this.

Story Statement.
A journalist, Nicola Bates feels that in order to save her career and society, she must rid London Docklands of all homeless people. However she goes about this in the most gruesome way possible.

Plot Synopsis.
‡ Nicola Bates is a Journalist who works by the Docklands in London. ‡ She is struggling at work to secure a good story for the newspaper she works for. ‡ She walks to work everyday and sees homeless people on her journey, she is always polite and smiles. ‡ We see where she lives, her flat and the surroundings of her walk to and from work. ‡ As a storyline for an article, Nicola interviews tramps and they inform her that some of their friends have gone missing- unknown in society, the police refuse to do anything abut the missing persons. ‡ A graphic murder of a tramp is shown, yet the killer remains anonymous. ‡ Nicola arrives at work the next day and she has been asked to do a article by her boss as a tramp has been found murdered. ‡ More graphic murders are shown but the killer is still anonymous. ‡ Another interview is made with the tramps and Nicola says a piece of information that no one would have known unless they were present at the murder, she covers this up by saying that the newspaper gets anonymous tips from the public when the write in. ‡ Another graphic murder is shown but this time the tramp overpowers the murderer and their identity is revealed. It was Nicola Bates.

The Opening.
Setting: London Docklands. Time of day: Early morning ± On the way to work. What happens? The protagonist is walking alone on the streets of London, smartly dressed and ready for work. As she walks there is a flashback of a gruesome murder scene, the identity of the murderer is unknown. After each clip, it cuts back the lady walking to work. When the clips of the protagonist walking to work are shown, this is where the title and credits will be.

The Ending
As the identity of the killer is still unknown. One dark night by the Docklands, the killer meets another tramp. Yet this time, the murder goes wrong- the tramp fights back and manages to kill the killer himself. The identity is now revealed. It was Nicola Bates.

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